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 The Growlithe lay whimpering on the ground, bleeding from the snout and the side. Its paws, normally a bright sparkling white now caked with blood and dirt. The exotic mightyena it was fighting growls and bears its fangs as it prepares to attack again.
 "GET UP YOU USELESS MUTT" The well endowed woman "I SAID GET UP." She screams cracking the whip.
 The sound of the whip cracking is drowned out by the sound of the door at the end of the room blasting open and landing with a thud 20 feet away. Through the thick haze of smoke the glowing purple eyes and outline of a humanoid pokemon could be seen, sending shivers of fear through the combatants in the arena and the audience at large.
 Mass panic spread through the arena as Mewtwo walked in. "You who harm pokemon will be punished." he says holding out his arm and stopping a master ball from flying at him. "Worthless human toys." he says as the ball explodes in midair. The audience had dropped their masks in their attempt to get out of the arena but were frozen where they stood. Mewtwo's psychic powers were so strong that no one was going anywhere.
 From behind Mewtwo, police officers stormed into the arena and hopped the dividers. Officer Jenny's heels clicked on the floor and she gagged when she saw the growlithe hurt on the floor. Being loyal police pokemon she hated to see something like this happen. Not usually one to lose her cool, Jenny clenched her fist and walked right up to the woman. Her fist unballed at the last second and she slapped her across the face, outside movement being the only thing able to manipulate the psychic hold Mewtwo had going.
 A red mark appeared on the womans face as each member of the audience was cuffed. Each time one was cuffed, a signal was given to Mewtwo and he dropped his psychic hold on that one person. For any normal pokemon it would strain them greatly to hold over 200 people in place for so long, but he was the most powerful. The only downside was he had to keep his concentration so he couldn't speak or move.
 "Sir" one of the officers said to him once everyone but the woman and man were cuffed. "We have rounded up everyone in the arena, the rest of the building seems to be deserted."
 "Good, take them all back to the prison." he says walking forward. He puts his hand on the womans breast and gives it a squeeze with his three "fingers." "Except these two, I want to make an example of them for my son." he says listening to the woman moan from the contact.
 "How did you find out about this?" she asks, knowing what happened to the criminals Mewtwo took an interest in.
 He lets go of her breast and walks over to the growlithe on the ground. Anger wells up in him again as he sees it and can tell its heartbeat is dropping fast. He kneels next to it and presses his hand to its bleeding side. "RECOVER" he says in his mind and his hand glows purple. Growlithe absorbs the psychic energy and the wound begins closing up.
 After a moment, the growlithe was up on his four paws and running around happily. "Your pokemon, I'm sorry, this pokemon, called out in its mind in its pain. I was able to sense it while going around town." he says walking back over to her. "Word of advice that you won't ever be able to share or act upon." he says tapping her breast again, wanting to bite into it. "When hosting an illegal underground pokemon dog fighting ring, don't do it literally right under the city that I protect."
 Each tap on her breast meat caused her to moan again and she was taken away. "Take her to her own cell so she can stew on what she did until I can prepare her punishment." he says pointing to the man. "And him too, he's just as guilty as she is."
 They nod and haul the two out of the arena. "Confiscate their pokemon." he says as well, knowing it was pointless to say such a thing as they would do that anyway. They knew what he meant though as he would make sure they would never have need of a pokemon again. The Mightyena growls as he approaches but soon loses his luster and falls over a spiked collar on its neck. He disintigrates its collar in his psychic energy and heals the Mightyena before sending it with the police.
 He teleports back up to the top and enters the mansion he lived in. Just after the battle with Mew, he had taken the clone pokemon to their own island and, after making sure that they would be fine on their own, he returned to that village to retrieve his son. He had left him in the care of Nurse Joy for a bit to take care of the clones.
 When he had arrived, a tsunami had erupted from the ocean and he saved the town from destruction. The Nurse Joy there told the townspeople that he was a good pokemon and should be rewarded. Recognizing his power, they made him leader of the town. Under his influence things started to change for the better and crime dropped massively.
 As soon as he walks into the house a wave of pleasure washes over his mind. "What's going on?" he thinks to himself and goes to investigate. What he finds amuses him greatly. He walks into his sons room and finds Nurse Joy between his legs. He crosses his arms and watches as her full red lips moves up and down the twisted shaft. Her eyes barely open as she sucks on the boy.
 He was laying back on the bed and moaning to the ceiling. "Huhum." he says coughing into his hand.
 Her eyes widen and she slides off the cock which plops a glob of saliva into her eyes. "Oh my, i'm so sorry Mister Mewtwo" she says rushing to him. "I just wanted to see you and he looked just like you." she says exposing her naked body for him. "I've been thinking about you since the day I gave birth to your egg." she says taking his hand.
 "What are you doing?" he asks petting her head. "YOu started something you finish it." he says gesturing to his son still on the bed. "It is only right to teach the boy that lesson."
 "Yes sir." she says quickly going back to the smaller Mewtwo and begins sucking him off again, her tongue tracing the creases in his cock, her mouth making popping noises when it goes over each ridge. His son resumes his moaning as soon as her lips are around his cock again and even presses his hand to the top of her head.
 She loved serving Mewtwo, and knowing he was watching her service their son made it all the better, it made her pussy throb and drip juices, it made her nipples harden and it made her want him to just grab her ass and take her until he filled her with cum all over again.
 She shook her rump back and forth while he watched and she took the cock in her mouth all the way to the hilt. With a powerful yell, that dislodged many things in the room with his psychic powers, the young Mewtwo burst into Nurse Joy's mouth and promptly fell asleep. She dribbled a bit of it out of her mouth and it landed on the cock which she licked right up, cleaning him off.
 Once she had cleaned the young one off, she ran to Mewtwo and threw her arms around him.
 In his time with this town, he had picked up a ton of human habits, such as hugging to show affection. He wrapped his arm around her and returned her hug. He had also had a lot of fun with the Nurse Joy of the town, she could never seem to get enough of him.
 "Take me," she whispers in his ear, her nipples rubbing up against his chest.
 That was all he needed to hear, and they spent the rest of the night making passionate love in his bedroom, afterwhich he swallowed her down to sleep as she seemed to love doing that.
 The next day, after he let her out, he took his son to the prison, feeling that it was just about the right time to teach him some new things. His son had yet to try human meat and with the two new captures the night before, he felt now would be a good starting point. The two psychic pokemon walk down the hall together through the line of cells and as they pass, each prisoner pushes themselves against the wall, knowing how powerful Mewtwo is. One of the braver, or stupider, inmates grabs the young one by the neck and tries to break it against the bars.
 Mewtwo whirls around and puts his hand on the inmates face. His eyes glow purple and she is thrown against the opposite wall to the sound of a resounding CRACK. "Grind her into Pokemon chow and feed her to the rescued dogs from last night." he says to the guards as they open the cell. Mewtwo hears her screaming all the way down to the solitary confinement blocks of the prison.
 "Dad, what are we doing here?" his son asks as they head towards the womans cell.
 "Well son, I am going to teach you how to properly discipline humans." he says as they enter the cell. The woman presses herself against the wall and shakes her head.
 "No, no please." she pleads fearfully. "I can do anything you want, you can use me however you wish, just please don't hurt me."
 "I already have a human for that." he says getting a plan for the future. "Now son, humans and pokemon have an understanding with eachother, a relationship that is different from trainer to trainer. Some use them for battle, and some for love, and some, like this woman, use them for entertainment, they are the types of people I fight against."
 The young one nods. "Because of how she treated her pokemon, she is to be cooked over an open fire, much like her opponent will be at the same time." he says as he waves his hand at her. She stiffens up and stands up straight shivering and cowering when she heard that she will be cooked. "Now, the only types of humans we feed on are the ones that deserve it, such as this one." he says ripping her jumpsuit apart with his psychic powers.
 As her naked body was revealed to them, Mewtwo grips the womans breast and encourages his son to do the same. He forces her down onto her knees to allow him to get a better access to them.
 The young one squeezes and moves the breast up and down on the womans chest. "If humans treat pokemon like garbage then that is what the human will end up, after their usefulness has run its course." he says explaining to him how to properly examine his woman.
 They did the same for Paul in the next cell but didn't spend as much time on him. As they were examining the girls rump one of the officers comes up and taps Mewtwo on the shoulder. "Sir, we are prepared to bring the inmates from last night to the square, you don't have to worry about keeping them down, we've got more psychic pokemon to help keep them sedated."
 "Thank you captain, I want them to know what causing trouble in my city results in." he says to the officer.
 "Yes sir." he says saluting and announces the order to get the inmates in position. Two guards come by and get the two prisoners out of their cells and Mewtwo waves his hand. They are forced onto their hands and knees and to walk all the way out of the prison like that.
 "Which one is mine dad?" asks the young Mewtwo
 "The male son, you are a growing pokemon and you need all the nutrients you can get. Paul sneers at the way they are talking about him while the woman cries that this was happening to her.
 When they are out in the sunshine, Mewtwo forces the two to strip what little remaining clothes they had on and to stand there. The entire crowd gasps that this is happening in front of them as the Mightyena and Growlithe were positioned in front of two fire pits.
 Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny come over to the father and son, each holding a spit pole in their hands. "Now son, the proper way to enjoy a human feast is to cook it thorougly, there are many ways to do this but a spit roast ensures that their meat gets so tender and juicy." he says as Officer Jenny places the spit pole along Pauls back. She ties him to the pile and licks her lips as her fingers trace over the cock that had hardened under the gaze of so many people.
 "That's going to be mine." she whispers into his ear and flicking the tip of his cock. For the first time, his angry expression and sneer dropped from his face and the real emotion he was feeling shone through. Fear.
 Nurse Joy presses the cold steel between the woman's breasts and binds her in place before turning around and gasping when she sees the young Mewtwo. The blush on her face at the way he looks at her is unmistakable.
 Mewtwo takes the two humans in his psychic powers and raises them up onto the Y brackets set inside the wide ovular shape of stone and wood. They are carefully set down and a crank is attached to the points.
 When the two caught sight of their former trainers, Mightyena and Growlithe whimpered and backed away until they realized that they were in no danger. Then they started growling deep in their throats.
 "Easy boys." said Officer Jenny as she patted them both on the head. "You'll get to take care of them shortly." she says as Mewtwo begins to sauce their bodies, giving his son a lesson on properly preparing his food.
 Once the two were dripping with sauce, Officer Jenny bent low over the two pokemon, giving Mewtwo a view of her glorious rump. She stood up and raised her hands in the air. "Growlithe, Mightyena, get ready."
 The two pokemon opened their mouths and balls of flame appeared just outside of them. "Flamethrower and Incinerate GO." She yells swiping her arms through the air. Both pokemon unleashed a tongue of flame instantly engulfing both piles of wood in fire. Paul and the woman screamed at the top of their lungs as her nipples and his cock tip were engulfed in heat and fire.
 Mewtwo floated two apples over to his son and nodded to him. "Would you like to do the honors?" he asks. His son nods and takes the fruit to them with his own psychic power. The two are quieted down but not completely silenced once their teeth were embedded in the fruit. Two police officers came up and began to turn the meat over the fire slowly so make sure every inch got cooked through properly.
 "As the two were turning, Mewtwo kept up a running commentary about humans and their parts and such. He was fascinated at how much his father had picked up just by being around humans. He spoke of the womans breasts, rump, pussy and her belly, how much fewer nutrients they had than the male equivalent, but how tastier they were. He spoke breifly about the parts on the man but didn't go into too much detail.
 He also told him his experiences in using the right spices and seasonings, finding that the right seasoning on the wrong part of the meat, while bad, would not ruin the entire meal.
 Hours went by like this with Mewtwo giving his son instruction on the fine art of cooking, taking time out to have a break with Nurse Joy, and Officer Jenny at times. Young Mewtwo, following his fathers example had a woman or two of his own during that time.
 As the sun went down in the sky, he had a table set up for him and his son, by now the meat was a lot weaker but not fully out of it yet, though they soon would be. They two were placed on the platters on their backs and untied from the spits, barely breathing. Officer Jenny took a pair of tongs and held onto Paul's large cock with them as she sliced it off along with his balls. He barely flinched when the knife slowly began to cut through his meat. It was all she asked for from the feast, and all she really wanted. She had a thing for roasted cock and made it a point to get it from every male convict that was roasted.
 She sat eating the cock slowly, one bite at a time and really enjoyed herself, even touching herself to the entertainment of the crowd. Having no use for the utensils, Mewtwo used his abilities to pull cuts of meat from the bodies and placed them on the plates set for him and his son.
 Mewtwo started with the breasts, while fatty he enjoyed them, especially the well cooked and saucy nipples. He took his time with his food and wanted to enjoy himself. He could almost feel the shift in the inmates minds as they gave up crime, not wanting to end up like these two did. After a good hour of feasting, Mewtwo slowly cut out the womans pussy and let it set on his plate with a little sprig of lettuce to lie on and a little parsley on the clit.
 He looked over at his son who still hadn't taken his first bite. "What's the matter son, you should eat before it gets cold." He says kindly.
 "I know dad, i'm just not sure about it, It looks good and all though." he says gulping with the piece of meat hovering just outside his mouth.
 "Take your time son." He says taking a piece of breast from what little remained. "Here, try some of your dad's favorite." he says floating a piece over to him. He opened his mouth and took the meat in and began to chew. His eyes sparkled as he chewed his food, amazed that something so delicious could exist in the world. After that he devoured Pauls body, gaining many nutrients from him.
 Mewtwo chuckled as he began to eat the pussy on his plate, wondering idly how a willing pussy would taste before giving Nurse Joy a look and even Officer Jenny.
 After Mewtwo stood up and walked away, the other villagers took that as a sign that it was their turn and they all got themselves a plate of meat. The younger Mewtwo had eaten his fill of Paul and went to follow his father.
 He stopped by Officer Jenny and squeezed her rump. "Officer, give those pokemon you confiscated from the fighting arena the bones, i'm sure they'll enjoy something to chew on." he says enjoying the blush on her face.
 "Y-yes sir." she stammers pressing her rump into his 3 fingered hand.
 With a whistle, the dogs were let out of their pokeballs at the same time and the skeletons were pushed over into the grass for them to dig into.
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