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As-belly By ThunderKing

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“Sir Asvel, you must be still!” Safy’s hands shook, doused in sweat as she fumbled her healing staff… For the fourth time. “O- Once more…” She pointed her staff forwards, towards unmoving form of her would be target, the little wind mage’s slim, girlish body being engulfed in white light… that quickly petered out. “Oh… My apologies, sir Asvel, it is hard to focus among this warzone…” The green haired cleric stopped to catch her breath, leaning on a tree behind her. Indeed, poor Safy was rattled from the conflict. As eager as she was to go and aid Lord Leif in his liberation efforts, the young cleric was far from prepared to face the harsh realities of the battlefield.

“Forgive me, sister Safy, but is this really necessary? I’m still in top condition, and Lord Leif needs me at the front!” The petite mage tapped his foot, impatiently waiting for Safy to finish her job. Asvel needed to return to his friend and lord’s side at once! He had been out of the fight far too long, in this secluded little patch of forest. Safy herself had requested that Asvel join her so that she could mend his wounds, and now she was the only thing keeping him from where he needed to be! If only he had brought his own Vulnerary… Asvel had barely taken a scratch from an enemy lancer anyway; he was still raring to go!

“It is most certainly necessary! I cannot simply ignore a wounded ally! Just one moment and I shall have you in peak condition once more…” Safy wiped her brow, taking deep breaths to control her rapid pulse. She would surely do just fine once her nerves stopped acting up…

Asvel, however, was tired of waiting. The boy seized Safy’s shoulders, stuffing her headfirst into his maw! Asvel may be a slim and petite, but his prey was even more so. Her frail little body easily passed into his throat as the boy took his first gulp of girl meat, engulfing poor Safy’s shoulders in the process. The wind mage’s hands swiftly moved to Safy’s small rump, not in any kind of sexual manner, but simply to down the helpless cleric faster. Another hearty gulp, aided by his shoving hands, sent Safy’s chest into the hot embrace of his throat. She was going down shockingly fast! Asvel was smaller, and most definitely younger than Safy, but the sister was powerless against his sudden attack!

Safy squirmed and flailed and yelled in her panic. She heard the stories of course; of men and women being devoured alive by cruel Grannvale officers and desperate Thracian rebels alike, but she never believed something so abhorrent could be real! Even now, Safy wished to believe this all was a terrible nightmare, but the crushing tightness of Asvel’s throat and the sticky, slimy saliva matting her robes to her slight curves… The sensations were all too real. She was well on her way to becoming the apprentice wind mage’s battle rations! It was impossibly tight inside his undulating throat… She wanted nothing more to than to cry out and call for mercy, for someone to come and save her, but it was hard enough to yell incoherently as it stood…

No mercy was to come for her. Asvel continued his gluttonous conquest, swallowing up Safy’s hips without a moment’s hesitation. A bulge started to form beneath the boy’s robe as he downed more, the growing, pale gut pushing its way through the confining clothes. All of Safy would soon be locked away in his belly, only her twitching legs yet left untouched. Asvel was swift in finishing his food, slurping down the cleric’s slim legs until there was nothing left, only a moving bulge sliding down his gullet. He tipped his head back, putting a couple curious fingers against the bulging skin on his throat, and…


“Fuwah~” Asvel let out a cute little sigh as Safy landed in his gut, her body turning and shifting until it found an uncomfortable, snug position inside the boy. Both of his hands instinctively went to rub at the defined bulges of his bloated belly, feeling the tiny kicks and twitches of the poor, trapped girl inside him. “Ahhhh~ Feels so good…~” Safy’s body bulging him out was absolutely euphoric! The last time Asvel felt this full was… never, really! The girl inside him was his food now, destined to churn away into pure nourishment…~

…Wait, the battle! The purpose of his devouring snapped Asvel from his reverie. He had to get back to Leif’s side posthaste! “Apologies, sister Safy, but you’ve kept me too long. I think this is a far more efficient way to heal than to wait for you to use your staff properly~” Asvel giggled, giving his belly a pat. Only muffled feminine grunts and indistinguishable words came as a response. Asvel started off back into the fray, with his victim’s voice starting to lose presence among the gurgles and groans…

Shoutouts to the like... probably 2 people who like vore and have have also played Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. Asvel is certainly a cutie who I thought deserved some pred action, so here it is!

A commission from  Rupie! Special thanks to  superirondude28 for funding this, they actually bought the commission when I brought up the idea and were nice enough to let me write some quick context and upload em! Thanks to them both!

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Posted by Handsomekingdedede 9 months ago

Those bulges~


Posted by Reiyali 9 months ago

Ooookay the story that came with this made this even better!! Mmmm, love a forceful boy eating a hapless little lady. ♥ Lovely little semi collab of sorts!