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Cyn's Curves By Zira -- Report

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Poor Cyn, all the guys can't help but be attracted to her thighs and rump.

Commission for  tastytales , who also even wrote a story to go with it!

It was hard to believe she had once kept a trim form, though the Liepard could hardly blame her current figure on genetics. Ever since she first learned to hunt, Cyn revelled in being a predator. Whether it was Rattata, Pidgey or even a rare Deerling, she never grew tired of satisfaction that came from eating prey.

It was out of this interest, and some others, that she opened The Den: a fetish club for purveyors of all kinds of dark, delicious desires. Customers flocked to the underground dungeon to explore their deepest fantasies in a safe, judgement free zone.

Of course, being the queen of her kinkdom left her as one of the most desired workers at The Den. Suddenly, prey came from across Sinnoh to spend a night in the shiny Liepard’s gut. At first, Cyn welcomed them with open jaws, gulping down meal after meal without a care in the world. She loved the different tastes she got to experience during her work, the way her gut sloshed and swayed with its occupant, or sometimes even pinned her in place entirely due to her prey’s girth.

The gains from her overindulgence increased so gradually, that she barely acknowledged them at all. A slight sag to her stomach, a cute jiggle in her perky backside, or a bit of padding on her thighs. All none of her concern. If anything, they made drawing potential prey’s attention easier. Now when she caught a wandering eye, watching her from across the bar, she could wiggle her hips in their direction, taunting customers about how she would love to add them to her form. It worked better than she had expected, as her clientele wanted to see just how big they could get her.

Return customers loved to observe how they added to the Liepard’s heart-spotted curves, having the twin mounds of flesh pressed against their faces while Cyn described in sultry detail just how much, or how little, they contributed. Soon, customers were competing to be the heaviest pounds of fat on her ass… which meant more money for The Den and its owner. The royal coffers were overflowing: no way she couldn’t find some way to make the most of it.

The next day, Cyn brought a bathroom scale into The Den and, after noting her current weight, challenged The Den’s customers to see just how much they would add to her form after she had digested them, with the winner receiving a cash prize at the end of the week. Suddenly, she was putting on weight faster than she could possibly burn it, with prey practically leaping down her throat at the chance to add a few more pounds to the already-hefty dominatrix. By the end of day three, she almost looked more like a Purugly than a Liepard, though Cyn had enough experience to make the weight work for her.

By day four, she noticed a curious trend each time she examined herself in the mirror after her prior gurgled prey. Her female clients ended up evenly spread across her form: some on her legs, an ample amount around her rear and stomach, and a little added to her chest, pushing the fluffy fur out. Of course, she teased her subjects all the same, pressing her stomach or rear against them in The Den and thanking them for their contributions.

Her male clients, however, were not so subtle. At first she thought it was just the way her body had been processing prey with more meat on them, but after waking up with ass cheeks both bigger than her head, she had to wonder whether some Pokémon were willing themselves there. No matter what they had been before… Leafeon, Houndoom, Arcanine; somehow they always landed primarily on her backside. She put that down to them wanting to show off by resting just under her tail; some of her return clients even started wearing heart-shaped badges to show their dedication to being flab on her cheeks. Her once slender rump quickly became the first thing most of her clients noticed , and the place they desired once they were digested.

The Liepard remained confident with her newfound gains at first, but by day five, said gains got so out of hand, the Liepard couldn’t even walk around the town’s market without making Pokémon blush. She tried jogging to at least tone her luscious curves, but that only highlighted just how much they bounced and jiggled, her cheeks smacking together with each step she took.

“Why do dudes always end up on my hips?” Cyn sighed to herself, plopping on her rear before realising her rump was so big, it lifted her hind paws off the ground. She leaned onto her front, rolling her eyes as she pressed one paw into her plush backside. “You guys need to literally get off my ass. I can’t even sit down anymore without…” the Liepard’s voice trailed off as she noticed the digits disappearing into her curves. She pressed harder, watching as they sunk a few inches into the fur and fat.

“Heh…” she smiled, her eyes lidding as she experimented with just how deep she could go. The heart-shaped spot she pressed on slowly disappeared amidst all the red fur, though the Liepard could tell she still hadn’t reached bone. Finally, she gave up on the pursuit, retracting her paw and feeling her rear pleasantly bouncing back into its natural shape: two globes squishing against each other like the sides of a crevasse. She ran a paw over it, smiling as she recalled all the many added prey. Regulars and first-timers, males and females, small and large Pokémon: all in one place, bouncing comfortably behind her as she walked through The Den.

She ran her tongue along the spot she just licked to groom the disturbed fur back down softly purring as she curled up, head resting comfortably against her curve. The perfect pillow, part of a perfect rear… she never wanted the week to end.

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Posted by MirceaKitsune 11 months ago Report

Probably because they want to <3


Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 11 months ago Report

I wanna sink inbetween those continental cheeks <3


Posted by Thejynxedlynx 11 months ago Report



Posted by PegaSUS 11 months ago Report

Prey fatten up the part of the body they adore most of their pred.

>Clever preds have the biggest brains


Posted by ATailDesired 11 months ago Report

Because they can't help but be a part of the sexy?


Posted by gorgonzoladealer 11 months ago Report

Why do good girls like bad guys? I’ve had that question for a really long time.


Posted by TastyTales 11 months ago Report

Thanks again for this, it came out great. :D