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Char & Rita of Cal-Zone Pizza - DatBlangry By StormyRange -- Report

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Had these guys in mind since last year and finally have something to show for it, drawn by the ever-skilled DatBlangry who blew me away with randomly bringing out this cool cartoon style for them!

These two are Char and Rita, they run and operate a local pizza joint known as Cal-Zone Pizza.

Cal-Zone Pizza is a mainly delivery-based pizza service ran by the two lizard siblings, (or so they say). Nothing ever really seems to matter to them other than each other, even when facing the deep end of a hungry predator’s throat, they always seem to have bored and tired expressions.

They talk in a slightly old style way and are obviously not from a English speaking country but do well enough with English. Maybe they used to do something similar to their current service before moving over here and that amount of work made them jaded, or perhaps it’s something else? Rita and Char are very close to the point of sharing a bed (but not ‘sleeping’ together) and are not 100% comfortable with one being in the proximity of the other being digested in a stomach nearby, (they’re rather not be there or be with the other).

They make the deliveries themselves and provide an unspoken service (given it's a legal grey area) that is discovered if the sibling delivering the pizza gets eaten along with the pizza by a cheeky predator. The remaining sibling will arrive after some time and request the money for the pizza plus a premium for eating the other.

If paid in full there are no further troubles and the predator knows they can do that without repercussions, they even have a points system where if a predator eats them but pays up on time they get more leeway, like saying when they want to pay (maybe the next morning so they're free to sleep off their pizza and delivery lizard) and rewards such as having both at once or being able to do other stuff with them first such as being fed some free pizza before eating them both.

Refusing to pay and/or eating the other sibling will result in the predator being warned a few more times, if they don't take heed they may find themselves in Rita or Char's own stomach and their house and items repossessed to cover expenses and as a bonus (this may be the sole reason their business is even still afloat).

If an unruly predator is simply too much to handle, they may employ an Outside Agent to help them out as a one-time job. A Outside Agent helps get the jump on and possibly dispose of the predator, being paid well on top of probably having a very filling meal.

Rita and Char are able to respawn back in Cal-Zone Pizza after being digested as they have a ragtag machine for it (which looks like a pizza box on top of a microwave running MS DOS) and they are reconstructed from pizza molecules because pizza is pretty magical, man.

Both are prey as well as preds, they don’t generally eat people unless they’ve been wronged by them in some way (usually low-tier predators thinking they can get easy meals becoming one to one of the siblings).

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