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Ratites Death 03 By KavenBach -- Report

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Poor Princess Geena! The Ratites are extremely creative and she's wayyy too tough for her own good!

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Posted by LordStorm 10 years ago Report

Ahh it's a pity you never finished the game it was a lot of fun, even though some of the baddies had unholy amonts of health:D


Posted by KavenBach 10 years ago Report

Yeah... well... if I end up getting a new compy, one that can actually CALCULATE a little, I might resume, or rather restart. As it was the insane loading delay and computer overheating killed my urges to work on it.

As for the baddies... not "realistic" perhaps but if I rework it I'll display enemy HP and HP loss when hit. For playability's sake.

And I don't think they were too "healthy." I just didn't want the game to be some wuss-ass walk in the park. She's facing horror no woman has ever survived; it's SUPPOSED to be difficult! >_<.


Posted by Revx_Z 10 years ago Report

My take on it is that the game had some forms of difficulty that were frustrating and unfun. (Really bad examples listed here: One thing that frustrated me was that you could see snakes coming a good distance away on the overview map - but on the tactical map, there were several of them and Geena started out surrounded and there was no withdrawing for a better position because the map was tiny. To put it another way, when I'm playing a biped with superior intelligence and speed, it's a very frustrating sort of "difficult" to be thrown into spontaneous cage matches where a mysterious force prevents you from preparing yourself, for example by bringing along more rocks or examining the terrain ahead. The bad controls (flicking too quickly from one arrow button left Geena immobile until I released it and pressed it again) were also "difficult" in an annoying way.


Posted by KavenBach 10 years ago Report

Yeah, I liked the idea of hordes or monsters having their way with her, but the fighting quickly became tedious. Realistically, the best would have been for everything to happen on the same map; thus while she met critters in narrow areas she could theoretically lure them back to roomier places to fight. Exp would have been gained in real time and enemy HP and damage would be visible.

Not sure I'd say she had superior intelligence and speed in some cases, mind you. ^_^ The direction controls had been fixed before I quit working on it.