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Smiling to herself, Mist took a leisurely pace with her boyfriend of the night as he led her slowly towards his home. He was certainly well toned and an expert gymnast, the monkey was certainly in excellent shape and she expected great things from him tonight.
The renamon thought back throughout her knowing him... He'd always been after her. She certainly dropped hints he had a chance but someone else would always catch her eye and he would be left watching jealously as she walked away with someone else.
But that all changed a few weeks ago. She'd finally given into his advances and decided a little service wouldn't hurt. She'd taken him to the bathroom and given him a quickie. She had found herself enjoying his scent... His taste... really everything about him more than she had anyone else up until that point.
So things continued on... She would give him a little love, bringing the young man to earth shattering bliss almost every chance she could get even a few moments alone and he would never say no. Better yet he never seemed unable to "Give"
Finally though, things had come up in their favour... While quickies in the bathroom or in a car were nice, Mist lived in a girls only dormitory, and Kyle, lived with his mother who was strictly against him having any sort of relations with another, but his mother was out for the night and wouldn't be home until the next day. It wasn't just going to be a quickie... They were going all the way this time.
Opening an enormous door, he stepped inside and held it open for her. Mist was familiar with his mother, a woman named Keisha, Mist had always wondered if she had macro blood in her. She was an enormous monkey, at least twice Mist's size, Maybe a bit more. Even in high school Mist remembered her as being extremely protective of Kyle and even abusive to the other students if they even looked at him with interest.
But with her out of the picture, Mist was going to make sure she explored everything she could with the time she had. Walking in and smiling over her shoulder, she paid no attention to the oversized kitchen, or the living room she walked through, instead picking her way through the home, poking her head in through the various doors in an effort to find his room, all the while, working her top and bra off along the way, discarding them in the hallway.
She could hear Kyle hot on her heels, struggling with his top as well, surprised that she was this eager. "E-end of the hall on the left!" He managed to gasp out to her knowing exactly what she was looking for. Turning into the bedroom, she smirked a little to herself.
"A bit messy eh hun?" She teased. There was discarded clothing littering the floor, a few crusty looking kleenex and the bed hadn't been made and the room certainly had a musk about it that screamed "Male" Still that didn't dissuade her in the slightest and she would flop back onto the bed, working her fingers into her jeans and starting to tug them off, revealing a hot pink thong as the only thing hiding herself from him, but then, with how thing it was, it left nothing to the imagination.
Watching him step forward, he rubbed a hand into the thick brown hair of his head, still seeming to be shocked he had managed to get such a hot girl to come home with him. His shaft stood half erect, his pants discarded out in the hallway as well, making Mist smile a little playfully.
After getting over the initial shock of her beauty he smirked a little and decided to move onto business. Stepping forwards, he leaned down, hooking his fingers into her thong and tugging it downwards, revealing her already wet lips. "Hmm... Look who's all ready to go!" He teased.
Lowering his head between her legs, he took one long lick along her cunny, making sure to take an extra moment to grind his tongue into her clit, making her gasp deeply and stretch out underneath of him, enjoying the sensation enormously.
Smiling as he stood up, he made a point of smacking his lips loudly. "Delicious! I'm gonna make sure I give that flower plenty of pollen tonight!" He said laughing to himself. Patting her thigh softly he winked at her. "Come round and lube me up babe... I wanna start at the back door first." He asked eagerly.
Mist didn't hesitate to turn herself around on the bed, facing his thick shaft and smiling up at him, leaned in and gave a teasing lick along his furred balls. Groaning softly, he would reach forwards and rest a hand on her head, keeping a light grip on it and let her work, knowing just how skilled that tongue was.
Pressing her nose firmly into his sac, she began to lick over him now, making sure to be thorough about it, a soft groan bubbling up from her throat. She just couldn't get over his intoxicating musk... it smelt and tasted so wonderful to her. Still as much as she adored it, there was much more to do tonight than a simple blowjob.
Lifting her head up a little, she would slurp heavily along his shaft, making her way slowly towards the tip and making sure she left behind as much drool as possible on his shaft, knowing where it would be going soon enough.
Getting to his tip she would lean in and began to suckle gently over it, and was immediately rewarded with a spurt of pre. He tightened his grip a little and gave a long moan, seeming to be happy to let her work like that all night if she wanted to.
Slowly she descended over the shaft and made sure to cover it as completely as she could in a layer of mucous and drool, her nose sinking into his pubic mound, the fur tickling her nose and throat rippling over him.
Groaning weakly, he let his head roll back and sigh softly, her tongue slipping past her lips and rolling over his balls again as she deep throated him before finally he tightened his grip just a little more and drew her back, though rather reluctantly. Prying her off of his shead he rubbed her cheek with his thumb and smiled. "Damn you just wanna suck me dry again... Not tonight! Turn yourself around and let me see that ass." He grunted eagerly, already knowing exactly what he was going to do with her.
Mist chuckled playfully and nodded, the taste of his shaft still in her mouth as she obeyed, on her hands knees, she lifted her tail high, exposing her bottom to him, and would lower her front to hike it up even further.
He admired the renamon's perfect ass for a few moments, reaching out to grope and knead at it, before he stepped forwards, rubbing the tip between her cheeks, Mist started to grind back in anticipation but he wasn't ready just yet.
Reaching forwards underneath of her, he pulled back on her arms, making her yelp softly, her head flopped onto the bed and she felt her arms pinned to her back, not sure what he was doing until she felt him tying something around them.
Gasping softly, she felt his shaft continuing to grind along between her cheeks while he tied her arms down, finally seeming to be satisfied and tugging her upwards so she could sit on her knees and he examined his handiwork. "Seems all that time in that little fishing boat paid off! No way you're getting out of that without my help!" He said grinning at her and bearing his fangs.
Mist wiggled a little, straining her arms against the rope that had been lashed over her arms, testing it as best she could but she could feel how snug a fit it was and there was no way to get it off without someone else. "Oooh... Definitely a nice fit hun... I approve!" She said brightly, bring another level to tonight's fun. This was not something she had expected but it was something she was going to enjoy a lot, wondering what other bondage she'd end up before the end of the night!
He admired his handiwork for only a few moments, smirking a little, one of his fingers slowly lowering down to press into her sex, making her gasp loudly in delight while he continued to prod his drool covered shaft at her anus. "Oh I'm going to enjoy this." He said with a rather ferocious grin.
She could do little more than grind back against his finger as best she could, and he soon caught onto her rhythm, pressing forwards at the same time she wiggled back and sank the head of his shaft into her, making her moan deeply in delight, arching her back happily.
Slipping his finger from her sex, it was drenched in juices and he chuckled a little while licking his fingers clean of her honey. "Hmm I can't wait to work on that... But for now, have this to enjoy!" He said eagerly and took hold of her hips, holding tightly as he pushed himself deep into her.
Mist could do little more than let herself be pumped into, with her arms bound behind her back, she panted softly with him holding her tight for a few moments, relishing the thick member buried deep inside of her bottom.
Slowly, he bent himself forwards over her, keeping a firm grip on her waist and began to thrust into her, working himself into a rhythm fairly quickly, panting over her neck heavily as he thrust and pounded into her anus eagerly now.
Grunting softly he began to drool pre into her in no time, and he was joined by her soft gasps every time he rammed himself into her. The two of them locked together as he thrust into her over and over, never breaking the pace he had set.
Finally, he lifted himself upwards, throwing his head back with a deep groan, his fingers digging into her waist a little as he tensed up, his thrusting becoming erratic and desperate as he neared his orgasm.
Mist was nowhere near as close but this was just the start of the night... There would be plenty of time for her turn and even now, as he slammed into her as hard as he could, she quivered happily feeling his heavy balls bounce and come to rest against her sex as he began to pump his seed into her.
Groaning weakly, she arched her back happily as he gave a few more weak thrusts before pulling out of her and panting deeply as he fell back onto the bed next to her. Chuckling softly, Mist wiggled her rear into the air a little, feeling her sensitive pucker exposed to the air and slowly beginning to close... She didn't sit up quite yet, not wanting to lose that nice sticky seed inside of her bottom!
Panting softly, she relaxed next to him and the two were left gasping and collecting themselves, but Mist certainly seemed eager to get back to it, to have her fun. "Hmm... Get a condom on hun... I want my turn..." She said with an eager groan.
Kyle chuckled softly and pat her head gently, slowly sitting up. "Oooh but your my tied up lil rena slut!" He said with a deep chuckle. "Maybe I'm gonna get my little rena to ride me bareback?" He teased, slowly stroking over her head.
Groaning softly, she shifted a little and looked up at him, slowly lifting herself and quivering, a gentle trickle of cum seeping from her anus. "O-oh? You know I could get pregnant hun..." She said slowly, seeming not to mind the thought one little bit.
Chuckling softly he grinned at her patting his lap. "Come on... Hop on up and show me just how risky that might be..." He teased and watched as Mist slowly shifted herself over to straddle him, his shaft resting between her legs and firmly against her crotch, teasingly grinding forwards against it.
"Hmm... Super Risky... Fill me full of sticky spunk... I spend the rest of the weekend making sure you know what real pleasure is... Then I get some lil monkey to take care of and you'll be stuck with me forever." She teased with a grin, slowly worked his shaft firmly against her sticky, puffy, needy lips.
He chuckled and his shaft would slowly grow to attention, groaning eagerly and beginning to reciprocate her grinding, teasing back at her and grabbing hold of her hips. "Hmm... Well I think that's just a risk I'll have to take then!" He said grinning at her knowingly and would lift her up enough and line up his throbbing shaft with her and plunge in, with a deep gasp.
Groaning eagerly, Mist panted softly, his shaft buried deep inside of her needy cunny and would start to lift herself upwards and begin a slow, steady pace, riding him eagerly and groaning loudly in pleasure.
Working up and down over him, they two were beginning to work into a rhythm once more, Kyle holding her hips to steady her, and Mist working up and down constantly, breasts bouncing hypnotically with each motion.
She felt the hot slick pre from his shaft starting to coat the inside of her sex, all the while, her juices gushed out in what felt like buckets, every movement and twitch sending her closer to orgasm, this time intent on making it across the finish line.
Kyle was just as close, feeling himself tensing up and that wonderful, blissful sensation of orgasm inching closer and closer. This was going to be a load he'd never forget, holding her tightly, so close to orgasm...
So caught up in the moment, they were totally oblivious to his mother working her way up the stairs. She wasn't pleased. He trip ruined, flight cancelled, she wouldn't even get a much deserved weekend away. "Hey Kyle...My flight was cancelled and... WHAT THE FUCK?" She gasped out, throwing the door open, and seeing the bound renamon, throwing her head thrown back and crying out deeply in her orgasm while Kyle bucked upwards, and looked over, face frozen in shock and fear as he felt himself tense up immediately.
He was denied his orgasm, his arousal crushed in an instant as the enormous woman stood in the door. His mother... Keisha... Was clearly furious. Stomping forwards, she rose to her full size. She was terrifyingly huge. Brown fur, She was broad, a paunchy gut, her fur was well groomed and thick. She was typically soft featured, the very embodiment of warm and motherly, but her features were contorted into raw fury, all the more terrifying coming from a 15 foot behemoth.
Reaching out and wrenching the renamon off of her beloved son, she looked between the two of them, not missing a beat. "You are going to suffer." She growled to Mist angrily, and then shot a look back to Kyle. "You're grounded. Stay in your room." She rumbled ominously and without another word, hauled Mist out of the room.
She rumbled her displeasure, turning through the hallway and into another room, tossing Mist to the tiled floor of the bathroom and slamming the door behind her as she stomped in. Mist gasped gently, working to get herself to her knees, her arms still bound tightly behind her and whimpering softly. "I-I wasn't... W-we didn't mean to d-"
Keisha reached down grabbing Mist by the scruff again and growled deeply. "Shut up slut. If you want to use that tongue of yours, it's not gonna be for talking." She snapped, and would drop her pants, making Mist gasp gently in surprise, the grey jeans falling away and leaving her groin exposed, a layer of curly pubes covering her groin, though her lips were set behind, a heady female musk flooding Mist's senses.
Gasping weakly, Mist seemed entirely taken aback by the sight, and watched as the large monkey woman took a seat on the toilet and could hear the sound of her starting to relieve herself, urine pouring from those lips, and a ripe rumbling fart echoing out from the porcelain bowl.
Looking down, she seemed to be entirely uncaring. "Well? What do you think I meant by that slut? Get in there and start licking." She growled angrily. "I gotta figure out what to do with you and you might as well be put to some use while I think on it."
Mist knew enough that upsetting Keisha any further would not end well for her. Scrambling up, she got to her feet, the only way she could properly reach woman's lips over the lip of the toilet and would lean forwards shuddering a little.
A few droplets of urine clung to the pubic mound, but the reeking stench of waste wafted up and stung at Mists nose. Still she persevered and her tongue pressed out along the woman's lips, shuddering at the salty musk laden droplets that were collected on her first lick, but it soon tapered off into the unfamiliar taste of womanhood.
Mist would slurp and lick along her dutifully and the monkey woman gave a deep relaxed sigh, though whether it was from Mist's work, or the sticky waste that was expelled from her anus, the renamon certainly could not tell as she winced a little, hearing the wet plop.
Mist would slowly work her muzzle in firmly, feeling the sticky pubes tickling at her face, the pure musk making her quiver, the big woman chuckled softly and closed her legs firmly around Mist's head, trapping her between her thighs. "I haven't had anyone tend to me in years... It's nice to have someone clean out the cobwebs." She chuckled deeply and as if to accentuate that fact, a soft gush of sticky juices covered Mist's face.
Another wet, sticky fart rumbled out from the older woman and she sighed deeply, signifying she was done for the moment but she only leaned back, giving Mist a little more room to continue her service and once more spread her legs open, clearly enjoying the attention.
"You know, if you weren't such a slut taking advantage of my perfect little boy, I would love to keep you around... Such a talented little tongue you have." She rumbled out contently, closing her eyes for a few brief moments, looking almost as if she was going to fall asleep, but Mist didn't stop or slow down her work, tongue lashing the inside of the old womans cunny, exploring every surface it could get to and Keisha clearly appreciated the effort.
Finally though, she sat up and would wipe herself clean, pushing Mist's head out of the way as she tossed the toilet paper away and flushed, hesitating a moment and looking down at Mist clicking her tongue. "I should have just had you lick me clean... Oh well... Force of habit."
Grabbing Mist by the scruff again, she grinned darkly. "I've decided what to do with you and I'm going to make you an example." She growled ominously, Mist seeing a dark look in her eyes but she didn't dare ask what she planned.
She found herself hauled into the kitchen, the big woman still not wearing any pants for the moment, and would set Mist back down on her feet as she stood in front of a counter, forcibly mashing Mist's face back into her crotch, the renamon obediently licking and slurping into the presented cunny, moaning muffled, finding herself enjoying the taste more and more.
She wondered if she could even get the big woman off, feeling like she was being ignored from between those legs, slurping and suckling at every inch of flesh she could wrap her lips around, occasional gushes of juice the only indication that she was having any affection.
Above, the sounds of dinner preparation could be heard, Mist wondering what would end up being for dinner. She realized how hungry she actually was as she continued to suckle and slurp into Keisha's cunny.
With a shift, Mist felt herself grabbed once more and lifted clear of the old woman's crotch and set up ontop of the counter, panting and looking around a little dumbly. She felt herself pushed back and a length of twine was quickly wrapped around her ankles, looped around several times to make sure it couldn't be broken.
Wiggling a little, she gave a plaintive groan and would find herself lifted up and set onto an enormous cutting board and would gasp and look wide eyed in fear as Keisha grabbed hold of a cleaver.
The old Monkey grinned and chuckled deeply, leaning over Mist and thumbing the edge thoughtfully. "Oh you think I'm going to cut you to pieces? No no... You won't get off that easy little renamon..." she chuckled darkly and would set some vegetables next to the renamon and begin to cut them apart, humming to herself quietly.
"You know why I never wear tank tops little rena?" she asked and Mist thought she might be expecting some kind of answer but she continued on as if Mis could even speak. "I have an interesting quirk... My stomach is actually clear. There's a bit of fur over it, sure, but it's certainly nothing that hides away it's contents..." She said slowly, taking a cup and dumping the vegetables in.
Reaching down, she parted Mist's sensitive lips and would begin to roughly press and shove the diced vegetables into the poor, bound vixens cunny, making her yelp and squirm against the bindings that held her, moaning gently as juices gushed out. She couldn't help herself and finally managed to find her voice. "W-why are you telling me this?"
Keisha smiled to herself, and would grab a muddy potato, shoving the dirt covered vegetable into the renamons mouth, making sure to wedge it in so she couldn't work it out. "Sssshh... Food doesn't talk." She muttered and returned to stuffing Mist's cunny with vegetables, making Mist go wide eyed and wiggled even more but there was no way she could get out.
Keisha would finish stuffing food into Mist's dripping wet sex and would grab hold of a pot of something, gasping as it was held over her. Watching nervously, it was upended and warm honey was poured over her front, soaking her fur down in the golden liquid and Keisha chuckled deeply. "You're going to last about a month I think... It'll be painful and agonizing, and I'm going to wear a tank top the entire time to make sure everyone sees what happens to a little slut when they go to my boy."
With that, she would lift the honey covered Mist and set her onto a plate large enough to fit the renamon and leave her lying there as she stepped out of the kitchen. Mist was left struggling and squirming but the old monkey's confidence in her sons rope work, as well as her own was not unfounded. Mist was left waiting for almost ten minutes when she returned, wearing the promised tank top and a fresh pair of jeans.
She set to work making her sons dinner, a few slices of ham, some potatoes and corn... It seemed he was going to get a front row seat to Mist's demise. "Kyyyle Dinner!" She hollered and would set his plate across from where Mist was set and take her seat grinning down at the renamon. "Now... I'm going to remove this potato... If you scream going down, I can make things a LOT worse for you... A month can turn into months if I cough you up from time to time... Give you a day or two to recover... Swallow you back down... I'm not above it... Understand?" she growled and would remove the potato from Mist's mouth who only whimpered and sobbed in response, quivering like a leaf.
Kyle would walk in tentatively and look wide eyed at the renamon who lay on the plate and take his own seat hesitantly, Keisha glancing to him as she set about adding a little sugar to Mist's belly and breasts.
"Eat up... You'll be ungrounded tomorrow. But you'll come with me to help with groceries later this week... is that understood?" She said firmly, acting as if Mist wasn't even there.
Kyle nodded wordlessly, wide eyes darting back and forth between the two of them in front of him, having a pretty good idea of what was to happen to Mist, and would take a scoop of corn, mashing it into his mouth, despite not being hungry in the slightest.
Nodding, Keisha would finish and grab hold of Mist's feet and without hesitation, shoved them into her mouth, making the renamon gasp softly in surprise as the broad tongue rolled along her soles and between her toes for a few moments before she felt her pulled in up to her knees with a soft yelp, her feet already sinking into that greedy gullet.
Reaching forwards, Keisha took a firm grip of Mist's throat, not to abuse her further, but because it was the beast handle available to her. Mist felt her thighs dragged in suddenly with a heavy swallow and cried out softly in response, tongue continuing to explore her body, teasing along her back side as she looked up at Kyle pleadingly for a few brief moments, but the grinding vegetables, the drool, the musk, the taste of Keisha's cunny still on her breath... She couldn't help herself and juices dribbled out from her own sex constantly.
With another gulp, Mist felt her midsection dragged into the womans mouth, and with that, the grip around her throat tightened and she was lifted upwards, choking in the tight grip and gasping for air. Keisha was certainly not about to make life comfortable for Mist, but she eased off enough to make sure the renamon wouldn't pass out.
With gravity working with the old woman now, she set about swallowing and gulping Mist down rapidly, making her cry out and yelp with each heavy, muscular pull along her body, her breasts being the only thing to give Keisha any amount of trouble, but even those were force in and Mist was sucked inside.
Keisha stood up from the table at this point and bent forwards, her open mouth ringing Mist's view of the outside view of the world for a few moments, tongue rolling over her face, coating it in drool and Mist's last view was the wide eyed face of Kyle, before a final, heavy swallow sent her down into the depths of the monkey.
Mist descended rapidly and felt her legs forced upwards against her chest as she sank inwards, crying out heavily and squirming against the tight, slimy walls of the stomach pressing in all around her. Already sticky acids had begun to drool out from the walls around her, matting her fur down as she squirmed and wiggled uselessly against them.
On the other side, Kyle sat staring into his mother's gut, his girlfriend now curled up in stomach and clearly in a state of discomfort already as she squirmed and wiggled inside. Keisha would belch thunderously and pat her stomach, slowly sitting back down and sigh softly, seeing Kyle had not really eaten. "Not hungry dear?" She asked pointedly to him.
Shaking his head a little, he stood up himself, a bit awkwardly but would quickly turn to head back. "A-ah no... T-thanks I uh... J-just put it in the fridge I might have some later." he said and hurried off for his room. He had to deal with this newfound fetish and the throbbing arousal in his pants...
Keisha moved along the aisle, browsing through cereals that were there. She'd get something for herself. Kyle had plenty... besides, he tended to get breakfast on the way to the college anyways. Leaning forwards, she smirked a little, feeling the little renaslut shifting in her stomach in response, a fresh scream of pain barely being heard from her stomach.
Mist was in terrible condition. The fur had been stripped away, leaving her vulnerable flesh to the constant burning of the acids that coated her. It left her red, raw and bleeding in so many ways, but it was not a short process. To top it off, Keisha had not stopped her eating habits and even now, strips of digesting bacon lay against her own flesh, and wads of chewed up egg and other, indiscernible sludge sloshed around her.
The first day she had begun to scream almost constantly from the pain, begging to be released, but her pleading was ignored. Even as the old woman walked freely in public with the renamon digesting alive, no one dared to step in and help her. She was a message and it was being heard loud and clear.
Even now Keisha smiled brightly at a neighbour, a wolf woman quite a bit smaller, but someone she liked quite a bit and the two happily spoke and caught up, the woman casting a glance to Mist's screaming form from time to time before finally smiling. "So what did she do?" She asked with a knowing grin.
"Oh I caught her trying to take advantage of my little Kyle... I figure I'd teach her and any other little slut a lesson to keep away from him... I made sure to walk through the middle of the college for a meeting with the admissions office so the entire school could see." She said grinning down.
The wolf chuckled deeply and nodded. "Man I wish I could do that for my little sasha... Just gobble up some boy to keep them away from my little girl... I don't suppose you might be interested in something like that?" She suggested with a smirk.
"Oh Dolores you mean ol bitch!" They giggled together and Keisha patted her stomach thoughtfully. "Maybe if I can have him for a weekend first... This old girl could use a bit of proper love..." She said with a conspiratorial wink. "But this gut girls got another couple weeks in her I think." She said chuckling deeply. "But I gotta finish my shopping... I got Yoga this afternoon... Can't have her leaving too much on my hips now can I?" She cackled and the two parted ways.
Keisha grinned and took a moment to pat her belly again grinning down at the whimpering, digesting form of Mist. "Just another couple weeks of hell to go my little renaslut then it'll all be over... "
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