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Faye sighed as she stared at the battlefield. Life since the war had started has certainly shaken up. Rather than staying at home, her dear Alm was out there on the battlefield fighting for their lives as all she could do was stand in the back lines and heal those who were injured and fell back. Thoughts of Alm kept running through her head as she clutched the healing staff in her hand, knuckles turning white from the pressure. She was so lost in thoughts that she did not notice the magic forming in front of her. The chestnut colored hair girl stood unfazed as the rings of magic materialized in front of her, and didn't even pay attention to the zombie like girl that appeared. It was only when she was hit with a magical strike did she finally snap out of her phase. Faye finally took note of the girl casting magic at her, recognizing her as the witch they needed to save. She was short, with a small frame and bust. Her medium length brown hair was tied in a ponytail. Her eyes were almost lifeless.
Hey, you! Snap out of it! You're being controlled by that villain there! Your brother is worried about you! Faye cried as she dodged the magical blows. The girl didn't reply and continued to fire magic at Faye. The first blow had hurt her, and she was certainly feeling the pain from it. Her movements were slowing, and Faye knew that she had to either snap the girl out of her trance or knock her out. And something told her that the former simply wasn't going to happen after her first attempt. Faye started to try and close the distance towards the girl, using sidesteps and quick footwork to continue making her way towards the zombie like girl. But before Faye could make it any closer, a ball of magic was sent flying faster than any of the others she had sidestepped. This one knocked her down with ease, leaving her unable to stand as she was battered by lightning. Faye cried out in pain as each shot hit her before she going limp. Her body hurt too much to move, and she couldn't do much except pray that Alm would come and help her. Barely able, Faye lifted her head up to see what was going to happen and saw the mind controlled girl approaching her. Unsure of what she was doing, Faye tried to move away, her limbs incredibly weak from taking so many attacks from earlier. Being unable to dodge, the girl was able to grab her and keep her in a lock. She suddenly opened her mouth to an impossible size and shoved Faye's head in. She started to whimper as salvia drenched her hair and tried to struggle to no avail. Her body was too tired to respond. An easy meal for the mind controlled girl. She took her first swallow, managing to barely move Faye down her throat for a long journey. The girl continued to swallow, the chestnut colored haired girl unable to struggle from exhaustion and pain. Reaching Faye's modest breast, even the spell casted on her could not stop the girl from taking a small nibble on them through her dress. Soon enough, the girl was down to Faye's stomach when the continued gulps suddenly stopped. Faye flailed her legs in the air for a little before the swallowing started again. The brown haired girl moaned in pleasure as the girl removed her panties and gave her a few licks. Finally, all that remained outside of the hungry girl's stomach was Faye's legs as she weakly kicked. The inside of her gut was hot, and with her arms pinned inside her throat still she couldn't stop her face from dipping a bit into the acid, causing her to cry out in pain. She started to curl up inside the stomach as her legs entered the girl's throat and she cried a mixture of pain and forced laughter as her feet were tickled by the other girl's tongue. Faye wiggles her toes before the girl took one last swallow, sealing Faye to her fate. The rest of her slid into the stomach, leaving her in an uncomfortable position with her back curled at the bottom. The acids lapped at her back, stinging and leaving Faye moaning with pain. She pushed one of the stomach walls as she struggled to get out, only to be pushed back in. Then, her tight world started to move as the girl got up. She made her way somewhere as Faye weakly struggled, crying out as the acids sloshed around in her prison.
Alm... please... help... Faye whispered with what little strength she had. Her memories with Alm flashed through her head. The time she had spent with him truly had been her happiest, and she finally succumbed to the pain with her last thoughts being of the green haired boy.
-line break-
There were first to a lot of things in life. But suddenly regaining consciousness with a person halfway down your throat definitely was a first for Delthea. Struggling to breathe, she gasped for air before taking deep breaths in through her nose. The young girl then tried to pull on the person's legs to no avail. Delthea
 finally decided to simply continue swallowing them. It was a little unnatural, but if she couldn't get them out, they where just going to have to come in. Delthea ripped off the supposed girl's panties and gave her clit a lick. Then another, before going going all in. She moaned in pleasure from the taste before continuing on with her big meal. The young girl removed the shoes of her meal before moving on. Her legs tasted like strawberries, and she slurped them down before playing with the girl's feet. Delthea continue to moan as the girl struggled inside her. The feeling just felt so... good. Like an internal massage as she weakly struggled. She finally took her last swallow, giving the girl one last lick on the feet. Delthea felt the girl slide into her stomach. The young girl moaned with pleasure as she rubbed her stomach, feeling the struggles within. Finally, Delthea paid attention to things happening around her. She rubbed her stomach as she looked around. There was a battle going on in front of her. Probably something she didn't want to be involved in. She continued scanning the area, seeing a forest off to the right. That probably was a good place to hide out in while her meal digested. Delthea struggled to pick herself off the ground. The young girl managed to get up but only to fall back down into a dog like position. Huffing, her belly swayed from side to side before standing back up.
 Her stomach sloshed around and the struggles inside continued to please her. Delthea finally started to walk slowly and made her way towards the forest, avoiding the battle and hopefully avoiding anyone from spotting her.
Man... whoever I ate is really heavy... Delthea muttered to herself. The brown haired girl continued to make her way to the forest, her belly sloshing and churning as she walked at a slow and steady pace. Whoever was in her stomach had stopped moving, much to Delthea's displeasure. Making it to the edge of the forest, she entered in before settling down near the roots of a tree. Sighing in content, she rubbed her belly a few times before finally dozing off.
-line break-
Delthea's eyes fluttered open after her long nap, leaving her feeling peppy and energetic for another day. Yawning, she stretched her arms above her head while blinking the sleep out of her eyes. Standing up, the young girl noticed some very drastic changes to her figure. No longer were her breast petite, as they easily had grown two sizes overnight. Her once slim figure now sported a small potbelly from what was left of her meal, causing her to look pregnant. Delthea's once small, cute ass has grown in proportions, her hips swaying with each step she took. Satisfied with her new body, the young girl prepared to head to the dam. Until a pressure in her bowels told her otherwise. The girl she had eaten wanted out, and she wanted out NOW. Lowering her panties, Delthea let the gates out then and there. Logs of shit slid out of her enhanced bottom, chestnut hair and pieces of bones mixed in with it. The young girl grunted and moaned in pain as she struggled to get every last bit of the girl out of her. The logs kept on coming, leaving a good pile of shit on the cold morning floor. She finally felt all of it come out, until she felt one piece that wouldn't come out.
Come... ON... get out please... Delthea gasped, red in the face. Pushing with all her might, the brown haired girl managed to release the last of the unknown girl she had eaten. Turning around, she saw a skull on top of the pile of shit she had just created. Delthea stared in amazement, surprised that she could create something like that. Grabbing some leaves, she wiped herself before putting her panties back onto her enhanced ass.
Hey, whoever you are, thanks for the meal! You were delicious, and this new body you gave me is great! The young girl said cheerfully as she started to skip towards the dam. Her new assists jiggled and swayed along the way as she happily made her way towards her saviors.
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Just a little something I made quickly. Writing probably seems a little awkward, since it isn't too revised but I just felt like putting it here. Feedback would be appreciated. Note: not really sure why I can’t have quotation marks so if you know, it’d be helpful.

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Posted by JohnMorningwood 5 months ago Report

I liked this a lot! The writing was perfectly fine and didn’t take anything away from the experience. Hope you have more to share :)