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This is the fourth entry into this little series I have going on. It takes place a few hours after Morning in New England. I'd recommend reading the previous entries beforehand, otherwise this story may not make a whole lot of sense

“Wake up ya bum, its almost noon!” a playfully jeering voice woke Kayla. She shifted her head and reluctantly opened her eyes to see a tall white guy, a few inches over 6 feet, with teal blue eyes and dirty blond hair that was shorter on the sides then the top. It was her boyfriend Nick. In his outstretched hands he held a red ceramic plate, upon which were five pretty hefty looking burritos, all were maybe four inches wide, the shortest being seven inches long and maybe a pound and a half, while the longest was an inch or two short of being a full foot and a half long, weighing nearly six pounds. The tortilla was grilled, but still soft, as the visibly wriggling masses beneath each of the wraps could attest to. Kayla's stomach stabbed at her at the sight of this; the more then ten thousand morsels she had consumed less then two hours ago had become just another gurgling mass being absorbed inside of her capacious intestines, and her stomach yearned for more. Kayla fished her arms out from beneath her blankets and righted herself. Bare breasted, she wordlessly accepted the plate.
She rested it atop her naked bosom and held it in place with her left hand, while her right grabbed the largest of the five wraps, being forced to rest the bottom half of the 17 inch long burrito on the red porcelain. She shoved it into her wide open maw, giving an extra “ullphhp” to effortlessly draw it in more then halfway into her throat, the skin tight bulge stopping just two inches above her clavicle, and still visibly wriggling to the motions of three thousand strangers made into sandwich ingredients. Her powerful jaw muscles clamped her white teeth downwards to split the burrito in half. A handful of monopoly house sized children fell from the fissure and skidded down Kayla's chin, falling stunned back onto the plate. The crowd in her hands watched as she threw her head back like a buzzard, and swallowed deeply. The nine inch long rod was skin tight inside her throat, yet slid effortlessly behind her collarbone before disappearing behind her head sized breasts. The 1400 odd people who had been committed to becoming calories had just plopped out of Kayla's esophagus and into her anxious stomach when she suddenly lurched forward and engulfed the second half of the wrap, forcing it down with a “ahfh, gulpph, glurkk, uullllph, Ahhhh.” A wet “Bwweuurrrp” lulled off her tongue and echoed between her cheeks, spattering her remaining food with salvia while the two cylindrical bulges in her midriff visible shifted to a rhythm of gurgles. At first the two stakes jutted harshly out from her squishy pale midriff like some massive abdominal tumor, creating two separate mounds in the soft flesh, but a moment after the two masses had settled, Kayla's belly rolled to a gurgling *gllloorrup* sound, crushing the mounds deep into the diminutive dancer, her naval once again at its normal, slightly corpulent shape. The cacophony of digestion forced itself up a thin neck and out a pair of full pink lips, several saliva drenched children carried by the violence of the short but gassy *HUUWWEERP* from the confines of her digestive tract and out onto her boob-supported plate.
Enough meat to feed a family of five secure in her gut, Kayla leaned back until her pillows once more supported her. Her breasts resting on her belly and her plate resting on her breasts a few inches from her mouth, four noticeably smaller squirming tortilla wraps filling most of her view. She brought both her arms up and took a burrito in each hand, before stacking each upon the remaining two, and pushing them together. An eight and a half pound block of wheat and human beings in her hands, she spread her maw and pushed the four crowds between her lips. The plump pink flesh stretched thin to meet the magnitude of circumference required for her edacious desire. Three inches of the fist wide flour sepulcher rested on her sopping wet tongue, her mouth closing a centimeter or two to firmly grasp the mass with an elastic *Ommmf!* slap. Her cerulean eyes awkwardly angled downward to watch the progress of the multi-millennia of humans she had directed the efforts of her digestive tract towards, she tilted her head slightly forward, and with a deep *Glllurrk!*, the brick of humanity was emphatically crushed five inches down her throat, the shortest of the four burritos had just a nub still exposed. Her throat bulged out of her narrow neck to about an inch behind her chin, the skin visibly squirming to thousands of acausal movements. Kayla placed her palms on the ends of the three wraps that still hung from her mouth, pushing as with a stifled *Gulll-uph!* the snake like excrescence squirmed its way another half foot down her gullet. At this point all but the largest of the four wraps were fully enveloped by her forearm sized esophagus, only the longest of the quartet still rested its last two inches of massacreés on her wide, flat tongue. She placed her pointer finger on its end, made eye contact with Nick, and with a comparatively soft *Ullp*, her lips closed around her finger as her throat shifted, convulsed downwards with a moist sucking noise, and returned to its normal size. “Mmmmmm…” she cooed as her saliva drenched fingertip traced its way down her smooth neck, fished its way between her basketball sized breasts, and emerged at her gently oscillating diaphragm. Her hand then flattened into a palm at her tumultuous belly as she sensually moistened her lips with the tip of her tongue. A soft “Mmmm-“ was harshly cut off by a boisterous “HEERRUROOPHHHPH”, her cheeks billowing out of her surprised face as several dozen drenched homunculi were discharged from her gut and onto the plate that still loosely rested on her boobs. She moved her hand over her sternum as a drawn out, gassy “Urrrrrrrrrrrrruuurrrrrrraaaaaurppaauuh” effervescenced from her.
Nick watched in awe, a perverted smile on his face as the acrid stench of Kayla's belch hit his nostrils. Her hand swooped around the red ceramic, gathering maybe five dozen morsels who had slipped away from their confines, or had whom been ejected from her digestive tract previously, before unceremoniously returning them to their fate with a barely audible gulp. She placed her palms on her engorged, not-quite-as-smooth-as-a-volleyball sized stomach and belched again before turning back to Nick.
“How was that?” he questioned with a grin. Kayla reclined back, the weight of her milky white tits resting on her currently outstretched, lumpy belly. The orb gurgled once, reducing in size as it contracted, before another squelch shifted the mass in to a more orderly form, the bulges disappearing entirely as Kayla's midsection returned to its normal soft pudge; there was absolutely no sign of the fourteen pounds of miniscule people currently gestating within her. Her breasts slumped further down, their support now gone. She sprawled her limbs out, breathing a satisfied *Huheeeeerrrrrrrreurp* from the left corner of her mouth, grunting and lifting her abdomen slightly as a wet fart slapped between her asscheeks before her blanket and mattress just about fully absorbed the noise. After a second of relaxation, she sprung back to a sitting position, grabbing the red plate and returning it to Nick, finally acknowledging his presence. A triad of sunbeams creeped through the window and illuminated her already glowing form, her platinum hair glowing incandescent as a sweet tone left her soft pink lips.
“Get me more.” She commanded.
Nick could feel the blood rush to his cock as the sound of a 20 year old girl ordering him to bring her thousands of human beings, that she may fill her belly with their flesh, ringed in his ears. He had spent the morning travelling from elementary school to elementary school with Kayla's spare shrinking device. For most schools, this was as simple as getting to the building before the school buses, or waiting for all of the children to head outside in an orderly fashion for recess, but the last had been a bit more difficult. It was a private school, by the name of Sherwood Academy, that had instituted strict security protocols following a disgruntled parent's attempt to break into the school several years prior. And more importantly to Nick, it was where Kayla's two nieces, Mary and Kimberly, attended school. He never noticed the two while he moved from room to room, shrinking and gathering every human he could find, and he definitely never noticed them as he rolled them and 7000 other students and instructors into five burritos, but he definitely thought about them as his voracious girlfriend consumed the seven millennia in three bites and six swallows. Despite over fourteen pounds of living children and teachers struggling against her efforts to subsume them, Kayla's gut showed no sign of fullness, the fingers of her left hand mindlessly kneading the pudgy flesh with no signs of resistance. Nick forced his gaze off the object of his lust and hastened to do as he was told, starting towards the closet. He left the red plate on a table and opened one of the two folding doors before a feminine “Wait!” caused him to wheel about to meet Kayla's cerulean gaze.
“Pack the bong and let me get it. I’m going hard for round two.” She relayed, arms crossed behind her head, with her back against the bed's headboard, belly and boobs sagging slightly on to the rest of her form. Nick scanned the room, finding his quarry on the bread crumb covered table next to him, with a deep tray of already ground marijuana adjacent, the disassembled grinder it belonged to being located several feet away. With practiced diligence, Nick pinched the leaf and packed the piece's bowl head, before compressing it slightly as to fit more, which he promptly did. He brought the bong back to the bed, before placing the piece in Kayla's palm. He heard the flick of a Bic lighter and a bubbling rush as he returned to the closet. He produced his phone and powered on the flashlight. Scanning the shelves, he disparagingly discovered only nine glass jars where there ought to have been nineteen. Either Kayla had been eating midnight meals again, or this wasn’t the first time she had woken up today.
He sighed whilst gathering five of the largest, heaviest jars at random. Having gathered this batch of victims the previous weekend, Nick had expected this larder of 220,000 men, women, and children to have satisfied Kayla’s cravings for at least another two weeks, based on her previous eating habits, but here he was, twelve o'clock on Wednesday without enough food to feed his girlfriend for the rest of the day. It had taken her little more then two days to devour 150,000 people. It seemed as though every day Kayla ate more and digested her meals quicker then the previous, and the implications were society altering. He exited the closet, placing the five containers he awkwardly carried onto the table. He reached to his right and grabbed the weed tray, turning towards Kayla as she began to speak, “Nick, can you come repack- oh”. Nick retrieved the now ash filled glass crucible, and quickly refilled it, wordlessly returning to the table while Kayla once more brought her lighter out. Nick opened a calculator on his phone and surveyed the jars: Massillon, 10,652; Altoona, 9,619; Williamsport, 2,160; Lansdale, 8,053; Philadelphia, 13,901. He scrunched his face slightly at the selection, before gathering the Massillon and Philadelphia jars and starting towards the closet.
However, as he pivoted to grasp the handle, he caught sight of Kayla from across the room, right as she exhaled a furnace’s worth of smoke, reducing his visibility of the rest of the room. Through the haze, he watched her place the foot tall bong on her nightstand, before reclining back into her bed, casually breathing out a human flavored *Urruuhuhuh-ahhhhh* as a look of utter relaxation shone on her geeked face. The words “I’m going hard for round two” played in his head as he returned to the table. He placed the tremendous jar labeled Philadelphia back down, picking up in its place the much smaller Williamsport jar. He opened the door to the closet and returned the two glass prisons to a familiar lightlessness, before returning to those selected to experience a whole new kind of darkness. He once more produced his phone, still open to the calculator, and typed in a few numbers before quickly remarking to himself “31,573”. Not too long ago, Kayla barely consumed that much in a month, but now Nick just sighed and began his search for a large enough bowl.
He departed the room for a moment, traveling to the kitchen and collecting an aluminum chip bowl, three feet in diameter at the top, and nearly a foot and a half tall, it was exactly what Nick had in mind. He returned to the room, only to find it vacant. Taking little heed, he went over to the table, but found that only the jars labeled Lansdale and Philadelphia were still present, the near ten thousand strong Altoona residents missing along with their prison. Forming a reasonable conclusion, Nick sighed and returned to the closet, deigning not to underestimate the capacity of his partner's bowels, and emerged once more with the Massillon and Williamsport jars. He unceremoniously undid the cheese cloth lids and poured the jar’s inhabitants into the capacious bowl, the crowd slapping against the thin aluminum. Again he produced his phone, tapped on the screen a couple of times, taking into account those sorrowful souls who were currently dying in the agony of Kayla's caustic embrace, and after a moment noted “51,385”. He then repeated the jar dumping motion thrice more, during which time a toilet's flush was heard before Kayla entered the room several minutes later, the recently vacated container of her bathroom snack casually hoisted on her shoulder like a slain animal, as her now slightly bulbous belly bubbled with the numerous souls it had up to recently confined. The Aryan girl brushed up alongside him, taking the little bit of weed left in the tray over to her piece whilst Nick dumped the final bits of the Philadelphia crowd into the now practically overflowing receptacle. Kayla in the meanwhile brought the flame of her black lighter to the pot leaf before her, after a moment expelling a cloud of smog through her nostrils, only to reinhale it through her mouth, and then once more out her nose. Nick braced himself and heaved the now seventy pound buckling bowl over to Kayla's sprawled form. She placed her bong down and sat up, bracing herself against the headboard and laying her legs out straight, providing her lap for the bowl's resting place. Nick gently lowered the sagging aluminum caldera on to Kayla's thick thighs, the weight pushing down on the soft flesh. Standing back, Nick could hear Kayla's stomach gurgle as she licked her lips with an intentional slowness, but whether the sound was due to anticipation of her 34,766 man meal, or the digestion of the more then fifteen thousand unique souls that were currently gestating within her stomach, Nick couldn’t say.
Her sopping wet tongue having made a full circuit of the circumference of her lips, Kayla opened wide and lurched down, only to have her progress halted by the girth of her breasts, of which she hurriedly gathered and physically lifted over the aluminum's precipice, callously allowing the bodacious weights to flop onto a portion of her food beneath her, smothering several thousands beneath their mass. With that hurdle overcome, Kayla tucked her light blonde hair behind her small lobed ears, and inserted herself into the bowl. With an onomonpaeic “Nnoomffph!”, she filled her mouth from cheek to cheek with hundreds of living human beings from all walks of life, her maw stuffed like a chipmunk's, before she swallowed once, head still transfixed several inches above her horde of living meat. With a quick *gllurmph*, a lump the size of a man's fist emerged in her tight throat as her mouth emptied. It effortlessly fought its way against gravity first up, out of the bowl and into Kayla, and then down into her depths. The outermost members of the five foot nothing dancer's first mouthful were visible against her taut white neck, their screaming faces and writhing limbs cast in a mold of supple skin as they quickly schlurked their way first against gravity, up her neck, and then disappeared behind her tits, never to be seen again, or at least not until her morning dump.
But just as soon as they vanished within her, Kayla brought her arms into the fold, cupping her hands as though she were drinking from a stream, before using them to shovel her prey into her waiting mouth;
*OMMPFH* *SCHLURK* AHHMPHF* *Gullpph!* *OOMFFMF* *SCHLUCK* *Ahhhh-OOMMFPH* *GULLPH* *AHHHUMPHF* *ScchLURK* Kayla's frenzied motions claimed the diminished forms of more people then she would meet in her lifetime with every genocidal second. Mouthfuls became mixed as she enveloped her prey quicker then her throat could swallow. Dozens of saliva drenched innocents dribbled out her maw with every gluttonous gulp, only to be recaptured and thrusted towards their terrible fate alongside hundreds of others a breath later, her massacre only ever stopped to flick the hair back behind her ears or to let out an unconditional belch that rudely interrupted her efforts of voracious holocaust.
A third of the tremendous silver cauldron drained, her breasts now hung free, the former foundation for them having been lost in the man-slides that occurred where ever her hungry hands had dug out trenches of people to stuff her face with. Several greedy handfuls were brought to a greedier mouth, but as hundreds were pulled by an irresistible esophagus into a gastric Tarturus, she now noticed those dozens that spilled out from the palms of her soft hands and out the corners of her full lips. Enraged by the momentary mercy her undexterous motions of gluttony had provided to the small percentage of the terrified people that had been sentenced to become a jiggling infestesmality to her chest, she violently thrusted herself forward, but could only strain her neck to leave her rapacious maw several inches above the tens of thousands, her freedom of movement halted by her engorged gut pressing hard against the opaque aluminum of the bowl. Her tongue lulled out to capture more sentient food, but instead an unexpected *BBRRAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHUUUUP* passed over the pink muscle, ballooning and rippling her soft cheeks with force as fourscore or more of her recently engulfed prey were propelled at an incredible speed back into their prison bowl, shattering ribs and snapping limbs.
Kayla's eyes turned to flame. Did these pathetic bits of flesh not know that they were her meal? That half a century of a millenniafold of their ilk lay betwixt her uvula and her rectum? That the voluptuous weights that hung so perilously above their throng was wrought from the digested and assimilated corpses of a quarter of the state of Connecticut? How many millions had she tasted, destroyed, and felt slowly gurgle into her intestines, only to have these bacon bits defy her? Her hands balled from hungry mitts into vindictive fists as suddenly Nick appeared by the bedside. Once more he heaved the now much lighter cauldron, resting it on his forearms as he raised it towards Kayla's now pursed lips. And once she realized his intent, one gradual heave proved fatal for more then twenty three thousand, each gluttonous mouthful filling the elated girl's cheeks with almost a thousand pitiful people, a millennia of a decade or decades long stories set on the course of being converted to cholesterol to a macabre sonnet of:
*AHHHHHMMMMOPMFH!* Guuuuulllphhh!* OMMFPHHH* *SCHLURK* *AWWWOMMMFFFH* *GLLUURRK* *OMMMFh* *Glooorp* *Berrreeerruuurpph!* *AHHHHHOMPFFFFH* SCHHHLLUURURK* Nick found the weight in hands had decreased dramatically. He tilted the bowl towards the untiring portal to the full-bodied nymph's digestive tract as the pool of flesh dwindled lower and lower. As Kayla's gut pushed hard against one side of the bowl, his erection did the same from the opposite end. His head throbbed with lust as he watched his insatiable, solely carnivorous lover end innumerable family lines for the same purpose that a hamburger would accomplish. If Auschwitz had existed in America, he mused to himself, it would be called Kayla.
*AwwOMMPFH* *GLRRK* *Ommfffh!* *Guulllph* *Ahhhmmfph! Ullp! Ahhmf! Ullp. Buuurrrrrooph! Ommmf! Gullph. Ahhhhhhmph! Gulllph! Uhhhhhaaaomph! Gullph. Ahhompf! Gull-up! Aaamphf. Ullp. Berrruurrrrrrrrrrrppph! Oommpf! Ull p. Oommpf. Ulllp. Buuurrpphh. Aahhmmmf! Gullupp! Urp. Ooommph. Ulllp. Ommmmphf. Ulp. AHHHH-OMMUUFFM! Gulp!* Reduced from an army to a crowd, Nick now held the cauldron perpendicular. The diminutive Aryan before him took both of her arms and moved them to different ends. One grasped Nick's cock and guided it downward, forcibly inserting it into the sopping wet pink velvet between her legs with a moist sucking sound. With the other, she cradled the massive bowl, and raised it higher and higher. The taller of the two audibly moaned as he released his grasp on the aluminum, taking two handfuls of Kayla's hips as he thrusted, while the last several thousand of the absolute shortest in the room tumbled down the frictionless metal, screaming and clambering and frantically grasping as with a hearty
*Glurk. Ulp. Ulp. Schlurk. Ulp. Ulp. Gulp. Ulp. Gllllorruuk!*, the slaughter concluded. Kayla callously tossed aside the massive aluminum half sphere with a flick of her wrist and a clamorous din. With all obstruction between their bodies removed, save for the now three foot long lumpy sphere that grew from her abdomen, Nick leaned into her, using his right arm to prop himself up on her left shoulder as he thrusted. Kayla closed her eyes and slumped further into the mattress, utterly satisfied. Her right hand mindlessly circled her nipple while her left grabbed a handful of her boyfriend's ass, moaning shortly and jiggling for longer with each pelvic motion. Her tits rocked to and fro as Nick battered her, but the nonsphereical orb at her gut never halted its omnidirectional squirming. Like a trash bag full of pebbles, every square inch had dozens of tiny, vaguely human shaped bumps pressing outwardly, held firmly in place, until with a deep *guuurrguuurk* that sounded every few seconds, the forms shifted downwards, or upwards, or sunk back behind the supple flesh, to be replaced by a similar bulge a moment after.
After several moments she pulled her arms back behind her head, resting on her palms as the noise in her belly ratcheted up in volume, each finger cruelly forcing one of her unwilling residents deeper into her gut. A basey gurgle preceded Kayla's mouth opening, her uvula flapping slightly as a tremendous *BBBUUWWWEEERRRRRRRRRR-Oommfh!* began to escape from her, only for a lump the size of a grapefruit to begin to work its way up from her depths. Her eyes shot open as her bulbous belly noticeably shrunk in size as the lump moved up her chest, parting her breasts. She clamped her mouth shut and covered it with her hands, a stifled *Bweerrr! Burrrp! Beellp!* creeping out from the cracks of her finger net as her cheeks ballooned outwards, the outlines of hundreds of her prey pressed harshly against the stretched skin. Nick stopped his motions as Kayla sat up and pointed her chin skywards, her lips parting to reveal the burgeoning crowd of maybe two thousand drenched and battered people, all fighting to the top of the mound they had been gathered into with fervor and furor, an animalistic terror understandably come over them. Kayla balled her hands, furrowed her brow, and with a sucking *GLllloooRRRKuh!*, her mouth emptied in less then a second, that same grapefruit sized lump fighting its way down her much too narrow throat, in between her heavy, sagging boobs, and again into the gastric sack that rested upon her lap. She huffed for a moment before a boisterous *URRRUUURRRUUUURRRRRURRAHP* exploded from her, this belch carrying only gas and spittle from her, the 51,385 innocents within her denied their last opportunity for salvation.
“Are you Okay-Kay?” Nick inquired, reciting a favored pet phrase of his as he drew up next to his girlfriend, lightly rubbing her shoulders as she cradled her stomach.
“Oohhh, my poor - *BWWeerrrruup* belly… It's so full… It hurts so *urrp* bad…” she complained to him whilst fifty thousand people were being melted to death less then a centimeter beneath her skin. Nick took Kayla's stomach on his forearms, eliciting a short *Belllp*. The mass took considerable effort to prop up, and it writhed like a bag full of eels.
“just lay down, you'll feel better. Slowly,” Kayla began leaning back, “slowly, slowly, there.” She was once again flat on her back. Nick carefully placed her gut back on her lap and lay down next to the engorged Aryan, letting her rest her head on his shoulder. She belched as often as she breathed, slowly taking in air, and sharply exhaling a quick *Orrup* as the tremendous gurgling of her stomach drowned out the soft sounds of their breathing. The still skin taut victims of Kayla's love for meat and lust to dominate were now whipping about her belly like socks in a washing machine, their tiny bodies schlurking and slorshing to and fro without rest.
“How *Ouurhp* many are *breuuurp* in there?” Kayla dozily inquired, her eyes half shut as she mindlessly rubbed her chaotic gut.
“Fifty thousand, thirteen hundred.” Nick answered plainly, keeping his excitement taciturn. The blonde girl nuzzled against him softly smiled back.
“That's *UHH-UUUAHHHH* a lot.” She grogily muttered.
“More then five times as many people then everyone that goes to our university.” He thought fit to inform her.
“Maybe before I *huuweeerp* started eating them…” she slowly drifted off, the space between her words growing longer and longer as she slipped into unconsciousness. A moment later the gurgling in her stomach got a new, quick sound before she vociferously farted into her bedsheets. Nick lay there relaxed for a short while, before gently slipping out from beneath his girlfriend's head and standing up.
“Maybe before you started eating them.” He quietly agreed towards the softly resting engorged mass murderer beneath him. He left the room and entered the bathroom, quickly taking care of his boner and finishing into the toilet, hitting the flushing lever as he exited. Returning to his room, he quickly threw on his tan canvas jacket and retrieved the foot long black rod he had hidden in his nightstand. Starting for his car, he exited the warm building back into the frigid winter. He had no idea where he was going, but he knew several cities would have to be taken off the map by dinnertime.

Stay tuned for Spring 2019 when I finish the next part! ; )

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Hooray it's 2019


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Aint spring tho


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It is somewhere in the world!