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Kura's Journey 3: The Zoo
By Halcyon
For Terastas, Rufus, Kuja, Baz, and Trainboy911, who posted in the idea thread. Also for Mad_Hatter_Plus
3(?/f soft vore, full tour, scat)
Kura the mouse was slowly getting acustomed to her new home. It was quite a jump from the savanna to the zoo, but she was slowly adapting. There were all kinds of places to explore here, and all kinds of animals to see. She was never bored.
Of course, never being bored wasn't always a good thing. After a few days in the zoo, Kura had decided that she was in the bottom one percent in the size ladder at the zoo. With 99% of the zoo's occupants larger than her, Kura had been stepped on, bitten, chewed, and even eaten alive. However, her curious immunity to the voracious efforts of any predator kept her alive. Not only could Kura survive digestion, but she could also survive being chewed.
Kura had discovered this new ability on her second day at the zoo, when she crossed paths with a hungry tiger. It spent several minutes snacking on her, until it finally gave up and swallowed her whole. It was another disgusting trip through a predator's digestive tract, but she had come out whole and alive like always (In it's bodily waste, of course...).
Today was a new day for Kura, in which she would explore more of her new home. She was out for a walk, bring careful of the various tourists, when she came across a building she had not been to before.
"Aviary..." Kura said. "I wonder what's in there."
Deciding that there was nothing to do but find out, Kura headed for the entrance. It took some careful dodging to get in the doors while they were being pushed open, but she managed, and was soon inside.
What Kura saw inside bewildered her. Inside the huge enclosure was a jungle-like setting, with a wooden railed walkway going through. All around her were hundreds of twitters and chirps from all kinds of birds. "Oh... Aviary..." Kura began. "Birds. Ha, I get it. I was wondering where all the flying ones were..."
To avoid being trampled, Kura jumped off of the walkway and landed several feet below on the soft ground. She set off through the dense area, examining all kinds of brightly-colored birds around her.
Eventually, Kura came to a large pond. Various fishing birds were around this area, diving in for a bite to eat. Kura saw a stork dip it's head under the water, and come up with a fish. She watched as the bird tossed the fish up, caught it, tilted it's head back, and gulped the fish down. Kura watched it travel down the bird's slender neck, and disappear in it's chest.
"That could be me." Kura decided, and turned to leave. However, as she did, another bird swooped down and landed right in front of her!
"Ooh, what do we have here?" the bird said. It was a pelican, and much larger than Kura. "A mouse! Mmm..."
"What do you want?" Kura asked.
"Lunch!" the bird replied. "I'm quite hungry, and you look like just the thing to fill up my belly." The pelican licked it's beak unnervingly.
Kura took a step back "Huh?"
"I need to eat, little mouse, and you just happen to be on my menu." the pelican said. Kura looked down at it's feathery belly - it seemed to gurgle in anticipation of her arrival. "But, enough talk. Come on, lunch, don't keep my stomach waiting!"
The pelican, in a single move, rushed at Kura at snatched her up in it's beak! It took to the air, as it began to lick over Kura's body.
In the pelican's stretchy beak, a slimy tongue rubbed over Kura as the pelican tasted her. "Hey! Let me go!" Kura yelled, but to no avail. It's throat seemed to beckon her in.
Kura didn't need to go in, as the hungry pelican soon landed and tilted it's head back. Kura tumbeled back into it's throat, and with a strong gulp, she was sliding down, down the fleshy tube to the pelican's waiting belly.
The pelican felt Kura drop into it's food storage crop, in it's chest. "Yum. You're mine now, mousie. Enjoy the ride - I'll see you in a few hours!" it said.
Kura would indeed see the pelican again in a few hours, but she definitely would not enjoy the ride. With a violent squeeze, the pelican's crop forced Kura out of the fleshy sack, and into another one below.
Kura landed with a splash inside of the Pelican's gizzard. It was filling with acid, as it began to digest. Although the acid filled the stomah, Kura niether digested nor drowned, from her strange immunities.
Kura sighed. The pelican indeed did have her now - she was inside of it's acid-filled stomach. Also, she was being tossed around like a piece of meat in a bird's belly, which she was. All she could do was wait.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Hours passed as Kura stewed inside the hot innards of the pelican. After it's stomach, she had been passed into it's intestines. In a bird, these weren't very long, but still were quite a tight squeeze.
Now, Kura was in the bird's rectum. She hated the face that she was forced to wait in it's bodily wastes to be expelled, but it was the only way. Sure enough, the pelican was flying over the trees when, in a single, sudden bowel movement, it's solid waste was forced out of it's body.
Kura fell a great distance before landing. Immedeately, she had three concerns. The first was that she had just fallen a great distance, but wasn't hurt. The second was that she was covered in bird poop, fresh from the hot intestines of a bird. Finally, Kura knew that she had to get out of the aviary before another hungry bird caught her, forcing her to go through it all over again.
First, Kura stopped by the pond to wash off. She was soon clean, and dashed off, narrowly missing the hungry beak of a stork.
She soon found the exit, and dashed out enthusiastically. "Phew..." Kura sighed. "I'm not going back in there... for a while."
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
A lite while later, Kura had forgotten about her ordeal at the aviary and was back to exploring. She had gone quite far around the huge zoo, before coming across some sort of indoor pool. It looked enticing, and the door was open, so Kura went in.
What she saw was indeed a huge pool, but not for humans. There were empty bleachers surrounding the area, indicating that some sort of show took place here. But what...?
The answer came to Kura when a large, white sea lion approached her. It was too late to run away, so Kura waited as it walked right up to her, and spoke. "Hey, what are you doing in here?" it said. "Is it dinner time already?"
"No! I'm not..." Kura began. "Why would you assume that I'm your dinner?"
"Well, you're quite small..." the sea lion replied. "But you look filling. Anything your size that ends up in here usually ends up going down my gullet!" The sea lion lowered it's head down, and opened it's mouth wide, revealing it's fleshy pink maw, shiny white teeth, and slimy throat. "Go ahead!" the sea lion said. "Feed me!"
"No!" Kura said. "I'm not your dinner, and I'm not going to feed you."
The sea lion stood up, and frowned. "Well, if you're not going to feed me, I'll eat you myself!"
Kura ran, and the sea lion chased her. Although it was much faster, it tripped on a lever and fell. This lever, when accidentally pulled, caused a hoop - suspended from the ground - to reach up in the air. Kura just happened to be standing on that hoop, and when it shot up, she slipped off and had to grab on, dangling above a hungry sea lion.
Below her, the sea lion was waiting with it's mouth opened wide and it's tongue outstretched. Not having thumbs, Kura soon lost her grip and fell, down into the sea lion' maw.
The sea lion caught her and smiled. "Well, now was that so hard?" it said. "Now, feed me!"
Not giving her a chance to react, the sea lion crunched on Kura once before violentely gulping her down. Kura slid down the sea lion's gullet before landing in it's slimy stomach. "Finally!" the sea lion said.
Inside the sea lion's belly, Kura yelled to be let out, but it didn't reply. Kura sat alone in the gurgling gut for an hour, until the sea lion's REAL dinner finally arrived.
Kura watched in awe as the sea lion's throat opened up, and a fish dropped down inside! The sea lion had gulped a fish down whole, but it wasn't done - several more fish found their way in the sea lion's belly as well.
The sea lion belched. With such a big meal inside of it's stomach, the sea lion had a lot to digest. So, it's stomach started churning as acid poured in.
It wasn't long before Kura was in a soup of pink fish chunks, as the vigorous digestion in the sea lion tossed her around in an effort to break the fish down even more. Finally, the sea lion's intestines opened up and began loudly slurping the mixture up.
Kura was pulled into the sea lion's duodenum, and found herself on her way through it's long, coiled intestinal tract. Kura sighed. The pelican was a bird, and it's intestines were relatively short. However, this sea lion was a mammal. It had a huge mass of coiling bowels that could take Kura several hours to navigate, as the sea lion's body tried to process and absorb her.
Kura sighed. She wasn't getting anywhere until the sea lion's intestines decided that they were done with her.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
It was six and a half hours before Kura had entered the sea lion's large intestine, and another hour before she was halfway through. The large amount of fish it ate had created quite a bit of waste, which Kura had the displeasure of riding in as the sea lion's colon subconciously carried her along. Villi along the walls slurped moisture from the solidified remains as everything was moved slowly toward it's exit.
Kura soon reached it's rectum, which was very unpleasant. She was dropped in what seemed to be an organic vat of poop, with more and more slowly piling up on her.
Outside, the sea lion finally felt an acute pressure in it's lower abdomen, and had a desire to relieve itself. The sea lion stopped swimming, and found a suitable spot out of the way.
When the sea lion was ready, it crouched over and let loose. A loud fart was followed by a torrent of bodily waste, being slowly dumped from the sea lion's body. Unfortunately for Kura, she was one of the first things expelled, meaning she had to wait as the smelly remains of the sea lion's meal were shit out on top of her. The sea lion eventually emptied it's rectum, and returned to playing, unaware of the small morsel that survived it's powerful innards.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
It was getting late. After spending hours in the sea lion's digestive tract, the sun had set and the zoo was closed. Kura was walking around, looking for a place to sleep, when she spotted a large closed-off exibit. <There's probably some nice and soft grass down there> Kura thought, so she climbed through the bars and jumped down.
What Kura found when she hit the ground was not what she had wanted. Where she had hoped to find soft, dry ground, she found a wet, marshy area unfit for sleeping on. Kura sighed, and began looking for a tree or shrub she could climb on.
After a bit of searching, Kura came across a massive hippo, lazily eating the grass. Seeing it, Kura sighed and realized that there must not be any trees in an exibit with a hippo.
Giving up, Kura started walking again, in hopes that she wasn't too far from the sides of the pen. However, it was quite dark out. So dark, that when the hippopatamus reached down for a bite of grass, it didn't see the little mouse standing there. So dark, that Kura didn't see the gaping hippo's maw, until it ripped her out of the ground with a mouthful of grass!
Kura screamed as she was lifted up in the air, and fell back into the hippo's huge mouth. It began to chew up the grass, tossing Kura around with it's massive tongue in the process. "Stop! Put me DOWN!" Kura yelled, but the huge animal showed no signs of hearing her.
Kura was tossed around with the chewed up grass for a few minutes, until the hippo's tongue moved everything to the back of it's mouth. Kura yelled out, but it was too late. With a loud *GULP* the hippo swallowed the tiny mouse, along with a mouthful of grass.
Kura traveled down the hippo's gullet, landing in it's huge stomach with a splash. She surfaced immediately, swimming in a massive pool of grass and water.
It took a moment for the realization of Kura's location to set in. <Oh, not again...> Kura muttered. She really had to be more careful!
Exhausted, Kura sunk to the bottom of the Hippo's stomach and fell asleep.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Hours later, the Hippo had fallen asleep as well. However, it's body still had quite a bit of digesting to do. So, Kura softly as the huge animal's digestive tract messily processed the large meal it had eaten, the slimy stomach loudly squeezing and churning as torrents of digestive acid and mucus sloshed around in the massive gut. It was a wonder Kura didn't awake from the loud digestion.
Even with the Hippo's slow digestion, however, it didn't take forever, and the tiny mouse found herself at last being forced down into the Hippo's duodenum.
Shortly after, Kura finally awoke. "Ugh... is it morning yet?" she asked herself. Upon opening her eyes, however, Kura discovered that she had no way of knowing if it was morning or not from inside a Hippopatamus' hot intestines.
As the squeezing tubes slowly moved Kura along, she eventually got used to the rancid stench of the Hippo's innards. It wasn't anything new to her - the smell of digested chyme - but she still didn't like it very much. Who would?
Kura then noticed that the loose sludge Kura was riding in seemed to be thickening. <This is good news...> she thought. Even though it meant a gross and messy excretement for her and the Hippo's waste, at least she would be out soon.
Kura couldn't tell the exact moment she passed into the Hippo's large intestine, but it was easy to tell about when it had happened. Not only had the tube widened and the waste thickened even more, but the stench changed from that of an acidic bile to hippo poop. Almost completely encased in the steamy waste, Kura could do little but let the Hippo pass her along, no matter how long that took.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
It was about midday, when a certain Hippo decided that it had a full rectum. Now, the hippo wasted no time in relieving itself of this full rectum. The hippo crouched over, and a few noisy farts later, a large coil of brown excretement was forced out of the Hippo's body, forming a large pile below it.
At last, Kura could climb out of the steamy poop, marking the end of her journey through the hippo's body. Exhausted and disgusted, she quickly left the exhibit.
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Finally, the third addition to the Kura's Journey full tour series. The last one left off with Kura arriving at a zoo, and can you guess what's in this one?

Anyway, there's three preds, and no digestion. But there is scat, so don't read it if you don't want to ^_^;

Finally, I know I made a thread a while back asking for ideas, but I didn't use any of them. Oh well XD

P.S: Sorry about the multiple uploads, I had to fix something :O

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Posted by komaru 13 years ago Report

hehe, really liked that one ^_^


Posted by Halcyon 13 years ago Report



Posted by voriator212 12 years ago Report

can't the scat be in hard, brown lumps instead of soft?


Posted by mad_hatter_plus 13 years ago Report

Very nice story! I like the multiple trips a lot, and there's so much you can do with that, given the zoo setting. Did you know that hippos fling their dung with their tails when they poop? I was hoping you would include that little detail, but that's okay. :D


Posted by Halcyon 13 years ago Report

No, I didn't. But if I did... you bet I would have included it XD

I'm glad you liked it, though :]


Posted by mad_hatter_plus 13 years ago Report

Yes, I am eager to see what else Kura will find herself exploring. :)


Posted by GenericBunny 13 years ago Report

Though I must admit I was just a tad dissapointed that this seemed to have less detail than the first two, I did really like the multiple trips! I eagerly look forward to the next instalment ^^


Posted by Halcyon 13 years ago Report

Ha, so do I


Posted by Crimson 12 years ago Report

Thats fantastic. I hope this series keeps going for a long time, i love full tour. :-D


Posted by Halcyon 12 years ago Report

Thanks! ^_^