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A Night To Remember 11 By Blace

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Down on all 4 again, like the good draggy Freja is, she began pushing, almost as if she was delivering a child.
Her anal muscles would already be doing most of the work tho, as Blace slowly got pulled further down Freja's bowels.
He's surroundings seemed to now be tightening around him, probably in response to the stimulation the lusty dragoness was feeling as her tight tailhole would slowly start to to ease up and loosen it's tightness in preperation for her lover's large body to pass through.
Even her breathing sounded like a mix between her panting in pleasure like so many times before but this time with a little more rythm to it, again like if she was giving birth. Altho, there was no pain here, at least not the unpleasant kind.

Blace could feel a very faint breeze of freash air on his snout, indicating that he had now made it all the way to his final destination. He could even make out just the slightest bit of light slipping inside.
Determined to be reunited in his dear Freja's embrace again, he would climb the best that he could manage to make it the last few inches, stretching and squirming around to Freja's delight, not able to keep her juices back as her lover would accidently press his hind leg against her womb, underneath.
Freja could her tailhole finally giving in as Blace's snout made it's last strides, nudging towards, willingingly loosening and opening up for her to finally deliver her Blace
"It's time, dear. Come out to mama Freja~ and let us watch the sun rise" She said in her loving, yet teasing tone.

Thanks to my beloved friend,:Fufologyicon: for this amazing drawing. <3
Check out her other work on

Comic features the lovely draggy

 Blace and her beloved fluffy Blace

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Posted by JessicaVoire 1 month ago

Awh, this is such a sweet and fun comic^^

It's such a rare treat to find good, well drawn soft vore. Hope there's more coming! <3


Posted by Blace 1 month ago

Thank you for the kind words ^//^
I'll be sure to pass them on to the artist. I can only agree with you tho.

And don't worry, there's still a couple more pages to go.
Trying to decide on what big project to start on next already ^^;


Posted by JessicaVoire 1 month ago

A pleasure and please do!^^

Yay! And I'll look forward to your next project too! Hmhm, in fact, I think I shall keep an eye on you from now on Blace^^

Um, you like reading vore stories?


Posted by Blace 4 weeks ago

Well, now I'm all flattered ^w^ Thank you so very much

And I indeed love reading vore stories as well as writing them. Why do you ask?

(Sorry for the late reply. I was attending a con over the weekend)


Posted by JessicaVoire 4 weeks ago

Tee-hee, such a pleasure!^^
I write vore too (I'm new to smut, but I've been writing for years). Was just thinking I might have a story you'd enjoy...if you'd like to try, that is.
(no worries Blace^^<3)


Posted by Blace 3 weeks ago

Oh, I will definitely have a closer look at your work. Any of them you'd recommend me to start out with.
I'm completely fine with no smut, so don't worry about that. Everything has a time and place and your strength lies in the cleaner stuff then I'm sure it'll be great regardless.

Also. Thank you so very much for all those favorites you've given me ^//w//^


Posted by JessicaVoire 3 weeks ago

Thank you^^ I'd guess you like willing, in which case the series "I Want to be Yours" would be best. (I only post smut under this name btw)
If you'd like to try the stories in chronological order (it'd be an awful lot of reading tho) then it's: "Predatory Desires", "Trouble in Paradise", "I Want to be Yours" and "Unexpected Love".
I'm working on a non-fatal story <3, but my pred OC's backstory made non-fatal impossible until later in her life. (I've tried to mark the stories carefully though, so just check the descriptions if there's some things you can't stand<3<3)
It's a huge pleasure Blaze^^ I enjoyed every piece <3


Posted by extremelydevious 1 month ago

oh wow its gonna be a full tour


Posted by Blace 1 month ago

Indeed. There aren't nearly enough of those, in my opinion. Especially ones that really goes into detail ^^;


Posted by JacktheDragon 1 month ago

So lovely and cute is a shame is close to ending x3


Posted by Blace 4 weeks ago

There's still a bit to go. even if the ride itself will soon be over.
Don't worry tho. I have lot of ideas for future projects


Posted by JacktheDragon 4 weeks ago

Hehe ok then and cool anyways awesome comic X3


Posted by PegaSUS 1 month ago

Now this is a rare angle to see the tour going on with. Very great stuff! :D


Posted by Blace 4 weeks ago

I always liked the idea of this angle, so I made sure that it was drawn this way.
Again, Fuf has done a gorgeous job with this.
I'm glad it's to your liking too ^w^


Posted by SplitterPic 1 month ago

i really love this comic owo


Posted by Blace 4 weeks ago

Thanks you ^w^
It makes it all worth it to know that people are coming back to have a look whenever I upload a new page :3


Posted by SplitterPic 4 weeks ago

who wouldn't? it's a super lovely comic >w<