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Artairos Pendragon the picture! By Solmaximuta -- Report

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Hey hey hey! (i need a new intro...)

My lack of creativity aside, I present my... lack of creativity. Um, yeah can't really lie about where I got my inspiration. But I've done my damnedest in making her an original character, I swear!

This is a drawing I made to get a better idea for commissioners whenever I want to get a commission of my character. I've a character profile almost ready, and I'll unleash that upon the masses as soon as its done.

Inspiration came from these: Fate, with Artoria, obviously, as well as Mordred. Dark Souls and Bloodborne were important. And Warhammer 40k because Spiec Marins.

Apologies for no colors, I can't color.

For now, enjoy my virgin-mary pic of my herm pred genderbent king Arthur.


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Posted by Shinchichan 1 year ago Report

First of, I really love the design >3< <3

And secondly, I don't mean to offend you, nor that it's bad, as it's most likely due to me being such a fan of the "Fate" series, but I can't help but to find it to look like a mix of 3 characters from there o.o The three being Artoria (I'm not sure why but the face makes me think of her for some reason.), Mordred (Hair and a bit of the demeanor), and Lancelot (The armor looks a lot like his "saber" version) o.o

But again I really think that it looks amazing and again I don't want you to think of anything I said as bad, as I just wanted to share my thoughts and say how much I love it.


Posted by Solmaximuta 1 year ago Report

Thanks! And don't worry too much about pointing out how much it looks like Fate series. It is my own version that I use around my Godsend schtik. The Lancelot armor thing I would say is a stretch, but I definitely see where you're coming from on that.

Thanks so much for your opinion tho! Its very appreciated.


Posted by Shinchichan 1 year ago Report

I'm glad to hear that you didn't take it as something negative, I'm sorry if I was a bit confusing, just didn't want you to feel like I was insulting you or anything like that.

And I'm sorry as I realized that I didn't really think of the Lancelot part too much >.< as I was mostly finding the "shape" to be similar.

But I feel that I didn't really take enough time to think of how to explain it, and I still don't feel like I'm doing too good of job >//< but I'm not saying that I'm not finding it to look original as it's really something I would have never thought of something even close to that <3

But again I really love it and thank you for sharing this great art <3

PS: sorry if anything of this is confusing, typing around midnight while also having a kitten that keeps tickling me in the lap makes it a bit hard to concentrate, but I didn't want you make you wait for long >.<


Posted by Solmaximuta 1 year ago Report

Its alright. You pretty clear in terms of that really. And dont worry too much about the Lancelot part either. If you knew about the alpha drawings, they were Lancelot inspiro.

You did a fine enough job explaining what you wanted to say. Any kind of so called 'flak' you sent my way was very minimal if at all. I honestly expected to receive far more and worse kinds than what you put. XP

Treat that kitten well, otherwise we will have issues.


Posted by Shinchichan 1 year ago Report

Oh okay I'm glad to hear that, and I didn't meant to send any "flak" but I know that I can often end up saying the wrong thing due to having gotten a warped understanding of the words >.<

And don't worry I'm a animal lover so I won't ever want to do something like treat a animal poorly. And she got sleep in my lap for a good while, purring and "suckle" (She's already 5~6 years, but still does it when she's sleeping in someones lap >3< <3 ) But she appeared to be happy when we got to bed as she nuzzled herself up under my chin before I fell asleep >3< <3


Posted by Bright 1 year ago Report

Nice detail on that armor.


Posted by Solmaximuta 1 year ago Report

Thanks man! Might do more details, later.


Posted by lovevore 1 year ago Report

Love your pic ~
I love woman in armor :3


Posted by Solmaximuta 1 year ago Report

I do too~