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[c] Pond [2/3] by Drdeadman By Paraffine

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More art by  Drdeadman

As Yseria enters the pond, it becomes clear that those ladies weren't just regular women, they are sirens/mermaids. All that booty must come from swimming around in that lake all day.
Yseria once again shows how wide she can stretch down there...

(All this booty in one pic, it is almost overwhelming. And I really really like Yseria's head in the big panel, the hair is just flowing gorgeously! Thanks Dr for accepting this very explicit challenge! That nose on the second sires is just cute, the way she's almost embarrassed to witness this)

Art and sirens by  Drdeadman
Yseria is mine

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Posted by Whereaminow27 7 months ago

Tell me we might get a bonus picture, it seems there might not be enough room on page 3 :P


Posted by Paraffine 7 months ago

There are only three pics in this series, sadly neither the artist's time nor my funds are unlimited :) But the third pic is really worth it!


Posted by Debolte 7 months ago

Sharing your sentiments lol


Posted by Debolte 7 months ago

Let's all climb up the flesh hole, weee!

Love drdeadman's faces. Realistic looking but still pretty cute and stylish. *takes notes*


Posted by Drdeadman 7 months ago

thanks for liking my work mate!. i mostly get people complaining against on how i draw women


Posted by Paraffine 7 months ago

Why would anybody complain! These characters are lovely in your style! Such pretty faces!


Posted by Debolte 7 months ago

Really? Huh. I get when they say that about mine, but yours are fine, at least there's no doubt up here!


Posted by JamCat 5 months ago