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Aileen burped as she finished a 2 liter coke, throwing the empty bottle aside as camera shutters went off and the dingy camera recorded her binge. Sherly watched from the sidelines, admiring Aileen's growing belly with glee as the scene wrapped. There was no more food for Aileen to eat and another video was ready to be put up online. 15 minutes for $30.
"Nice shoot." Sherly said, rubbing her belly as she gave Aileen a hug, ushering for the cameraman to leave the room. "Aw, thanks." Aileen said as they rubbed their bellies together - a sight most stuffing enthusiasts would give their right nut to see. "Have you weighed yourself lately?" Aileen asked Sherly, noting that she had gained a bit more pudge since she devoured a whole cake a couple of days ago. "220." she said, burping a little as she sat in Aileen's chair from the shoot, a chair and table setup where most of the asian women shot their stuffing videos.
Aileen smiled. "Well I'm 200." She said. "I'm gaining faster than you, Sherly. Maybe it's time for you to step aside..." She teased, prompting Sherly to grab Aileen, opening her mouth and slowly gulping down the rotund young stuffer. She moaned as she brought more of the woman into her mouth, passing her huge breasts and gurgling, chunky belly before finally slurping up her legs. She burped loudly and rubbed her much larger belly. "I guess I don't have to step aside after all." She said to her belly with a grin.
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Stuffer31: What REALLY happened to Aileen! By Emperor_Palpatine

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Prompted by a discussion in a poll question on GGJ's Deviantart page about the disappearance of Aileen from and someone mentioned that Sherly's belly got a lot bigger around that time...

Anyway, I busted this out in about 15 minutes. If someone wants to draw this, I'll write something in exchange!

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Posted by Hagglesmite 5 years ago

Out of curiosity, what actually did happen to her? I was wondering that myself xD

I think this warrants a longer redo later on if you feel up to it, that'd be something fun to consider, haha


Posted by xdarkmarth 5 years ago

Oooh lovely <3