How big do you like your vore bellies?

Tiny (I eat Micros)
18% (375 votes)
Beer Gut
19% (395 votes)
Chair Sized
33% (692 votes)
Table Sized
13% (268 votes)
Bigger than table sized
17% (353 votes)
Total votes: 2083


Belly prey/human sized

Prefer believable same sized.

Otherwise I can't stay with the story/art... I start thinking how does one's atoms interact, mass issues, and other things that come to play....

Need to come up with a 'good' explaination that is not a cheap shot potion/shrink ray/magic saliva....

Wow, this is probably one of

Wow, this is probably one of the closest polls here. Beer gut for me, bee tee dubs. (Dat paunch.)