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Orca Vore By Dolorcin

Uploaded: 9 years ago

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Creative title, I know.

Jokes aside, I've been busy with life lately hence my lack of art these few months. But here's something to break the lull.And if things go well, expect to see more these coming months. :)

This was mostly an experimental piece, but ended up working on it more than I intended. Wanted to try working with minimal linework. Everything turned out okay, EXCEPT her face...Can't get it to not look awkward somehow. But, I'm sick of working on it so, no need to point that out.

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Posted by shikaro 9 years ago

there is nothing better than a very well fed orca, isn't it? <3
great job as always, hope to see that arts soon! :D


Posted by Dolorcin 9 years ago

Indeed, and thanks! :)


Posted by Evoc 9 years ago

Horray Orca vore! Thanks Dolorcin and good work.
The minimal linework looks alright


Posted by Dolorcin 9 years ago

Welcome, and thanks to you too!


Posted by Quantium 9 years ago

VERY nice picture! It's so sexy to imagine that she is about to slide down to the orcas stomach.

Very well drawn too.


Posted by Dolorcin 9 years ago

Thank you very much. :D


Posted by Terastas 9 years ago

You know, I seriously pity anyone that would have noticed the face without you mentioning it. This is made of awesome on so many levels. ^_^


Posted by Dolorcin 9 years ago

Thank you! :D

The Fennec Fox

Posted by The Fennec Fox 9 years ago

Yes, very nice D.

That's all that I can say about it. . .it's just simply. . .nice.


Posted by Dolorcin 9 years ago

Thank you!


Posted by ganon2280 9 years ago

I truly hope every thing gose well ;)

ps:this looks great.


Posted by Dolorcin 9 years ago

Thanks. :)


Posted by vorebunny 9 years ago

this came out very well
orca vore is one of my favorites :D


Posted by Dolorcin 9 years ago

Thank you!


Posted by Sirorca 9 years ago

Ah! This turned out great buddy! I simply love it, as many others do. You've really improved.

But keep in mind there's nothing wrong with lines (however much I hate them myself XD). They can add some soul to pictures, if used correctly. But that's up to you. You got artist benefits! And I'm not saying this style is bad... It's HAWT! (Sorry, but that was the first word that came to mind X]) Keep it up!


Posted by Dolorcin 9 years ago

Thank you! Happy to hear that. :)

And yeah, totally agree there. This is mostly an experimental piece to see how well the style works with me. In a nutshell, it's more time consuming than my earlier style, so I would only reserve this for the better ideas or, if I one day decide to take them, commissions.


Posted by skyfox 8 years ago

i would love to slide down that throat