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"Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to direct your attention to the television monitors. We will be showing our safety demonstration and would like the next few minutes of your complete attention."
Mary rested her chin in her hand, looking out the small window of the airplane cabin at the black sky below, largely ignoring the overhead announcement of the plane's pilot. She'd flown a few times in the past, so she knew the drill.
"...when the seat belt sign illuminates, you must..."
She wondered what the big whoop was about this beach resort. Her parents had apparently enjoyed the place enough during their honeymoon to buy her a plane ticket right after they returned, but she knew her mother just wanted Mary out of the house and, she suspected, away from anything she could use for one of her beloved Do-It-Yourself projects.
Mary huffed at the thought. Sure, her hit-or-miss record of successful projects were more misses than hits, but at least she was trying. It just felt so cool to make things with her bare hands, like homemade ice cream or a 'better' washing machine, that even if they didn't all work she still loved them all the same. And because no amount of chemicals, piping, or tools were allowed in her bags on the plane, the queen of DIY now had nothing but a few sets of clothing, her laptop, and a cup of tomato juice (courtesy of one of the flight attendants) to her name. If she wanted to do anything interesting over the next five days, it looked like she was going to have to evoke the patron saint of DIY enthusiasts: MacGyver.
Except MacGyver's tool kits usually didn't include a pocket full of cash and an emergency credit card from his parents. Mary was cheating a bit in that department. Whatever.
" ask one of our crew members. We wish you all an enjoyable flight," the speakers finally finished their practiced speech, and the cabin fell to silence aside from the occasional chatter from the people within. As it just so happened, Mary's seat partner happened to be one of them.
"...are you flying out to see your boyfriend, sweetie?"
For a moment Mary was convinced her own mother had sat next to her, so used to her family calling her 'sweetie,' but turning her head revealed only a small, wrinkled old smiling woman.
"," she answered truthfully, pulling down her hoodie to not be rude.
"Oh, you don't need to lie to an old bag like me," the woman gave Mary's arm a playful slap, "Your perfume is delightful! You smell all dolled up for a date."
"I'm not-" Mary began to interject, but figured the lie was easier to tell, "I mean, I...I don't have a boyfriend."
"No?" the old woman replied with genuine surprise in her voice, "Sweetie, they don't know what they're missing. You're such a catch!"
Mary had been trying to politely cut off the conversation up to this point, uncomfortable talking to someone so...outgoing, but the random compliment caught her off guard.
"Oh, um. Thanks. Really?"
She'd never considered herself very pretty. She was short and lean, her brown hair was cut short to keep it out of the way when she was working, and her small boobs were easily outclassed by her best friend Kalie. Then again, Mary didn't know much about being pretty besides breast sizes and long hair, having absorbed most of her social knowledge from the internet. Maybe this old lady had more experience in that department; she certainly seemed confident.
"Of course! It pains my old heart to see someone like you hiding their face in a jacket, sweetie. I bet you'd knock all the boys dead if you tried!"
"," Mary struggled to find something to say, never having gotten such a compliment from a stranger before. She crossed her arms uncomfortably.
"Ah, if only I had your looks back in my heyday..." the woman gave a wistful sigh, "...I would've landed a better-looking husband than the old fart waiting at home for me now!"
She gave a wink and a playful jab to Mary's side, and she forced herself to chuckle along with the old lady. The two fell to silence for a few moments afterwards.
"" Mary spoke, finding a surge in confidence to continue the conversation, " live where we're going?"
"That's right, sweetie. Are you just visiting?"
"Uh-huh. I'm staying at the beachside resort for five days."
"How fun!" she clapped her hands together, "I know the whole place like it's the back of my hand. Why, there's this little cave just a couple miles west of that resort..."
The two chattered for the rest of the flight, marking the longest conversation Mary had ever had with someone that wasn't a family member or her best friend. Maybe mom was right about her needing to get out more...
Mary awoke the next day to the sound of a knock at her door. She groggily turned her head to the alarm on her bedstand, and it read three o'clock in the afternoon. Her flight had landed in the dead of night, and it had taken an hour to find and move into her room at the resort, so she excused herself for sleeping in so late (though the few hours wasted on her laptop afterwards certainly hadn't helped).
The knock came again, and Mary pulled the sheets off of herself to stumble towards the door, in yet another new set of onesie pajamas she hoped she wouldn't ruin this time. Taking a moment to compose herself, she pulled open the door-- a woman in obvious staff attire was on the other side.
"Ah- hello," she greeted, "I'll be cleaning your room. Is this a bad time, miss?"
"Oh, uh," Mary shook away the grogginess, "N-no, I was just...getting ready to leave. Can you give me a minute?"
"Certainly," she answered with a nod, and Mary closed the door again.
In truth, Mary had originally planned to spend most of this 'vacation' holed up in her room, mostly because she wasn't the touristy type, partially because she wanted to look at things on the internet, and a small bit out of spite for her parents who had sent her here to 'get out of the house.' But the old woman on the plane was so excited that Mary was visiting, and she'd talked so much about all her favorites spots around town, and she was so nice and gave so many compliments...she felt a pang of guilt simply at the thought of disappointing her, even if she'd never meet the woman again.
Less than a minute of panicked dressing later, Mary opened the door to her room once more, now in cargo pants and a hoodie: her usual (if still rarely worn) 'I'm going outside' outfit. She liked having pockets, and it tended to hide her...lack of assets.
"Hello again, miss," the woman greeted with the same professional enthusiasm, "Is there anything you don't want me to move or touch while I'm cleaning?"
"No, it's fine," Mary shook her head, stepping out of the doorway while the woman stepped inside, "Thanks."
"Have a wonderful day! Your perfume smells delicious, by the way."
Mary forced a chuckle to hide her annoyance, "...uh, thanks. You too."
The door closed behind her, and she made a hasty retreat down the hallway.
"...where to go, where to go..." Mary mumbled to herself while she walked, the sun lighting up the surrounding streets just like the pictures in the resort brochure. The air smelled like the ocean, the sidewalks were made of bright red bricks, the shops and restaurants lining the sidewalks were all shiny and comely...she could see why her parents had such high opinions of the place. Her first stop was at a nearby caf for an overpriced sandwich to quell her morning appetite, and the waiter had complimented her 'perfume' again. She'd tried scrubbing the odor off of her with practically everything but bleach and steel wool by that point, but the scent of cherry candy stubbornly clung to her regardless. She assumed (and hoped) the smell of her most recent failed DIY project would fade with time, and went with the easier lie that she had accidentally over-dosed on perfume in the meantime.
Once again on the streets, Mary produced a slightly crumpled map from one of her pockets that had come with the resort brochure on the plane. Scrawled circles, arrows and notes dotted the map, the old woman from the plane having merrily jotted down her favorite restaurants, attractions, and secret sightseeing areas for miles around. Mary doubted she could get to all of them, but it seemed a crime not to humor the kindest old lady she'd ever met. Orienting herself on the map with a few nearby landmarks, it seemed that Mary was already walking towards the beach. Usually Mary disliked the beach, her thin figure being ill-fitting for a swimsuit and more at-home indoors, but all the old woman's compliments had given her a recent spark of confidence. Would guy really think she was pretty? She'd never invested much thought into having a boyfriend or appealing to the guys at school, far more preoccupied with her home projects, but the woman on the plane said she could knock the boys dead if she tried...
What was the harm in trying? Mary grinned to herself and picked up her pace down the town street, her spark of confidence growing by the second.
This was a bad idea.
Mary stood with her folded clothes and shoes in her arms, meagerly covering her midsection. She wore the same green two-piece swimsuit she'd had for years and had been wearing underneath her clothes, her small boobs only barely filling out the bikini. She was surrounded by towels and colorful umbrellas planted in the sand like flags, and the cacophony of people of all ages. So many people. The ocean roared only a dozen meters away, and she could even catch a few people laying on surfboards in the distance, trying as they might to find a proper wave. Little shopping stands dotted the sand, calling for people to buy popsicles or fruity drinks in hollowed pineapples. It hit every mark for a vacation spot, but Mary could only stand deathly still while the hot sand warmed her feet.
Why did she think she would enjoy this? She probably just looked like some kind of lonely, lanky girl who was only at the beach to look at hot guys. Mary felt about as far from the old woman's description of her as physically possible. She sat down, clutching her clothes to her chest as she watched the ocean. There was no way she could get a boy, even if she wanted to. She was going to die alone, surrounded by cats.
Her skin was too pasty. Her hair was short and ugly. Her boobs might as well not exist. She had the frame of a stick. She couldn't even reach-
"Uh, hello?"
Mary blinked, snapping out of her thoughts. Looking up, she saw a guy in black trunks staring down at her, maybe a few years older than herself. Not just any guy-- he towered over her with skin that was cut like marble and tanned to perfection, his curly black hair just barely covering his eyes. He leaned on a surfboard planted in the sand in a pose that let the sun glint off of his sweaty muscles like the silver lining of a cloud.
She realized she had been staring at him this whole time, and nearly choked on saliva as she tried to clear her throat. Play it cool.
A moment of silence. Mary's cheeks were flushed out of embarrassment and excitement, feeling oh-so small, but she realized that the old woman on the plane was right. Out of everyone at the beach, he'd walked right up to her in particular and...
"" he broke the silence between them.
"Y-yeah?" she stammered, her vocabulary suddenly blank.
"Do you know where a bike repair shop is?"
"A bike shop," he thumbed back to a group of similarly muscled-up guys behind him, "One of my friends broke their chain on the way here. Do you know where he could get it fixed?"
"O-oh. Oh," Mary's grip on her clothes slackened, "Uh. S...sorry, I'm not a local."
"It's all cool, thanks anyway."
And like that, he was gone.
Mary kicked the sand beneath her as she walked, her clothes and shoes tucked under her arm as she stomped down the beach. She didn't need a boyfriend. That old lady was just being polite, Mary was the wallflowery-est wallflower that ever...flowered on a...
She was too flustered to think straight. That guy was probably a jerk anyway. Pretty people were all jerks. Except her best friend Kalie, Kalie was alright.
She'd been walking at a brisk pace for the better part of an hour, and the beach had become empty of snack stands and umbrellas, but Mary didn't notice or care. She wanted to be alone anyway. When she finally cooled down, she noticed she was the only one around; nobody had come this far down the beach. Turning back, she could still make out the town in the far distance, but she was surprised at how far she'd walked during her tantrum. She considered walking back but decided to check her map first, retrieving it from a pocket of her cargo pants and unfolding the paper map to scan the beach section.
According to the official map there wasn't anything but rocks in the direction she was walking -a fact she confirmed by looking that way- but a red circle and note by the old lady claimed otherwise. 'Cove, very pretty/quiet, look for rock shaped like letter D' it dictated in red marker. Mary looked up at the rocky outcroppings that cut off the sandy beach in one direction, and the town in the other, and decided she might as well do something while she was here. Still miffed by the earlier event with that boy, Mary picked up a brisk walk in the direction of the rocks.
"Letter D...letter D..." Mary climbed over another jagged boulder, having to wear her shoes again to protect her feet, "Did I miss it?"
She almost considered doubling back to the start to look again when a particularly smooth boulder caught her eye in the distance. It looked like half of a circle at first, but Mary tilted her head sideways and...
"Letter D!" she called in triumph, picking up her pace across the uncomfortable rocky floor, " cove?"
Clambering towards the landmark, Mark looked around for the cove the old lady was talking about. She couldn't see anything that qualified as a cove, as all the ocean seemed to be connected to itself out here. Was the map wrong?
As she finally reached the boulder in question, Mary saw an opening in the rocks just to the side of it, imperceptible unless you were standing right next to it or knew what to look for. She peeked her head inside, and saw that the massive outcropping of rocks that she was standing on was actually hollow.
"...oh, CAVE," Mary rolled her eyes, "Duh."
With a chuckle at her own mistake, she carefully descended the opening in the rocks to the cavern inside.
What Mary saw inside was, she was surprised to admit, everything the old woman had hyped it up to be. A pool of water the size of a rich family's swimming pool, connected to the ocean outside by a small opening towards the sea. The water was clear and motionless, and looked shallow enough for her to stand in without her head going underwater, with smooth rocks dotting the water where one could sit. Pillars of sunlight peeked down from the ceiling of the cavern, illuminating the cave and piercing the surface of the water to reveal the life below while the ceiling danced with reflected light.
She was motionless for a few moments, just drinking the entire sight in, before finally remembering to breathe and clambering down into the cavern itself, setting her clothes and shoes on some dry rocks nearby. That old lady wasn't kidding! Maybe she should try to see every spot the woman wrote down before she left after all...
She giggled upon thinking that her parents had never found a secret place like this, and how she was officially beating their vacation experience. Setting herself down on the edge of the smooth rocks inside, she looked down into the water and tentatively dipped a foot in near a shallower portion, shivering at the cold water.
The first thing she noticed were the fish underneath-- schools of them, all barely bigger than her pinkie, and their scales glittered like jewelry in the underwater light. They scattered where she broke the surface of the water, but quickly returned, attracted by the sudden scent of sweetness. Mary suddenly flinched and quickly lifted her leg out of the water as she felt a nip on her skin. It was small, not anywhere near enough to hurt, but it had certainly surprised her. She remembered an article she'd read about small fish eating dead skin cells. Wasn't that supposed to be really good for your skin, or something? In any case, she surmised that the fish were harmless anyway, and dipped her leg back in.
The fish dispersed and returned once more to the source of the scent of food in the water, gathering towards the leg. Mary flinched a few times as they nibbled at her skin, especially at her foot.
"A-ah, it tickles!" she tittered, trying her best to resist the urge to take her foot out of the water again. The fish danced and gathered around the limb, fighting for space until she could barely see the leg anymore. She plopped a second foot in the water and scooted forward until both feet were planted in the sand below, giving her some respite from being tickled. This felt...nice, she decided. Really nice, like a massage.
Mary stood up in the water, her feet sinking slightly into the sand, and slowly waded forward, letting the seawater get slightly higher with every step. The fish greedily nipped at the new skin, attracted by the saccharine cherry smell, and she sighed as the water came up to her thighs and the fish with it. Finally, getting the gumption to withstand the cold water, Mary plopped herself down all at once, burying herself up to the neck in seawater.
"A-ah! Cold! Cold!"
Her sudden motion in the water scared the fish away, at first, but like always they returned. Mary shuddered as the same nipping sensation at her legs suddenly spread across her entire body, save for the portions covered by a bikini. She flinched and let out an unintentional laugh as they got to her armpits, clenching her arms to her sides to shut out that area. They wriggled and nibbled at almost every part of her, the water around her rippling with the movement of tiny fish underneath, and she flinched now and then as a few of them nipped at her belly button. Eventually she got used to it, leaning back in the water as she let the fish do their work on all the skin they could reach.
A few minutes passed before she got an idea. There was no one around, after all. Nobody was going to find this place; it was as private as it could get. Why only let the fish get to the parts that weren't clothed...? She'd never gone skinny-dipping before, but if there was ever a time to do it, it was now. Mary pushed herself to a standing position in the water again, the fish dispersing with the motion. She took one last look around the cave, as if she'd somehow find someone else in this remote place, before fiddling with the knots on her bikini and tossing the two pieces towards her clothes on the rocks.
Now completely nude, Mary put a hand on one of her breasts, almost able to cup it entirely with one hand. She was envious of her best (and only) friend, whose puberty actually let her be tall and big-boobed. She bet Kalie would've scored a date with that hot guy from earlier. Bah. Mary took her hand off of her chest, not willing to let her frustration get the better of her while she was in such a beautiful place, and slowly waded towards the deeper part of the pool.
The fish largely avoided her while she was still walking, save for a few brave souls who couldn't resist her scent, and Mary waited until she was neck-deep in a standing position to finally stop. The fish convened all at once like they had before, nipping and nibbling and lightly biting at all the exposed skin they could find. She jerked around every so often as they found a ticklish spot, but tried to keep calm as the uncountable fish swarmed around her, hungrily pecking at all the deliciously sweet skin that had suddenly appeared and focusing on the parts that had been previously covered. She inhaled as they nibbled at the more tender skin of her boobs and crotch.
Mary startled as one rambunctious fish nipped at the lowest part of her butt, eliciting a squeak from the girl. Another fish took its place, nipping at the sensitive skin there, and she yelped again with nobody to hear her. It didn't hurt or anything, but it surprised her, and...a familiar tingle sparked up in her nether regions. Mary sighed out of annoyance, not wanting to deal with that feeling right now. She was relaxing just fine, thank-you-very-much!
But her body objected and the tingle became more intense as the minutes ticked by, enough so that it was starting to distract from the delightful sensation of fish nipping all over her. Mary slowly grew less opposed to the idea of cooperating, the hormone soup in her head starting to win over the logical parts.
"Ugh, fine..." she admitted defeat, figuring the faster she got this over with, the faster she could get back to relaxing. Though...the question of whatever 'this' was, was still up in the air. She didn't exactly have any of the tools from last time this happened, but her nether regions were starting to burn with longing, so she had to improvise.
Mary tentatively wrapped a hand around her backside. She'd never really...touched herself like this before, but rubbing at the entrance seemed to calm her nethers down ever-so-slightly, so she supposed she was heading in the right direction. She kept at it for a bit while the fish nipped at the rest of her body, avoiding the parts of her that were moving, when she got an idea. If these tiny fish felt so nice on her arms and legs, then...
After a moment of hesitation, Mary put a second hand back there and pulled her cheeks apart. The nearby fish, suddenly sensing a much stronger source of the sweet scent that had attracted them, swarmed to the spot and started pecking with greater vigor.
"A-ah! Mm," she cried out of surprise, the intensity of their usual bites feeling tenfold in such a sensitive area. Her nethers calmed considerably as they continued, and she exhaled as she slowly got used to the feeling. Her body wasn't screaming at her anymore, she had a school of fish giving her a full-body massage, and best of all her skin was probably going to look amazing after all this. The queen of DIY congratulated herself for making a more efficient system to multitask, and let herself relax as the fish pecked at her backside.
Then one popped in, with a cold squirt of water.
"Woah! WOAH!" Mary shouted, and pushed as hard as she could out of reflex. The fish and water squirted back out, but the new sickly-sweet scent of what she pushed out tipped off the rest of the school where the sweetest food was located, and the water rippled as more of them congregated around her backside. She lost her footing in all the commotion, now having to swim to keep her head above the water, and her spreading legs invited a few more to push at her rear entrance. She felt another pop in with another spurt of cold water, and a second. She couldn't cover her entrance, having to churn water with both her arms to keep afloat.
"Nono not in there! Not i-a-AH!"
She yelped as one of the fish that had snuck inside suddenly nibbled at the wall of her bowels, the intensity of the sensation several times more than what it was when they were pecking at the outside of it. A few more followed behind their braver brethren, wanting to get to the best food before anyone else. She pushed as hard as she could again, sending the lot of them out, but this only stirred the surrounding swarm into more of a frenzy as she flavored the water like cherries. Worst of all, the tingle in her nethers was getting more intense, and against her best wishes the entrance to her hindquarters was growing more accepting of its intruders.
All at once, she felt a few more pop through her butthole and begin hungrily working on the delicious walls inside. The surprise caused her to inadvertently suck in her gut, suddenly sending a gush of cold water inside as her back entrance opened slightly. Taking advantage of the sudden opportunity, two others popped in, then four, then more. She cried out as they pushed inside, pulling more water with them as they went.
They poured in for only a short while until there was no more room, perhaps ten of the little fish taking up the space of only her rectum. She was paralyzed to do anything but keep herself afloat as they nibbled at her walls, sending jolts of warmth into her nether regions. She'd never had anything in there that was moving, and the feeling was more intense than the other times something had found its way into her backside. She could feel them squirming against each other, competing for space in the small area, while the sensation of her nethers rose with every peck. Mary had to get out of the pool before she lost it, she knew that she'd pass out if the feeling in her groin reached its peak, which it was heading to fast. She was no good at swimming, but between sharp breaths she started to doggy-paddle towards the shallower section of the pool.
Then, one of the more inquisitive fish inside of her rectum found the valve that lead further inside, contracted and closed tight against intruders. The tiny fish pecked at it a few times, smelling food beyond.
"Mn! NnngGAH! A-AAHN~"
Mary was too late, as the feeling in her nethers peaked far before she could reach the edge of the pool with her pitiful swimming speed. She squealed at the air, her shouts echoing around the cavern as she came, but she found herself still plenty conscious at least, if somewhat weaker. The release only served to trigger something else, however, as the valve in her guts suddenly dilated.
Mary gasped as she felt the fish already inside of her suddenly push deeper, and the swarm of fish around her caught on immediately. More and more wriggled their way inside, pushing against each other and her cavern walls for space, while cold seawater accompanied them. She felt the fish take a sharp turn in her guts, then another, then another. Her stomach bulged slightly beneath the water with all the movement, but the fish were undeterred by her screams. More poured in, sometimes three or four at a time, while she hastily crawled through the water towards the edge, her mind drunk on pleasure and fear both.
"Mnnngh!" She tried to push them out to no avail, the fish now stubbornly pushing further inside instead of letting themselves be caught in the current. They pushed against each other through the pipes, putting pressure on her guts and pushing her skin out with all of the new room. She must have taken a hundred at least, her belly just starting the form a rounded shape like a few-months-pregnant woman.
Slowly, Mary pulled herself through the water. Slowly, the fish in the water disappeared, their numbers being added to the feeding frenzy inside of her. Her guts churned and shifted as the fish wriggled inside her and pushed further inside, not strong enough to do anything alone but in these numbers putting real pressure on her stomach. By the time Mary's hand had caught purchase on sand again, her belly looked like she was ready to give birth to a child. Or in this case, several hundred.
She weakly crawled through sand on all fours, the entrance to her backside still submerged and letting more of the school inside, until she finally reached the edge and she felt her belly make contact with the sand below. She tried to pull herself up, but her shaky hands couldn't manage to lift her new weight and she forced herself to flip over, sitting with her back against the rocks to catch her breath.
It looked like most of the fish were gone, only a portion of the school darting to and fro near her backside while the rest hungrily nibbled within. Mary put her arms on her belly, feeling the churning and wriggling underneath her skin, and grunted as the pleasure came in waves. Her nether regions burned again, wanting to release.
"Mmng! GAH! AAH!"
She cried out as the sensations inside her became too much to bear, breathing hard afterwards.
At least, it seemed, she was full. The deepest fish in her guts had finally decided to settle down and enjoy pecking at the cavern walls, meaning that the rest could only choose to do the same, while the ones still outside had no choice but to settle for nibbling at the rest of her skin. As her breathing slowly calmed, so did her fear, as the hazy warmth of pleasure made everything seem fine. She would be fine, she just had to wait for her strength to return. Nothing else would be getting inside of her.
An ominous movement near the deeper parts of the pool disagreed.
Mary barely caught the black shape in her post-pleasure daze, and the fish didn't seem to notice until it was already moving towards them. A black eel, the width of her wrist and several feet long, was creeping towards the school of fish. It saw food that had stupidly stopped swimming near the deeper parts of the pool where it could easily dart into hiding places, and were now exposed with nowhere to run from a predator.
It darted forward, swallowing one of the fish in an instant, and the whole school flew into a panic, turning the seawater around her white as it splashed and churned with movement underneath. She couldn't tell what was happening underneath the water anymore. The fish only knew one hiding spot nearby, and they took it.
Mary inhaled as she felt more fish push against the entrance to her backside. The ones already in her guts seemed to take the hint, flying into a thrashing frenzy as her belly lurched and rumbled with violent movement inside.
"Gh! Ah!" she pushed on her stomach as it grew with the fish inside pushing up.
They pushed deeper, deeper to make room for their brethren, hoping not to get caught by the predator behind them with no thought to the person they were inside, and her belly struggled to take them all in, rumbling and stretching with the increased pressure.
Then, the water grew still. Mary's face was covered in sweat, her heart beating like a drum and her breathing just as rapid. She looked down to see that not a single fish remained, having all pushed themselves inside of her for safety. Her belly bulged out of the water, pushing her breasts up and cutting off her vision to what was happening below it. But she could make out the latter half of a black tail, and then she felt a pressure at her back entrance again.
The slimy eel pushed its head against her closed entrance, knowing that it could eat its fill of fish if it could just fit into this hiding space.
"N-no, please..." Mary begged, her massive belly getting in the way of her attempts to cover her backside with a hand.
The eel continued, its tail squirming in the water as it increased the pressure. She felt her entrance start to spread and the fish within attempting to swim further up. Her backside ached with the girth that was attempting to fit through it, but the eel cared not for what she felt, and its tail writhed to further increase the weight pushing on her entrance.
Then, with a cry of pain from Mary, its bulbous head popped inside. The hungry eel smelled fish and sweetness, and it wriggled mercilessly to get further inside and towards the fleeing fish. Her stomach jerked with movement as the fish lept into a panic, no longer safe in their hiding spot, and they rushed further upwards to escape the predator chasing them. The eel pushed further, its tail slowly disappearing out of Mary's sight as her belly bulged and shifted with the game of cat-and-mouse within, and the sensation as they all scraped and wriggled against her walls sent her nethers skyrocketing, making her twitch and spasm with pleasure.
She cried out as the sensation peaked, sending a bolt of pleasure into her brain as her entire body clenched and then relaxed. Offering no respite, the thick, slimy eel slipped entirely inside of her, its tail disappearing into her entrance as her belly shunted forward another inch. She gasped as her stomach visibly jerked and jiggled with movement underneath, the powerful eel easily churning her guts as it crawled deeper in search of more prey. Her belly looked pregnant with quadruplets, the eel hungrily gobbling up the panicking fish as it worked its way through the twisting maze of her guts. Her backside gaped slightly, sucking in water as the eel left empty space in its wake.
Mary didn't know how much time had passed by the time it all calmed down. She'd peaked more times than she could count, tried crawling out multiple times, screamed for help until her throat was sore, and now was barely skirting the line of consciousness. The eel had eaten its fill and lay dormant, while the fish had returned to pecking at the walls of her guts for that sweet taste. Mary had her hands on her massive naked belly, now jutting a fourth of the way out of the water. The feeling in her nether regions had finally calmed for good, even the pecking of the fish from inside of her eliciting nothing but the tickling sensation they brought.
Her strength slowly returned as she was finally free of the oppressive pleasure that had sapped her. Mary knew she needed to get out of the water while she still had the chance, and took one hand off of her stomach to groggily flip herself onto her side, far too bloated to flip all the way around. The sudden change in perspective was not appreciated by the eel inside of her, who decided at that moment that this hiding spot was more trouble than it was worth.
"AAGH!" Mary cried as she felt the eel double over itself inside of her, physically seeing the bulging shape on her naked belly. It wriggled and thrashed to make headway, slowly working its way down her guts, until finally arriving at the entrance again.
"Nng. HNNG!" She felt its large head putting pressure on the entrance to her backside again, this time from the other side, but the squirming of its tail to produce the pressure churned her insides, making her belly twitch and spasm with the effort. With another pained cry from Mary, its head popped out, quickly followed by the rest of it as it shot out of her guts and into the open water. It zipped down into the deeper parts of the pool, disappearing while Mary was left to catch her breath.
Sensing that the predator was gone, the fish took this moment to reverse direction, finding their bellies full and their current abode too cramped for their liking. Mary gasped as her belly shook with sudden movement, putting her arms around her distended midsection and clenching her jaw as she felt the movement of hundreds of tiny fish rubbing against her walls in an attempt to escape.
Their escape proved much less painful than the eel's but no less expedient, and Mary gasped as she watched and felt her stomach shrink quicker than it ever had before as more and more fish poured out of it, rubbing against the entrance to her backside as they shot out into the water. The heat had returned to her nethers, building up quickly as she grasped at her deflating belly.
"Nn. NNG! AH!" she tried to hold in her moans in vain as the heat grew, knowing what was coming next at this point.
The last of the fish rushed out of her in one large spurt, and Mary wrapped her arms around her now-flattened midsection as the rest of her spasmed in pleasure. She gasped for air, using the last of her strength to pull herself onto the rocks, and rested.
Several dozen minutes passed before the haze of post-peak pleasure wore off, and several more before Mary could feel strength seeping back into her arms and legs again. She shakily pushed herself off of the floor and into a sitting position, looking at the pool as she rested.
The schools of fish within darted to and fro, the light from the ceiling reflecting beautifully off of their scales and making the cave dance with shimmering light like a disco-ball. They had no idea what they'd just taken part in, only having tortured Mary as a byproduct of their eternal quest for food and safety.
Well...maybe 'tortured' wasn't the right word. Mary's dazed state made it hard to feel like anything wrong had happened. She felt good, really good, and though she knew that it was only her hormone-addled brain that was telling her that she'd be safe and that everything would be okay, she had surprisingly come out unscathed from the ordeal yet again. Maybe...maybe it all really would be okay. Maybe she was getting scared for nothing.
Maybe not, Mary thought as she winced from the aching that still lingered in her backside. She shakily pushed herself to her feet and staggered over to her clothes, tying her bikini back on with trembling hands. She still didn't fill it out entirely, and her figure was as lean as ever, but after everything that happened Mary couldn't bring herself to give a damn what she looked like. She had several miles to walk and two legs that were still shaking with post-pleasure weakness to do it with.
"Hello again, miss!" Mary was greeted by the same cleaner she recognized from earlier, though it was an accidental meeting in the hallway leading back to her room this time.
"Oh uh, h-hey," she greeted back, not sure why this woman was talking to her again and really just wanting to get back to her room so she could fall asleep.
"I wanted to let you know that I'll be visiting your room again tomorrow. Is the same time from today alright?"
"Uh, sure."
"Fantastic. You should try swimming in the ocean tomorrow!"
", I did."
"Really?" she inquired with more curiosity than Mary expected from a cleaning lady, "Your perfume doesn't smell like it washed off at all. That stuff must really stick to you!"
"You idea," Mary answered exasperatedly. Taking the hint, the woman chuckled as if she'd told a joke and left, leaving Mary to stumble back into her room and fall into bed with her clothes on. Her consciousness faded as soon as she hit the pillow, and she dreamed of tiny, tiny fish.
Four days to go.
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The DIY Girl 4 - First Day of Vacation By Megaslr

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The fourth (technically fifth) installment of Mary's mishaps, this one has nothing to do with her failed Do-It-Yourself projects and actually has vore content! The 'feral prey' tag is one of my favorites and very rarely used; it wasn't until I read the stories by AlisaBlueBird that I got the gumption to start writing here myself, actually!

Should I continue with Mary's story on vacation, or would you rather her move back home? Is there anything you'd like to see in a future story? Please let me know!

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Posted by Forge7650 11 months ago

It's nice to see a fresh artist here on Eka! Your work is great! Would love to see more from you! I'm positive which ever way this goes will be awesome!


Posted by Megaslr 11 months ago

I'm so happy you like it! I've never written anything lewd before I made an account for Eka's Portal a few days ago, so I wasn't sure if it would be all that good. I hope I can keep making stuff people like!


Posted by TheVoreyeur 11 months ago

I honestly couldn't tell. Guess you're a natural ;)


Posted by AlisaBlueBird 11 months ago

I really enjoyed this! I hope you write more feral prey vore, but moreso I hope you continue to write what you love. Keep up the great work!


Posted by AlisaBlueBird 11 months ago

Also, my votes for having at least another story about her vacation.


Posted by Megaslr 11 months ago

I'm so glad you liked it! Really. I'm just finishing up a second story about Mary's vacation now, so keep an eye out for it! I hope you like it just as much.


Posted by Forge7650 10 months ago

Would also like to see a link in the description of your thumbnails!