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Thetral Character Reference 2.0 By Thetral -- Report

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I realized perhaps I should have posted this first, for those who many not exactly know who or what Thetral is... The image was commissioned by the immensity talented "MyEmetophobia" from Fur Affinity:

A run down on a few things that I am sure will interest those here:


Thetrals tail is tipped with an immense ridged drooling cock. As one might expect this allows her quite some flexibility when fucking others. It also leads directly to her very stretchable balls.

From time to time, the Dracobus may be in the mood to skip the time eating someone all together and simply absorb their flesh and essence directly. Anyone who enjoys licking or nuzzling into her breasts can easily find them becoming a part of them.

For those males and herms that seek to risk fucking the Dracobus, they may find themselves feeling abnormally weakened after orgasm... Anyone who cums inside Thetral will find she is able to pull much more then just sperm out of you. Able to force someone cum over and over, she can make their bodies use up their own muscle to convert into sperm. Someone too lost in orgasm can find themselves shooting until all that is left is an empty pelt.

The Dracobus preferred method of consuming others... Usually after an extended oral session of facesitting or smothering someone till they are ready to pass out. Her femsex is as powerful as her real mouth, and will happily pull inside weakened prey. Once in her womb, most will find the only escape is After they are melted into nourishing femcum and squirted out in her next orgasm...

Of course as half Succubus, Thetral enjoys the pleasures of feeding from a soul as much as flesh. Any of the above methods of Vore can suck someones soul or life force just as easily as consuming their physical bodies.

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Posted by ErRynArya 2 years ago Report

I would enjoy playing with this dragon every day of my life :o


Posted by crankzzz 2 years ago Report

So would I. maybe over lunch, I'm buying.


Posted by Thetral 2 years ago Report

I appreciate the thoughts to you both ;)
I enjoy playing with "this dragon" as much as possible, which is why I try and make commissions as much as possible to enlarge her world.


Posted by JacktheDragon 2 years ago Report

She is simply amazing and interesting!

Jack wouldn't mind...serving her or something~


Posted by Thetral 2 years ago Report

So many seem to say the same thing.
Dragons are rather vain, and I appreciate the kind words.


Posted by JacktheDragon 2 years ago Report

Well can you blame those who do? also your welcome~


Posted by SomeNerdBird 2 years ago Report

Four big, strong arms...
Seems like she'd give great hugs!


Posted by Thetral 2 years ago Report

Oh very much so ;) I Love squeezing others after all, and four arms allows to in someone down, and still have two free to do naughty things.


Posted by Dulahallan 9 months ago Report

*giggles to herself and offers the dragon a fine crystal* For your hoard, hun. (I love the character so much <3)