That closed door when opened: When you discovered vore did your interests expand, stay the same, retract, or....

When I discovered others I started exploring other areas of Vore and other fetishes of vore (Opened the mind)
54% (350 votes)
When I discovered others into Vore I got scared initially, I mean: There are others as sick as me? (retracted)
6% (38 votes)
When I discovered others into this it did not change my interests, but enjoyed more access of expression (same)
16% (101 votes)
When I discovered MORE versions of vore I was initially facinated with the other forms of vore, but returned to my favorites
13% (83 votes)
When I discovered Other versions of vore I explored and found something MORE interesting in the community (Changed interest)
7% (43 votes)
When I discovered vore on a site I was confused. Whats Vore again?
1% (5 votes)
Discovered vore? You mean it was lost? Had it not always been here? (Expected it to be here, part of human nature.)
5% (31 votes)
Total votes: 651


Vore was somehow my first fetish

so yeah i have no idea the exact point in which i was introduced to it but it was before i understood anything about sexuality and stuff. I was into vore until i passed through puberty fully (so like age 8-12) because I started being into normal stuff and so i left it unexplored. I found out the word "vore" maybe 6 years ago which led to me being into it again and my interests pretty much stayed the same. 

It was something like a phenomenum

When I first discovered my fetish it was when I was young lad and I watched the movies "Anaconda" and Deep Blue Sea. I found it excited me to see the hot chick in DBS get eaten and fascination seeing the villain in the film get eaten and disapointment when J-lo didn't get eaten. From then I discovered that I found myslef wishing to see more of seeing woman get eaten so I turned to the SyFy movies (most of which lead to disappoitment as I'm sure most of you know) so I simply resorted to my imagination imagining girls in the playboy magazines getting devoured like the guy in Anaconda (keep in mind I was young and just starting puberty). For years I thought I was sick in the head and something was wrong with me However it wasn't until I was much older and I stumbled upon a picture of a women being swallowed whole by a snake that I discovered that I wasn't the only one who has the fetish and I was even happier to learn that there was a name for What I was into and boy oh boy was I happy!


For most of the time that I've known I've had the fetish, I've rejected it and been very selective on how I fantasize, making sure to never let vore come into my mind other than small private viewing sessions. It uneased me to even say the word vore, and I can't look at someone when they take a bit of food. I'm also bothered by most words related to vore. Recently, I've rediscovered some old vore-ish comics I drew back in 9th grade(based on "Human in a Monster world") and have decided to restart the series of comics. I have been able to overcome some of my unease of the fetish, but I've still got a LOOOOONG way to go. I'm starting to come around...

Also uneasy

I feel your pain. I'm not super uncomfortable with this fetish, but I just learned recently that fetishes never change... Oh well. I'm on my way to being more comfortable with it, but I don't know that I would ever tell anyone, even a long-term romantic partner.

As it happens I also recently returned to drawing a vorish comic I drew in elementary school with a close friend. Back then I wasn't turned on by the characters eating each other, I just thought it was really funny and cool. Weird, huh? The comic was about this really huge extended family of humanoid worms, and whenever anybody would eat something, the text was /INHALE!/ What is "Human in a Monster World"?


I didn't know I liked vore when I first saw it. I saw it on a show called attack on titan. A'lot of months or a year or so went by, and I saw some vore on youtube. I couldn't stop searching for more, until I started watching the same thing over and over again and I decided to look further, google images, random small-time sites, etc. In the beginning I thought if I told someone about it I would be hated, I thought I was alone. Then I found this site and I was so happy and relieved that there were probally over hundreds of thousands of other people like me. Even some living a couple miles or so away from me. 


! Knowledge

It led me to the point to where I knew I should have been born a girl.

Because...I'm a female prey in all of my fantasies (well that is a small fraction of this).

oh yea!

vore is addicting to me (goodway).

    Freaked me out at first,


  Freaked me out at first, but I eventually 'warmed up to the water' and explored other related fetishes (UB and CV, notably)