How tall do you like humanoid preds?

Micro O.o (2 ft or less)
3% (45 votes)
Average Child (2-4 ft)
4% (71 votes)
Average Teen (4-5 ft)
12% (191 votes)
Average Adult (5-6 ft)
29% (474 votes)
Amazon sized (6-8 ft)
14% (229 votes)
Mini Giant (8-20 ft)
11% (186 votes)
Macro (20-90 ft)
13% (203 votes)
Super Macro (100+ ft)
4% (68 votes)
Size shifter (Varies)
9% (139 votes)
Other (See comment)
1% (16 votes)
Total votes: 1622


Its all about proportion between the two.

the size doesnt matter as long as the prey v pred match up makes sense or the presentation makes sense. same size and above feels super weird almost always (like 99%) and it doesnt work for me. if its a snake or something then it can be a bit more flexible.

I don't care

I love being eaten by them all~


I agree with that.

For me it's not the size of

For me it's not the size of the predator it's the size of the prey (me). The predator would be normal sized for a human, I would be between 1-5 inches tall

Pred Size

Varying and ever growing. I like preds starting with normal human size, but they can grow bigger than planets

Oh, I don't know...

I think it depends on the setting and characters in general...

Average adult sized women predators

Well, I love same-size vore, so obviously, they should be of average height. But I only like being eaten by other women.


Well for me I'm not into human preds........usually. If I did it'd have to be normal sized. I'm mostly into wolf preds or anthrowolf preds that are little taller than normal. (about 6-7 feet) I'm not into giant/shrunken vore really, of course my kind of vore is more on the side of hard vore.

  Other for me. I dislike


Other for me. I dislike human preds. :p

Well, normal human size is

Well, normal human size is good, but I like all of 'em.  Also micro predators are awesomely hilarious.

The bigger is the best!

The bigger is the best!

No surprises yet. If anything

No surprises yet. If anything I'd have thought same size would be even higher based on the preferences I've seen in the community. 20-90 here, a tad over 100 can be good too, though.

Other- circumstances dictate.

I like all sizes depending on the scenario, it's really the concept that's important.


Mini Giantess

Ya know, really like mini giant(ess) beings. They're not too big, and not too small, but just as out of place and unique from the average sized person. They're big, too big to wear proper clothes and big enough to hold you just right without having you rest deeply in the palm of your hand. Prolly the reason why i like my Mississippi character so much O.o she's big, but big enough to still swallow a being whole and not have them just drop down her throat. Still small enough to appear like same sized vore^^

Mini Giantess Response

i totally fucking agree that Mini Giantess are the perfect Giantess JUST THINK OF Giantess vore ^_- , Giantess crush ^_- Giantess unbirth ^_- ^_- ¥^_^¥ AND mini Giantess can even do shit that that theos outher Giantess cant do but in all respect i stll love Giantess I JUST blive that Mini Giantess are fabulously perfect ^_-

I'm all for "normal" sized

I'm all for "normal" sized preds with shrunken prey. I love the idea of an every-day person suddenly having that power over someone else who previously was like them but is now small. :)

Re: I'm all for "normal" sized

I agree completely. Btw, are you Sparky on many other websites besides this one?

i like mine about 4 feet at

i like mine about 4 feet at shortest and can range anywhere from there to a giant, although i prefer about a normal size

I chose other


First of all, I was wondering whether this was relative/effective size or real size? After all, prey size might vary and make a difference.

Then, I chose other because I felt that the options were not really giving enough information about the giantess end of things. The "super macro" category actually encompasses at least three different categories which do not necessarily have the same audience (although there are probably many people who like all the categories) - mega, giga, and planetary. Or putting it more bluntly, 30m, the lower end of "super macro" would mean approximately scale 20. An adult of let's say 1.80m size would appear to be 9cm tall - an action figure or barbie doll, I would think. For vore purposes also an object that would require some hefty swallowing and definitely someone you can communicate with. On the other hand, once the size of the giantess is measured in light minutes, direct communication with a person of 1.80m size is probably a bit on the impossible side. Swallowing such a person would also not require much of an effort. So, the vore and story experience is completely different.

This being said, I have to admit that I would actually enjoy most of the super macro category. My low end is scale 100, although I can go down to 50 if need be, but 100 is actually the starting point I like. So, the smaller parts of super macro/mega are not really my thing. On the larger side, I completely enjoy giga and planetary. In other words, there is no such thing as "too big" for a giantess for me.


Given the information, it is

Given the information, it is safe to explains this is only for the predator size, not prey. And since it didn't specifies, it means it wasn't in consideration.

As for the giantess audience crowds, this isn't really a giantess site. Perhaps suggest better options will helps with patching any missed thought.

I'm torn

Man, there's several options I like there. 8C

I'm seeing a definite trend

I'm seeing a definite trend here...

Edited a few options

* Originally harek specifies female predators only, but I made this poll genders non-specifies since.. I don't understand why it have to be gender specifies when most people here prefers female predator anyway.

* Added options like Mini giant, Amazon, instead of having a "Moderate Macro" that goes from 10 ft to 90ft

* Added size shifter, maybe some people like something that are not fixed size.

* Added other.

size shifter

Whats a size shifter?

is it the size of godzilla or something?


Size shifter is one who can change size- for instance, from say 2 inches tall to 2 miles tall. They can be as big or small as they want, in moderation.

well, than i like super macro

well, than i like super macro lizzards, dragons snakes ........