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Mermaid In The Woods [U]. By dark55321

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Due to a MASSIVE case of misinformation, Mad was led to think that common toads could make you stonger, instead of their presumably non sapient cousins. This ended up with her gobbling up our unlucky fungi person who's currently escaping of...her stomach acids I guess? (video Game logic is in full effect here, btw)

In other news, did you guys know there's an evil mermaid in the Mario universe? Yeah, me neither.

As far as I'm aware she's from the NES version of Wario's Woods, were she's one of the first bosses and you fight them inside a hollow tree for some reason.

Mad/Meidou's (c) owned by Nintendo.

*NOTE: This was originally going to replace an old version of this pic, but considering how many things I changed/improved, it might as well be its own thing instead.

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Posted by nnn4463 1 year ago



Posted by VertGreenHeart 1 year ago

Serves him right for giving us the finger >:)

The K

Posted by The K 1 year ago

A voring mermaid out of water? Scary, because now she's mobile on land and sea :)


Posted by dark55321 1 year ago

She teleports too, so it's even worse.

Still doesn't answer why she's on land like it was no thing, but hey, that's videogame logic for you.


Posted by TimG57867 11 months ago

If Duck Dodgers can do it I'd say its fair game.