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Strolling through the hallway, Patricia made her way to the cafeteria for lunch. It was high school and this was Patricia's favorite part of the day, after all she loved to eat. Patricia was a thick girl, with short raven black hair, dark eyes, and pale skin. She thought herself to be somewhat attractive but didn't understand why she couldn't find herself a boyfriend. I mean she had a nice pair of tits and a big booty to match. Then her eyes fell down to her belly, it was quite large and hanged out from her usual rock band t-shirt. Patricia frowned, maybe that's why she couldn't get a boyfriend.
 As the curvy goth made her way into the cafeteria she heard an annoying, familiar voice call out "Hey look it's Patty the Fatty, everyone hide your food!" The voice belonged to a prissy brat named Makayla who was as stuck up as they came. She had a slim figure with long, light brown hair that she often wore pulled back in a ponytail and pretty blue eyes. Honestly if she wasn't so mean Patricia would actually think the girl was beautiful. Patricia ignored the rude comment. She had become used to this kind of treatment, especially from Makayla.
 Finally at her seat with a tray full. Patricia began to enjoy her food in peace. She tried to anyways. Sitting just a few tables away from her she could still hear Makayla making fun of her. She continued to ignore her and focused on her food. It was pizza! However, words were one thing and now Makayla and her friends started throwing food at her. Patricia finally lost it after getting hit in the back of the head with a pudding cup that had busted open and got in her hair. Unfortunately, as she stood up to confront her bullies, she stepped on that same pudding cup and fell to the ground. The entire cafeteria roared with laughter. This was the most embarrassing moment of Patricia's life. At least it felt like it at the time. Makayla and her friends started chanting "PATTY THE FATTY, PATTY THE FATTY" which quickly spread. Soon almost everyone in the cafeteria chanted along.
 Patricia picked herself up as fast as she could and with tears streaming down her face, she started to run out of the cafeteria. "Awww I think we hurt her feelings," Makayla said with a laugh. As she made her way out of the cafeteria and into the restroom, Patricia couldn't help but cry hysterically. She had been so humiliated, she felt so small, so insignificant. She wanted to make Makayla feel that same way. Worse actually, she wanted to end Makayla. After years of abuse, it only felt right. Patricia wiped away her tears. Now feeling only anger. "I'm going to make you pay for this bitch," Patricia whispered to herself before exiting the bathroom stall. Thoughts now racing through her mind about how she would get her revenge.
 Patricia left school early that day. Not that anyone cared or noticed. Once she got home she breathed a sigh of relief and went into her room. She walked over to the glass cage on top her dresser. Inside was her pet frog Lilly. Lilly was a pacman frog that Patricia has had for a few years now. She pulled out some crickets from her top drawer and put them in the cage. As she watched her frog devour her meal she couldn't help but wish she could feed Makayla to Lilly. How funny would that be, Makayla screaming her pretty little head off as she was gulped down by her pet. As she snapped back to reality she started going through her things. Looking for anything that might help her come up with an idea.
 With no luck, she began to feel utterly helpless. That is until she got this strange feeling, this feeling like something was drawing her to the attic. Honestly, she didn't even remember going into the attic, but there she was standing in her attic next to some weird looking book. The book looked old and new at the same time, it was black and had symbols all over it that Patricia didn't recognize. She felt wrong just being next to the book, it felt so unnatural.
 Patricia ignored the warning signs in her head and opened the book anyways. The words at first looked to be in another language but now appeared to be in English. "What is this?" she asked herself in disbelief. As she flipped through the pages, something caught her eye and gave her a devilish smile. "Let's see, it says here that all I need is something that belongs to the person I'm casting this spell on to be placed in the center of a pentagram and then I just need to repeat these words." Sounds simple enough Patricia thought.
 Makayla woke up to her parents fighting early in the morning. Nothing new, she thought to herself. She got up and started to get ready for her day. After a long hot shower, Makayla stood in front of the mirror, admiring herself. After a while, she sighed and decided it was time to get dressed and head to school. She made sure she put on her charm bracelet that her boyfriend Jacob had gotten her before heading outside. The car drive was silent and honestly, Makayla preferred it that way. She hated her family. When her dad pulled up to the school, Makayla couldn't get out of the car fast enough. Slamming the door shut she ran off to find her friends. In secret, she hated them too, especially Olivia. That stupid blonde barbie bitch had gotten her kicked off the cheer team. She just couldn't prove it, yet.
 On her way inside, she spotted that fat cow, Patricia. Planning on saying something mean to her she got distracted when she also saw that bitch Olivia talking to her man. Just then Patricia bumped into her, hard. "WATCH IT FATASS!" Makayla said angrily. Patricia just smirked at her as she walked away, which angered Makayla even more. Makayla had bigger problems though.
 She walked up to her boyfriend looping her arm around his and gave Olivia a glare. "So what are you two talking about?" Makayla said. Olivia looked delighted at this "Oh nothing, I was actually just leaving. I'll see you later Jacob!" She said with a wink as she walked away. "What a fake bitch," Makayla muttered. "Um uh yeah total bitch, babe. Oh shit, I forgot Coach asked to see me earlier." Jacob said suddenly remembering. "Ugh, I just found you, can't it.." Makayla was cut off "Sorry babe I got to go." And with that Jacob kissed her on the cheek and ran off. It wasn't until she was alone in the hallway that she realized her charm bracelet was missing.
 The rest of the day was just an average day in Makayla's life. That is until she got home. She started feeling a sharp pain in her heart and her skin started to feel numb. While on her way to go see her mom for help she suddenly froze. Something felt like it was..pulling her? She became increasingly confused until finally, everything went black.
 She awoke naked and even more confused. Her vision was blurry but she realized she was laying inside a large pentagram somewhere outside. As her vision came back to her she started to examine more of her surroundings when she thought she saw a giant frog, that couldn't be right she thought to herself. The frog leaped towards her, landing just a few feet away. The sudden surprise made Makayla jump to her feet but her legs were shaking so much she fell on her butt.
 The giant frog shot out its tongue and just by chance it barely missed Makayla as she tried to crawl away. She had begun to cry frantically, it was all too much. Just then she felt herself being lifted into the air by something powerful that had grabbed on to her leg. "Awww look how pathetic you look." Makayla heard a booming voice say. "You know I thought it would be amusing if I fed you to my frog but I think I have a better plan for you." The voice said again. As Makayla was lifted further up she began to see where the voice came from. It was Patricia.
 "The spell really worked!" Patricia said in amazement. Everything was going just as Patricia planned. Well, the spell took her three tries but the third time's a charm as they say. She had originally planned to have her pet frog Lilly eat her but when she saw how close Makayla was to being gobbled up she got jealous. Makayla belonged in her stomach. She reached into the cage and grabbed the shrunken girl, lifting her to eye level. Patricia licked her lips in excitement. The power she felt right now was intoxicating.
 "WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS!?" The little bug screamed out. Why am I doing this? The question really pissed her off. "After everything you've done to me, all the pain you've put me through..and you ask me WHY AM I DOING THIS!!!!" Patricia started to laugh maniacally. "YOU DON'T GET TO ASK ME THAT!" She screamed. She dropped the little bug into the palm of her hand. "I'm sorry, just please let me go!" Makayla said while shaking in her hand. "Oh don't worry I'll let you go, I'll let you go right into my MOUTH!" She said with a smile and then opened her mouth wide. Makayla stared into that open abyss. She started to hyperventilate.
 Patricia thought it was so cute how pitiful Makayla now was. The big bad bitch now nothing but a little worthless bug in her hand. "Now in you go," Patricia said playfully as she started to bring her hand closer to her mouth. "NO! NO! NO! OH GOD NO! PLEASE DON'T! PLEASE! I'M SO SORRY!" Makayla begged. Patricia stopped for a moment. Putting on a sympathetic facial expression, pretending to think about it. "Hmmm...but I'm hungry." She said, her facial expression becoming more devious. "PLEA-" Was all Makayla could get out before she was shoved into Patricia's waiting mouth.
 Patricia could feel the shrunken girl struggling for her life in her mouth. It was truly amazing. Makayla was powerless to stop what was happening. All her struggles were for nothing. Patricia swished her around and then began to suck on the poor girl. Savoring the moment. After a few minutes the struggling lessened. Patricia walked over to her mirror and stuck out her tongue. She knew how much Makayla liked to look at herself. Laying on her tongue Makayla was covered in salvia, twitching. She wasn't even looking at herself in the mirror. How rude. Afterall Patricia was just trying to do something nice for her, well she probably wouldn't want to look at herself right now anyways. She kinda looked like shit. Ah well, she can't always look so good. Besides after her body was done with her she wouldn't just look like shit, She'd be shit. Patricia giggled at the thought.
 Patricia continued to stare at herself in the mirror with her tongue out. Her eyes now glazed over. Patricia's stomach let out a huge growl "Hear that Makayla, I think my tummy is ready to meet you." She said sweetly as she rubbed her belly. Patricia finally closed her mouth. Sealing Makayla's fate inside. Her mouth began to drool as she prepared herself to swallow.
 Makayla didn't even put up a fight as Patricia sent her to her doom. "Down you go bitch," Patricia said, tracing her fingers down to her round belly. She smiled at herself in the mirror as she rubbed her belly and gave it a few pats.
 A loud belch escaped from her mouth. "How rude of you Makayla," Patricia said with a giggle. Her stomach now beginning to work on it's most recent guest. Turned on a little bit Patricia pulled down her pants and began to caress her crotch through her panties. The touch sent shockwaves through her body. Patricia just couldn't resist the urge anymore. She moved to her bed and ripped off her panties. She began to rub herself wildly. Patricia was in complete ecstasy, she bit down on her bottom lip as she grabbed one of her breasts and squeezed hard. She began to moan loudly in pleasure. She brought herself to her climax when she thought of Makayla trapped in her stomach, how she would soon be nothing more than shit flushed down the toilet. Patricia screamed in bliss as she orgasmed.
 Patricia now sprawled out on her bed. She was completely relaxed. Her hand was lightly rubbing her stomach as her mind drifted away. She eventually dozed off.
 It had been a few weeks since the disappearance of Makayla and life had returned to normal. Everyone thought she just ran away. Apparently, the police found Makayla's diary in her room and it corroborated their theory. At least that was the rumor going around. Even her boyfriend had moved on, Patricia saw him in the hallway with Olivia holding hands while she was on her way to lunch. "Oh my god Jacob I think I know what happened to Makayla! I bet Patty the Fatty ate her." Olivia said as the couple laughed. Patricia kind of chuckled as well. If only they knew. After lunch was over Patricia went to her next class. It was art class, probably her second favorite thing about high school.
 While she took her seat the teacher was introducing a new student to the classroom. He was kind of cute, scrawny..but cute. He had dark curly hair and wore glasses. The teacher gave him the option to sit wherever he wanted and the boy chose to sit next to her. She was kind of stunned, no one ever wanted to sit next to her.
 Every once in awhile Patricia would glance over at the boy and catch him staring back at her. They would both look away quickly. Was he...checking her out? She thought to herself, unsure of the situation. "I love your shirt, that's one of my favorite bands." The boy said finally breaking the silence. "Thanks, yeah they are pretty good," Patricia said blushingly. "What's your name?" The boy asked. "Patricia, what's yours?" she said back eagerly. "My name's Todd, it's really nice to meet you, Patricia." He said with a warm smile. Patricia felt like she had butterflies in her stomach and got the feeling that this boy was going to be very special to her. "It's really nice to meet you too," She said smiling back.
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This is my first story. It's a prequel story to Revenge of the Goth by Chaos.

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