Other Fetishes

3% (38 votes)
1% (15 votes)
6% (89 votes)
17% (242 votes)
1% (20 votes)
8% (107 votes)
9% (127 votes)
6% (86 votes)
1% (14 votes)
10% (139 votes)
4% (52 votes)
2% (24 votes)
21% (300 votes)
Other (Comment)
11% (153 votes)
Total votes: 1406


Mouth fetish and burp

Burp definitley needs to be added


sorry T.T

gender bender

these extra comments were made by accident and i dont know how to delete them...

gender bender

gender bender


Belly stuffing and pregnancy.


Cum inflation, the thought of fucking a girl into bliss and swelling her belly with my seed until she looks pregnant is hot.


I'm into straight shota but a bit into yuri as well


Femdom (straight)


I have several of these fetishes. The main ones being micro/macro, scat, water sports, furry, bestiality, yaoi


Thick, heavy, viscous, bottomless muck... Somethin' about how it overpowers me n' takes me over with it's gooey embrace as it pulsates around my thrashing body.

A mouth fetish, a tongue

A mouth fetish, a tongue fetish and a saliva fetish. They kind of overlap with each other though. I have more but it is more little kinks here and there than "real" fetishes.


Shemale, Crossdressing, Femboy, Yandere, Facesitting, Analingus, Mature Women, Monstergirls, and Antropmorphic Gators (female and femboy). I'm into most vore subcategories, or at the very least, I'm not tunred off by them. I find it intersting that scat in any non-vore context really grosses me out, yet when it comes to vore, it's a kind of closure.


Crossdressing/transvestism/lipstick fetish. Also, Yuri/Yao-Ri (transvestite relations/sex)


Mostly related to femdom, otherwise it'd depends/vary a little.

Giantess wearing heel boots

Giantess wearing heel boots

Futa and Loli

Next to vore, I really like Futanari, its even better with a woman doing it with a girl, no matter which one of them is the futa

Foot Fetish

I love vore, but my love of women's feet is an equal to my love of seeing them eat each other or get eaten.

we need to add burp fetish

we need to add burp fetish [1] to the list :)

[1] http://www.burpfetish.com

Other Fetishes

My other fetish is endosomatophilia. |3

Not too interesting, I know, but it's true!

other fetish

My other primary fetish is BBW. Though in a way the two may be connected what with them both involving the stomach.


Mausiophealia. pregnancy and pregnant-like bellies. prefferably female and expansion from a flat, trim tummy is very nice  :D

Other Fetishes

Mine would have to be hiccups (especially girls with hiccups) and bellybutton play.

Other kinks.

Looks like I'm in somewhat of a minority here.  I like the idea of being swallowed up by an Adult Baby girl, having her tell me what's going to happen to me and wiggling her cute diapered tushie at me while telling me where I'm going to end up, telling me she's gonna squish me all up after she finishes digesting me.  But I'm a bit weird in my kink, oh well.

cool! others...

Wow.  Cool!  Somebody else just as Fraked up as me!  Yup, pretty much what you said.  But in addition to both of these, I consider my own self somewhat "asexual" as the act of sexual intercourse doesn't really do it for me.  I still like "girl shaped things" (especially diapered), but i'm socially torpedo-ed in real life....which is a shame, becuase i'm one of those "high energy" level headed fun dudes...and about every 6 months some lady comes along and wants to date and I have to level with her about how FRAKED UP I am and they end up going their own way...

But nice to see....*checks the number*...WHOA.....14 other people with this.  Cool freaking Beans!

Stomach things

I like MALE stomach growl! And i hate female ones. Other : Vore(soft)(with stomach growl), Burp, inflation, etc


A poll like this should probably have the ability to choose multiple options. Transformation is a personal favorite.

  Guro/Gore Blood shota/loli


Guro/Gore Blood shota/loli herm yaoi/yuri scars/pier/tat scat sadomac. lactiation gender swap magic violence medical necro/death drug use cannibalism a whole bunch more, but cant think of it right now

Well i have to say that i'm

Well i have to say that i'm mostly into transformation and bondage/slavery stuff.

Fat and gaining preds. Fat

Fat and gaining preds. Fat prey are nice, too.


Stuffing, inflation, hyper, pregnancy, and belching.

Other fetishes

I'm definitely a sucker for TG; male to female transgender and transformation in general. Not a big fan of herms though. Wierd, I know? hit up process-productions.com if you're interested in that sort of thing, it's a similar site to this one, but for female transformation, and BE, AR, AP etc. not advertising specifically, it's not my site, just putting the word out :D.

Friendly macros

I have a thing for friendly macros, especially dragons. I like to imagine living with a dragon, male preferably, that you can actually be with and sleep next to without it killing you. But don't get me wrong, I love vore, feet, and all that jazz as well. I especially like the part of markie's "dragoness Kali of world"game where you meet the friendly giantess and you can be eaten by her, go in her stomach, and come back out unscathed. I don't know if I'm alone in this, but anyone please let me know if you agree with me.

Extreme Insertionism

Extreme Insertionism

Missing other

In my opinion that poll clearly misses pregnancy >< thats why i chose 'other'

For me...

Transformation, for me, of most kinds. Mostly female-to-inanimate transformations, which very rarely crosses paths with vore.

A combination of vore, BDSM,

A combination of vore, BDSM, piercings/tattoos, blood, gore, I guess I could say loli, micro/macro, some furries are alright.

Damn, I'm just a fucked up individual aren't I?

2 Other

Burping fetish and feet fetish.

Burping after vore can be made by anything, it will turn me on. However, IRL only sexy ladies burps (loud or long) will do it.

I have a feet fetish (human feet, preferably female) and I may be also developing a paw fetish, thoug not very strong. No crushing, stepping or feet odour fetish.

Yes, I know, I'm picky.

No other fetish

None, vore is plenty, that and being a red-blooded male.

Strangely enough that landed me under the "other"-option


I have all of these fetishes. I can't pick one.


For me vore is the ultimate expression of BDSM, so I voted SadoMasochism. Vore can pretty much account for all BDSM aspects, not just S&M...


I like loving vore and vore involving family and friends.

BE is a huge plus.

Another "Other"

I have a huge, giant thing for genderbending - male to female transformations, specifically.

I also kinda like futanari/dickgirl style hermaphrodites, but not so much on their own.

Voted other

I've always had a personal fetish for conjoined people. If you've ever seen the magic sword, I used to love the dragon in that.

Other fetishes

 *blushes bright red* I have a huge vampire fetish.

Added Interests.

Couple vore and safekeeping as well as tailvore/absorption.

oppai hunter

love big boobs, I mean big, like huge

Minority Here?

Tongue vore? Or maybe, more specifically, vore involving long, prehensile tongues?

Lots of 'em.

I voted for guro/gore because it has so few votes, but I'm into a lot of these.

Going through the list, it's a positive for Guro/Gore, Blood, semi for Bestiality, Furry/Anthro, Watersports, Loli/Shota (Though only because the term seems to be used for 14/15 year olds for some reason, I don't find prepubescents sexually attractive, though I've had stories and role-plays with them), Yaoi/Yuro both, and more for other, including such oddities as mermiads, centaurs, a lack of nipples or genatalia (I actually haven't found anyone else who has this!), and more.

I'd also like to say that almost all of the guro/gore/hard vore/blood stuff is directed towards myself, as in I'm the one being disfigured. Hard vore seems to be an extension of my Guro fetish, and not the other way around, I find the idea of dying to feed another creature somehow very peaceful, and usually when it's straight-up guro, I'm either committing suicide, dying for some cause, or being executed willingly. I get sort of queasy when mutilation is inflicted towards other, sentient being.

I agree

Yeah I have most of those too. I totally agree with what you said about the idea of dying to feed another! I have a lot of stories like that and some are even sad, but it's really peaceful to me and I love them. Death to me is very peaceful and appealing. (only in fantasies of course) That’s why I like hard vore cuz for me, (unlike most) the actual death is a big part of the fantasy. I have a lot of guro fantasies, and some are me being murdered unwillingly and some are me dying willingly, just depends on my mood. I think it's all a controlled fear thing. That and the fact that death is a release from the stress of life and very peaceful. Other wise I have WAY too many of these to just pick one.


Cum-baths, and food-related that's not also vore-related, such as sticking sweet stuff into orifices where they normally wouldn't go.

Also, Tentacles. Heeeeellz yeah. 

Rape turns me on. From the victim's POV, not the aggressor's.