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Axugaem 2 (Downloadable Belly Themed RPG) V. 0.5.1 By Axlwisp -- Report

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Sorry for not uploading this under Vore Downloads, but the file is simply too big! Please let me know if there's anything I can do to fix this!

IMPORTANT: This is a very rough and unfinished demo. It is not the full game, and it will have MANY bugs, errors, and glitches. Please consult the Known Issues section before playing/reporting problems.
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If you haven't played the original (non-canon, non-commercial) Axugaem, you can find the full game here:

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AXUGAEM 2 DEMO, VERSION 0.5.1: March 1st, 2021

This is a small bugfix patch with a little bit of content added to flesh out specific aspects of the game some more.

- -


-Cedric now has a unique sprite, finally! (when he isn't hooded, that is.)

-Ironfruit Crocodons now prowl the shores of Blam Beach and lurk in the reeds on the following maps:
-Royal Feldwich Base
-Capital Bridge

-Melissa now attends the ball at Sky Castle! She sits next to Karen (to prevent the player talking to Karen from that side and potentially softlocking the game lol)

-Added a new small quest to Westhaven following the crisis. Speak to the old woman who appears on the farm once you complete the investigation to pick it up. (More will likely be added in the future, but this one was sitting unfinished in the quest script so I figured why not~)
-Added a few tiny cosmetic details to the lake and waterfall in the Highland Gate map.
-Spiders, Larval Core Worms, and Earth Elementals can now be encountered in the Westhaven Tunnels, on Drakkus Island, and in Drakkus Cave.
-Added a bit of dialogue to the event in Drakkus Temple, as well as some additional clarity on what to do in it.

-Added the Lucky Lure item. This one-use item refreshes all bubbling water spots on the current map for 2 minutes (Doesn't work in the Highlands or on the Costa Del Nyan Waterfront to avoid potential issues with conflicting timers. There aren't any fish exclusive to those areas so don't worry 'bout it~)
-The item can only be obtained in bulk by completing Boh'Redd's special list, which isn't really possible atm, but there will be some chances to find a few scattered across Imperium!
-On that note, the event for completing Boh'Redd's special list is now finished, but again not accessible due to Kal'Ra Stonespines not appearing on any maps. They'll come with Ancestor Isle in the Earth Update!
-Fixed an inconsistency in the stated number of fish needed between the description of the special list and the event that plays when it's used.

-Incubus Trackers, Mountain Trackers, and Winged Trackers will now get visibly fatter when hit by Elmira's Adipomancy!
-Goats will also now do this, but maybe we shouldn't encourage Elmira to use her magic on innocent goats!


-Slightly boosted Evelyn's MDF and MDF gain again.
-Slightly lowered Evelyn's base AGI and AGI gain... again.

-Increased Lani's base MHP and MHP gain.

-Reduced the ATK of Incubus Trackers in Grok from 28 to 25, their DEF from 15 to 10, and increased their chance to drop an Antidote from 1/10 to 1/5.
-Also in Grok, reduced Tocatta's MHP from 2200 to 2000, her ATK from 40 to 35, and her MAT from 45 to 40.
-The rails in the Lava District should no longer damage the player when walked on (though the spots where the rail passes directly over open lava will still inflict a bit of damage.)

-During the fight with Nell on the Grinning Demon, she will now only use Channel Fury at the end of the turn when reduced to 30% hp or lower. This should fix a small bug where the action interfered with her Kalanar's Rage state.

-Increased the droprate of crocodon meat from 1/3 to 1/2.

-Gallonmelons have been limited to one use per trip to the Tent. This should prevent bugs to-do with multiple consecutive uses. Don't worry, there'll be other opportunities to dump all your money into feeding Arci and such :~)

-The stairs up to Kortis' office should now deter the player prior to talking to his secretary, as well as when Kortis is in the restaurant prior to recruiting Kortis/Arci.


-Fixed a bug in the Greater Lash Plant quest where the 'nailed' debuff from the nail gun item would disappear at the end of the turn before the event could register it and uptick the quest counter. Using the gun on a suspended greater lash plant should now display a success message and remove it from the battle.

-Fixed treats sometimes not causing weight gain when they should if the character you're using them on has eaten some Brapples and/or Gallonmelons.
-Fixed Kira getting bodyblocked by will-o-wisps during the race in the Sand Swamp Mire.
-The game should no longer restrict the player's movement after turning in the Snake Oil quest to Jimi Bablo while standing below him on the dojo map.
-The Elder Core Worm boss will now spit up party members upon being defeated, as intended.
-Fixed Esther's Jar not emptying the second time you bring it back to her in its full state.
-Fixed Clark being able to sit on the arm of Esther's couch if you speak to her while already on the couch (you can no longer already be on the couch.)
-Fixed Sally complaining at you for targeting her if Elmira uses Adipomancy on Evelyn or Mercy during their boss fight on Spire.
-After being summoned to Capital Bridge by Skazili, entering Khur from any direction except from the right will now move the player to the right entrance to prevent the event causing a softlock.
-Fixed a second bloated Lani appearing instead of the actual Lani getting bloated when using a Gallonmelon in the Tent.
-Fixed Vespa sometimes appearing as fat Lani when she eats a Gallonmelon in the Tent.
-Fixed being able to find and turn in the Avatar's Wretched Core to Ferra multiple times.
-Fixed the Crocodon Carnage Gumbo quest not properly processing the amount of crocodon meat in the player's inventory if they turn in the quest while Vespa is fat (specifically fat, not bloated.)
-Fixed the Crocodon Carnage Gumbo quest not removing the ingredients from your inventory upon completion. Also added a chance for Caldryn to pitch into the dialogue if you've recruited him.
-Opened up the sitting area in the Sky Castle Foyer so that Leslie can no longer trap the player with her thicness.
-Fixed the invisible pigman in Sky Castle's Central Stairwell blocking the player's path after reaching the roof doors and disappearing.
-Amber no longer softlocks the game if you talk to her from the right on the Sky Castle Roof map.
-Fixed a few instances of Air and Lightning Elementals speaking to Cross while he's sneaking out of Sky Castle in someone else's stomach.
-Fixed the Favour quests in the Sky Castle Ballroom not registering as completed upon returning to the quest givers. This change isn't retroactive... sorry!!
-Fixed a bug in the Avatar of the Weeping Earth's fight where the Creepjacker meant to spawn as backup instead appears with the Avatar at the beginning.
-Fixed Capital Bridge and the lakes near Grok not being examinable using the map in the tent (but the squares around them being examinable instead...)


-I will be adding some UI elements to the Iron Gut competitions in a coming patch, which will improve quality of life for those looking to master it.
-There is a chance for Evelyn to appear in the party while on Caldryn's route, though the game doesn't register her as being there for any events except phoenix doors. Still looking into this one!
-Cedric's character sprite may not show up in areas like the save screen and formation menu for those who already have him unlocked. This is a bug that happens with characters when their default sprites are replaced outside of game. I've implemented a quick fix that should solve the issue when the player enters the world map, but there may still be instances of it occurring. There also may be a couple of spots that I missed where he uses the default sprite still, so let me know if you encounter any! (hooded doesn't count)
-Consult the Lingering/Unconfirmed/Old Bugs pinned message on the Discord's #bug-reports channel for some other miscellaneous bugs that may still be hanging around in some form.


Axugaem2 is (c) Me. For full credits, please see the text file in the game's folder.

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Posted by PoLiDaR 3 years ago Report

Gotta try it. First one was magnificent!


Posted by Axlwisp 3 years ago Report

Glad you liked it!


Posted by Thesoundofsilence 2 years ago Report

is axugeam not done ?


Posted by Axlwisp 2 years ago Report

This one isn't, though I should update the description here with the current patch info! The most up to date version will be on my DeviantArt.


Posted by Snorlaxkid 1 year ago Report

I posted this at the forum post too, but the Merleen fight is unbalanced, and with no chance to grind for levels, you get screwed over by them constantly stunlocking your team or taking all your HP with attacks that do well over 50% of the HP your team mates can have at that time.


Posted by Axlwisp 1 year ago Report

Replied to you in full there, but tldr; you're right about needing a place to grind on the ship. I'll be adding one with the coming patch, and I'll look into balancing the merleen fight as well, though using reflect screen and equipping krimson kroat drinks to party members that don't already resist stun helps immensely.


Posted by Snorlaxkid 1 year ago Report

I don't have those.


Posted by Axlwisp 1 year ago Report

Abby has reflect screen if you use goro stance. Spark and thunder bombs do a good amount of work as well if you have any in your inventory. Just added some rats to grind in a crate in the ship's brig with the most recent patch too.


Posted by Bright 7 months ago Report

What is the expected playtime?


Posted by Axlwisp 7 months ago Report

It'll vary depending on how much side-content you do (there's a lot,) but between personal experience and what I've heard from others, it's about 15-20 hours per run at this point!


Posted by MrDooterDX 4 months ago Report

Every time I try to enter fullscreen, it only shows the top left corner of the screen. Is there any way to fix it?