July 2009

Eka's Portal Writing Group - July 2009 - thread - 10 submissions!

  • AndrewLondon
Title/Summary: Wild Places. Elder and Flint are two rabbits in a family of many, but Elder has a plan that will quickly become bigger than their family, their forest, perhaps their country. Set in the wilderlands of modern Britain, where social change is putting pressure on the lowest of the low classes. (Doesn't social pressure sound interesting?)
Rating and Classification: R for violence and catgirl in a policewoman's uniform. Brief (hopefully satisfying) soft oral F/m and implied, sustained UPPERCLASS/lowerclass.
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  • Jacquelope
Title/Summary: The Siluvara Files, Act 1. In the first Siluvara Files story with Kienna, there was talk of a Grue Prince that got killed. This story is about the incident of which they spoke: the fight between rogue psi-mage Vincent Hersch and the one Kienna called "Prince Rakshasa."
Rating and Classification: This was my first vore story ever. There's nudity, M/dog.
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  • jaydee_007
Title/Summary: Spring Break (Part 1). Cindi's roommate Karen was raped by a football player at a party. Everyone seems to think that it's Karen's fault. Cindi decides to even the score using her "Secret" talent. She's not like the rest of us...
Rating and Classification: Current Rating is R for suggested sexual situations and STRONG language, future installments will be X, F/m vore (when we get there) and Heavy Sexual Content.
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  • KavenBach
Title/Summary: Smuggler's Fun. A smuggler has found a unique way to sneak people in and out of two warring countries. However it isn't without risk... and not even he can know what's going to happen on this particular run!
Rating and Classification: Dragon/F Soft vore, semi-consensual, a little mouth-play, graphic in-stomach scene, rape, sex, nudity, fetish wear.
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  • leviathin
Title/Summary: Revenge is Bitter Sweet. A lone mermaid named Meru finds herself compelled to leave the safety of her lake and travel across land to revenge herself and her name after encountering a young merciless human girl.
Rating and Classification: Contains quite a bit of soft vore F/F F/F F/M F/F F/F as well as slight nudity. There is NO child vore or actual violence. Contains sad ending.
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  • poopyhead
Title/Summary: Weasel Words.An overzealous young barn cat tries to get the better of the weasel girl raiding the family chicken coop. He doesn't. It's more story than vore, really, and subverts the month's theme by having the prey pursue the predator. For those leery of such things, the characters are anthropomorphic animals. The setting is the mid 1800's (or the analogous thing in furry terms =) ).
Rating and Classification: [Not Stated]
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  • Shadow_Walker
Title/Summary: Wulf Demon 1. Simple enough/ A dead man looking for his wife gets an offer from a demon but he finds the offer, but the job proves too much for even him.
Rating and Classification: It has partial nudity, comical sexual references, french Canadians (maybe), alcohol references, furries, and somewhat different views than conventional religion.
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  • Solomon
Title/Summary: I am Ursula. Well I couldn’t finish my story in time, so here is the first half. It is intended to be a horror fic of sorts. Sadly there is no vore as such in this half, but you can probably see where it’s going. The story revolves around a high school student named Dave, whose life takes a turn for the weird.
Rating and Classification: No vore, rated R for dismemberment, mild obscenity, and horrific plot.
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  • Tiaji
Title/Summary: I'll Always Be There. A loving boyfriend devises a very unusual solution to his girlfriend's problem.
Rating and Classification: Contains nudity, sexual content, unconventional oral sex, F/M and soft oral vore.
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  • 4ofSwords
Title/Summary: Jack and Jacquie. How two unlikely types find the one they were made for. Since I didn't get anyone voting against vampires in last month's thread, behold the fangs and blood! Fff/m, and graphic porn. Seriously. Porn. Sorry.
Rating and Classification: NC-17 for porn (graphic sex of the f-m variety). R for language and blood.
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