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I.. am a demigod; conquest and pleasure are the elements of my domain.
I have had many names, but they call me Master. They are my five servants, the priestesses of my hidden order.
I grant them the strength to conquer my foes and reward them with pleasure, most often in the form of conquest; Vore.
They go to great lengths to earn the favor of devouring each other, for upon digestion my power re-materializes my servants
within the temple, and I am able to control their metabolisms if necessary to keep them in fighting shape.
This is the story of one such event.
Xinovia, the high-priestess, holds power over all others and may not be eaten; she is my most powerful and favored servant.
My other servants would do anything for Xin, if it means providing pleasure or serving their mistress, or more importantly, me.
She's a head taller than the other girls, with a lean core, ample breasts and a large, shapely ass. Her hair is a deep blue in a short,
somewhat messy style that falls below her ears. Her golden eyes are captivating, until her plump lips are the only thing left that
you can see before having your fate sealed within her ravenous stomach. She wears nothing but an open, greyish-purple rib-high
vest and matching skirt with a grey belt, bra and panties; leaving nothing to the imagination.
She had just returned from defeating the corrupted elven queen, so I knew her hunger would be great, but I did not allow her to consume
the queen's body for that would mean also consuming the corruption. I telepathically called out to her, "Xinovia!"
"Well done, my dear. You have defeated our greatest foe thusfar. I can feel your hunger, please help yourself to the other girls."
Xin's stomach growls as if in responce, causing Xin to blush slightly before responding, "Thank you, Master!"
While traveling to the main bed chamber, she calls the other girls to attendance. "Oh girls! Master wishes to reward me!" She yells out,
and almost immediately afterwards her stomach growls loudly, and both messages echo throughout the temple.
She licks her lips as she begins to day dream about the coming feast, about the feeling of being stuffed with four other women;
her stomach growls again, and she pats it, "Shh. Soon, belly, we will be fed."
She arrives at the three-tiered "serving platform" in the bed chamber, to the sight of her future meals prepared before her,
clad only in their various underwear. Sitting at the base of the platform was Irry, the small girl. A head shorter than most,
and quite a bit shorter than Xin. An average weight with relatively large breasts for her size, yet still smaller than the other girls.
She has a young complexion with purple eyes and orangey-brown hair in two long pony-tails. Her underwear is white with black and orange butterfly-shaped frills.
Next, lying seductively upon the center platform is Cale; She is an average height and weight with larger breasts than Irry, yet smaller than Xin.
Blond hair in a bob with styled bangs frames her bright green eyes. She wears a simple frilled lavender bra and panty set.
On the steps to the right of Cale, stands Cya in a showoff-ish pose. She's a little on the heavier side, giving her thicker thighs,
a softer belly and large breasts, even larger than Xin's. Her hair is a nearly black in a very simple straight bob around her dark brown eyes and distinctly asian features.
However her skin is a bit tanned compared to the others. She wears a very small black bra and panty set; the cloth is minimal,
with the pieces being held together by small chains, and the bra is barely able to contain her impressive chest.
And finally, standing on the steps to the left of Cale, blushing intensely, is Reas. She is very thick, curvaceous; Huge breasts,
almost twice the size of Xin's, with a large ass and soft belly. She has blue eyes and bright red hair in a short and flared style.
Her underwear is nearly identical to Cya's, but in white with red chains, and does an even poorer job containing her breasts.
Finally, Xin addresses the girls, "So, who's first?" The shy, blushing Reas starts to raise her hand, but is cut off by Irry enthusiastically
jumping up to volunteer, "Me, me! Start with me!" Xin walks up to Irry and grabs her arms just below her shoulders.
The sight of the sexy little appetizer before her causes Xin to begin salivating greatly as she licks her lips.
Then, Xin stretches her mouth open wide and swallows Irry's head in one swift motion, making a prominent face-shaped bulge in her throat.
The taste of Irry's skin awakens Xin's ravenous hunger. Her stomach practically roars, urging Xin to swallow Irry faster; and she does.
In what may be one of the fastest meals ever consumed, Xin lifts the half-swallowed Irry up in the air, and relaxes all muscles,
causing Irry to quickly drop straight in to her gut as gravity assists her. Her once-toned belly bulges out greatly as the entirety of Irry quickly settles within it.
Xin releases a great belch to relieve herself of the extra air she swallowed while practically inhaling Irry.
Satisfied that her first meal has properly settled, Xin called out for her next meal, "Who's next?" Cale, upon the center of the "serving platform" stands up.
"I'll be the next sexy course!", she says with confidence. Xin quickly walks up the three steps to the top of the "serving platform", her Irry-filled belly bouncing around with each step.
Once at the top, Xin grabs Cale, also just below the shoulders, and spins her around holding her up against her belly.
She licks her lips and says in a playful manner, "You all are going to make me so fat..." before opening her mouth wide and bending over forward to engulf Cale down to her breasts in
one swallow; her Irry-filled belly hanging low and touching the floor. Xin took a bit more time to consume Cale; once she was half swallowed,
Xin spent a moment tasting Cale's plump ass and enjoying its meaty flavor. However, Cale is larger than Irry, therefor swallowing her stretched Xin's ribcage further.
The extended time she spent tasting Cale's ass and stretching her ribs caused her bra to give way under the strain, bursting from underneath her vest and falling away in pieces.
As Xin finally swallows the rest of Cale her belly bulges out even further, more than doubling in size as Cale settles in with Irry, and causing Xin to fall to her knees.
Xin gets no more than a small sigh of relief before Cya practically slams in to her belly for a bear hug. "Your belly is so round!" She says with a giggle,
as she begins to massage Xin's belly. The ever-ravenous Xin looks down to Cya's face and seductively says, "Cya.. Get in my belly!"
Cya blushes and gets up on her knees to meet Xin face to face before they lock lips in a passionate exchange of saliva. The action outside stirs the inhabitants of Xin's great belly.
This is what they really wanted; The reward for their service to the mistress - the ultimate orgy within her belly. As Xin and Cya go at it outside, Irry and Cale begin to do the same.
Xin's keeps the inside of her belly devoid of acid until her feast concludes and her inhabitants tire themselves out,
but the mucus contains a powerful aphrodesiac that incites occupants in to a lustful frenzy. French kissing, groping of breasts, humping, fingering, anything goes and will likely occur.
Xin and Cya continue to make out, giving Xin an ample amount of time to fully taste and enjoy Cya, but now Xin has had enough. Her hunger has been reignited.
"I must have her in me!" she shouts in her mind as she breaks the kiss by opening her lips up much wider and sucking Cya's whole head in to her mouth. Cya's body is pulled up on top of Xin's large belly,
and Xin follows up by using both hands to grab her ass in order to shove Cya down her throat. As more and more of Cya's thicker body enters Xin,
her belly begins to grow once again. "Getting... so full!" Xin thinks to herself as she feels her belly stretching. As her belly grows, her skirt's belt can no-longer take the strain,
and bursts, with Xin's skirt falling away as a result. Her vest is also slipping down her shoulders as her belly prevents it from closing fully.
Larger and larger it gets as the thick girl settles in with her now exceedingly lustful partners. Needing no help from the aphrodesiac in Xin's belly, Cya joins in on the fun.
With one hand on a breast of both Irry and Cale, and a knee between each girls' legs, Cya begins going to work pleasuring them both, while alternating making out with each
while they fondle her large breasts in return. Back outside, Xin is panting after having just swallowed a fairly large girl and the feast thusfar is starting to wear her out.
Her vest has completely slid off and her panties are about to snap. The action within her belly has begun to make Xin very hot and aroused as she feels her meals going at it.
However, her arousal is nothing compared to that of the final girl.
Reas, who ordinarily is very shy and soft-spoken, is a closet pervert and voyeur to the point of even thinking of eating someone or being eaten is enough to arouse her greatly.
At this point, after having watched Xin stuff herself, Reas has gone over the edge, and begun groping and fingering herself in plain sight.
She walks up and stands before the bloated Xin, her huge breasts barely supported by her dissheveled bra, and her panties soaked in her own juices.
"You're... so big, I.. Please eat me NOW!" she practically screams. Xin, blushing noticeably, lets out a belch before answering:
"Ohh, but I already feel so full. I don't know if I could even fit you in my be-" but Xin's words are cut off. Reas couldn't take it anymore,
and dove half-way down Xin's throat in one jump. Xin's eyes grow wide and she gags slightly as the curvaceous girl forces her way in to her stomach.
At this point, Xin accepts her meal and tries to swallow Reas as quickly as possible. Her belly begins to rapidly grow again as more of the red-haired bombshell enters her stomach.
She regrets not eating Reas on her own terms, because Reas' dive maneuver prevented Xin from tasting those beautiful breasts.
She takes a moment to enjoy the rich flavor of Reas' soft belly, before the salty followup from her soaked panties. Xin's own panties snap and fall away as her waistline ever increases.
"So.. much.. woman!" she thinks to herself as she finishes off the last inches of Reas. "Gasp" Xin gasps for air and begins panting hard after finally finishing off Reas.
Now fully inside Xin's belly, Reas takes a huge breath of the aphrodesiac. The now sex-frenzied Reas cimbs on top of the other girls and the orgy begins in earnest.
She begins by simultaneously groping Irry and Cale, while kneeing their nethers as they knee her in return, and making out with Cya's "lower lips".
All the while Cya is massaging her own chest, while both Irry and Cale each fondle one of Reas' massive mamaries. They continue on like this, groping, kneeing and licking until finally they all come
simultaneously, and then swap positions to begin again.
Xin, now extremely stuffed, and getting more and more aroused by the movements within her massive belly, begins to fondle her own ample breasts.
I had been concealed from vision in order to observe the event naturally, yet Xin could sense my presence and sarcastically calls out to me, "Ohh, what a feast! Did you enjoy it as much as I did, Master?"
I laugh and reveal myself to her, "I am glad you enjoyed it, my dear." I take a moment to rub her belly, and feel the movements of my other servants within her.
"My, those four are certainly active in there, aren't they?" She moans and replies through ragged breaths, "Oh, yes.. they feel so good, Master. They have come.. many times, I can feel it; the changes in their movements."
"I.. I need that, Master. Please, grant me MY release!" I raise an eyebrow and look upon my bloated servant, replying playfully, "My, my, aren't you the greedy one today, hm?" "Heh, very well, my dear."
Her face lights up at my responce, red actually, from the blushing, "Thank you, beloved Master!"
Invoking my godlike powers of manipulation, I levitate Xin and her belly up off the floor to waist-height and spread her legs. Further foreplay is unnecessary; Her lips are practically gushing.
I manipulate my "sword" to the perfect size and thrust fully in to Xin. She screams in pleasure, having instantly come from the surprise of the first thust, but I know she needs more.
I continue the "attack", thusting time and again slowly and powerfully at first, but gradually increasing in speed, until she calls to me, "Bigger, Master, Bigger!"
Continuing to thrust, I ask her, "Are you certain?" "YES, Master, please! Upgrade to a greatsword! Slay me!" So I manipulate my sword to 50% larger and thrust in yet again.
Xin screams again, "It's so BIG! More, thrust harder!" So I go at her hard and fast, causing waves to undulate through the sides of her massive belly, all the while she's wildly groping her breasts.
The other servants must be able to feel what's occuring outside, for their movements also become much more wild as they go at each other within that stuffed gut.
Finally, Xin says to me, "I can feel it, the finale, it's building!" At the same time I'm also feeling close to release, and the inhabitants of Xin's belly are more frantic than usual.
All at once, we come together; Xin screams out in ecstasy, as I release a torrent of seed in to her lower belly. Her huge stomach spasms greatly as all four girls within come,
and then begins to swell even larger as her womb fills with my seed. Xin's body goes limp as I pull out, she manages to say "Thank you.. my Master... That was.. amazing.." before exhaustion quickly takes her away to sleep.
Maintaining the levitation that has been in effect this entire time, I move her over to the largest bed in the chamber. The movement in her belly seems to have ceased as well,
meaning the girls are spent and now will become food for Xin until she's finished digesting them, so that I may return them to this world.
Xin sleeps peacefully now, no doubt dreaming of her next victory and subsequent reward feast.
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Hello people!

About six weeks ago, my comic commission, The Feast of the Favored, was completed by the lovely and talented Tsavo.

But alas time and money are not infinite, so five pages was the most I could do. Check them out here~ Pt.1 Pt.2 Pt.3 Pt.4 Pt.5

This is the story behind the comic, the fully fleshed out written work that provides a bit more backstory and extends a little ways past the comic. Is it sexist? Probably. Is it an egotrip? Most definitely, but it's my fantasy, so I'll do what I please, darn it.

Disclaimer: All my girls are 21-24yo, aside from Irry who is 18.

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Posted by DangZerglings 3 years ago Report

Don't be too ashamed of female-dominated fantasies, so long as they don't spill over into other things. :V This coming from a Kantai Collection fan, which is laden with nothing but girls and naval terminology.


Posted by Blarginated 3 years ago Report

That's why I love fantasy. You can be as ridiculous as you want, and it doesn't even matter.


Posted by Renael 3 years ago Report

You write what you wanna write, mang. Its just porn.~ And fairly good porn for that matter! Thanks for uploading.


Posted by Blarginated 3 years ago Report

And thank you for the compliment!


Posted by hentaiaiai 3 years ago Report

do you think you will pay for the rest of it in a comic form eventually? i loved the comics visuals


Posted by Blarginated 3 years ago Report

Hm, probably not. I'd have to create a design for my demigod form, and I feel like that might be strange, to put myself in to art.


Posted by hentaiaiai 3 years ago Report

awww, alright, thought id ask anyway:)


Posted by Tsavo 3 years ago Report

Nice to see a story that fills in the blanks. :) Well done.


Posted by Blarginated 3 years ago Report

Those blanks are now very much filled. Thanks!