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Sweet and Spicy (With Story) By Gryphius -- Report

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“I bet you wouldn’t.”

“I bet I would!” Gilda quipped back.

“You wouldn’t do it to me!” Rainbow Dash said with a teasing grin.

“Dash, if you push me…”

“You said griffons eat ponies, G! I don’t believe you! Do it!” Rainbow Dash giggled playfully.

“… you asked for it!” Gilda narrowed her eyes and crouched down, wiggling her haunches as her predatory gaze locked onto the grinning blue pony before pouncing and tackling her down to the floor in a heap, talons gripping the mare, one around the back of her neck and the other her midriff.

“A-ah! Oh… ho!” Dash laughed and struggled beneath the griffon that pinned her. “So you do have some mettle! I thought you were just full of feathers and hot air!”

“I warned you not to push me.” Gilda replied with serious tone as she leaned down to grasp Dash firmly by the neck with her beak and started to drag her like fresh prey out of the room.

Dash gasped sharply as she was gripped, unable to help blushing. The griffon’s beak was harsh, she could feel the pointed tip poking into her skin dangerously, and any time she made any move to struggle the griffon would reflexively bite down harder, forcing her to lay limp as she was dragged across the floor, soon finding herself in the kitchen.

The griffon released the mare from her beak but grasped the back of the pony’s head with her sharp talons, pressing it against the cool floor to keep her subdued. She reached with her free talon to pull open a drawer and produced a length of twine-like rope, uncoiling it with her claws. Gilda shifted her stance over the prone mare, releasing her head just long enough to grasp the mare’s ankles together and forcefully pull them up behind her head with quite a yank.

“A-ah! Ow! Hey!” Dash whined.

Gilda paid no mind to the protestations of the mare as she looped a coil of the thick twine around her ankles and cinched it tight. She grabbed the back of Dash’s head again and shoved it forward, bending her over her middle and leaving her with her muzzle pressed down toward her marehood, Dash blushed uncontrollably now as she felt her hot breath blow over her sensitive folds. In a last move, Gilda tugged her forehooves around behind her and bound them tightly together with twine, effectively bundling the mare into a contorted smaller package, wriggling and squirming on the floor beneath her feathery friend.

“There. Now I can get you prepped!” Gilda nods, stepping over the pony and heading to a large oven embedded into the wall, setting the dials and temperature with soft electronic beeps to 375° f.

“Prepped, huh! What, are you some kind of pony chef?” Dash teased while she wriggled in place, twisting and flexing, testing the binding that Gilda had placed her in. She could do little more than wobble back and forth and waggle her hind hooves about behind her thanks to the tight twine that held her securely… G knew how to tie a knot! She’d play along with the game though, this was more fun than they’d had in awhile the mare thought and giggled, blushing deeply as her attention was drawn back to her marehood, tantalizingly close in front of her.

“I guess you could say that! Maybe not a ‘chef’ like Gustave, but I think I’m pretty good.” She grinned wickedly and produced a startlingly large pan from a cupboard, one that could clearly hold a full grown pony. The griffon set the pan down on a nearby countertop and then approached Dash once more, grasping hold of the lightweight mare and hefting her up and into the pan with a thwump!

“Oof! Where’d you even get a pan like this, G! What’s it actually for…?” Dash wondered playfully, her mind drawn to the cold metal beneath her as her eyes darted around the kitchen, following the griffon as she pulled out sacks of carrots and potatoes from the larder and brought them over to the counter.

“Uh, it’s a pony roasting pan. For roasting ponies… d’uh?” Gilda replied, shaking her head and cutting the eyes from the potatoes and roots from the carrots with a small knife. She rinsed them quickly and then set them around Dash in the pan, packing them in around the edges and tucking her tail in. “And I bought it. From a store! What kinda dumb question is that!”

“Well what’s next then, Chef Gilda.” Dash blushed brightly, a huff of warm breath blowing over her already moistened slit and making her shiver. The bondage and the roleplay was getting to her.

“Glaze.” Gilda replied distractedly as she dug around in the refrigerator before she brought over a pot and a ladle.

“Yeah but what kind!”

“Chili lime! I keep some of this prepped for just this sort of occasion… it’s sweet and spicy.” Gilda said as she dipped the ladle into the sauce and began slowly drizzling it over the mare.

“A-ah! Cold!” Dash twitched and shivered as the cold sticky fluid ran over her exposed flanks. The sauce poured over her head, dripping down around her as it ran through all her crevices, the spiciness of the chilis and acidic tone of the lime making her skin tingle a bit. Enough of the sauce was poured that it pooled up into the pan beneath her and filled it considerably, leaving the mare sitting in a sticky and frigid soup of vegetables.

“Of course it’s cold, dweeb. It just came out of the refrigerator!” Gilda rolled her eyes, bringing a talon up to Dash’s rump and swirling the sauce around, working it into the mare. “But you won’t be cold for too much longer.” The griffon says ominously.

“Aaahah… ooah…” Dash moans incoherently as she felt the griffon’s warm wandering talon as a marked contrast against the cold sauce all over her. In a moment Gilda spread the sauce right over her marehood, and forced a probing digit into her folds, eliciting a sharp and flustered whinny from the mare.

“What, you like that? You like being prepped and readied to be my meal? Sicko.” Gilda says darkly with a grin across her beak. She pressed another thick scaled digit down into Dash, massaging and forcing the tingling sauce down into her, which started to have a tantalizing burn to it.

“Mnnphh… A-ahh.. G-gilda…” Dash groans, squirming in place and sloshing the contents of the pan as she took a deep breath, her eyes rolled back in the blissful sensation her unyielding culinary bondage and the ministrations of the griffon’s talons. “I… a-ah… I do…!”

“Figured as much.” The griffon said dismissively as she penetrated the mare with her digits, pressing her knuckles in and brushing over her sensitive clit with the force. “You always seemed the type. Brash and bold on the outside, but at the end of the day you’re just a piece of delicious meat, aren’t you?”

“A-aahamnnph…” Dash moaned, feeling herself easily upon the edge from the confluence of so many sensations upon her form. “Y-yes!”

Gilda slid her digits in and out of the mare, using her other talon to further spread the sticky sauce all over her bound form. She chuckled to herself darkly as she felt Dash tense up beneath her talons, the mare groaning as her tunnel quivered around her digits before spasming into tumultuous climax, the mare squirting a little of her own juices that dripped down and mingled with the spicy sauce.

“Mnn… a-ah…” Dash panted, wrapped up in the utter ecstasy of the moment, but her ears perked up as she heard a loud double beep come from the oven beyond.

“Well, you know what that means.” Gilda said, drawing her digits out of the squirming mare and glancing to the oven. “It’s time.”

“Mnnn… a-ah… Gilda, that was fun, heh…” She sighed softly, the afterglow of orgasm clouding her mind as she breathed slowly. “Y-you can untie me now
I guess…”

“What?” Gilda quirks her head to the side quizzically. “That’d ruin all my hard work.”

“V-very funny, G…” Dash giggles lightly.

“I don’t think it’s funny. But…” Gilda grasped hold of either edge of the pan that contained Rainbow Dash and the other prepped ingredients, her tail twisting out behind her to pull the oven open, which let a rolling blast of heat wash out into the kitchen. The griffon grunted slightly as she hefted Dash up and set her down on the open door which supported her nicely, facing out. “… it will be delicious. Or you will, anyway!”

“W-wha… Hey!” Dash widened her eyes as she felt the heavy blaze of the heated elements behind her, a bead of sweat rolling down her brow as she twisted and tried to pull away from the heat. “Gilda! Y-you’re not actually…”

“Of course I am.” Gilda said coolly as she grabbed onto Dash’s muzzle with a talon to force it open, pressing one her digits down onto her tongue, the taste of the sauce and her own flavors sharp upon the mare’s tongue. Gilda’s tail whipped around once more, this time with an apple that she deftly tossed and caught with her right talon, holding it up and looking it over in the warm light. “Perfect.”

Gilda pressed the apple into Dash’s jaw, forcing it painfully wide so that her teeth sank into the flesh of the fruit, wedging it in to keep her from being able to spit it out. The sweet juice from the apple rolled over her tongue as she pleadingly gasped in fear at the griffoness, and yet… her blush had not yet dissipated.

“Mnnph!! GMMPHH!!” Dash gave a muffled grunt.

“What was that? Shouldn’t speak with your mouth full, Dash.” The griffon teased. “Anyway… I’ll see you in a couple hours!”

Gilda put her talons upon the edge of the pan and gave it a forceful shove, sending the mare back into the scorching body of the oven, already encompassed in an envelope of fiery air that tingled her skin.

She was actually doing it… She was ACTUALLY doing it! Gilda was cooking her! Nonono… this can’t be happening. Dash’s mind raced, thinking this surely was an elaborate joke on behalf of the griffon, a prank perhaps, any moment she’d yank her out of the oven and they’d both have a laugh!

Her heart sank then as Gilda turned around and kicked the oven door shut with a hind paw, slamming with a heavy thud and a CLICK as the locking door latched closed.

Dash could see out the door for a moment, watching the griffon lick her talons before disappeared from view, the heat building back up now that the door was closed, forcing the mare to shut her eyes to the warm glow of the elements. The cold sauce was warming up… and it wouldn’t be long now until she was cooking too. Her darkest fantasy come to life… her game turned real.

In spite of everything, she couldn’t help but give a quiver of pleasure.

Gilda was right about her.

She’d be delicious.


Gilda set the timer on the oven and licked her talons a moment, savoring the taste before turning to pad out of the kitchen to find a nice sunny place to nap, ignoring the muffled sounds from within the appliance.

She ruffled her feathers happily.

… Never call a griffon’s bluff.

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 1 year ago Report

She ought to cook some more dweebs :p


Posted by Gryphius 1 year ago Report

Couldn't agree more! Cook some nerds too, while she's at it!


Posted by whitpey 1 year ago Report

I like the story. And I would love to see more witg gilda. Though I would also live to see her digging into dash as well.


Posted by fgfhgfftyfyt 1 year ago Report

Do you take commissions? I'd love to see more stuff like this.


Posted by Gryphius 1 year ago Report

I do occasionally take comms through FA, but rest assured, there'll be more stuff like this no matter what :D


Posted by KuroNekoChan 1 year ago Report

you forgot to slide the carrot up her butt


Posted by KuroNekoChan 1 year ago Report

is there a a second part ?


Posted by Gryphius 1 year ago Report

At present no, but that could change


Posted by whitpey 11 months ago Report

I hope there will be more to this.


Posted by Redwallfan2000 1 year ago Report

Nice! Rainbow Dash as prey! She is possibly the best prey of MLP, well Fluttershy technically but she is my favorite pony.


Posted by Gryphius 1 year ago Report

Flutters is good prey, but predictable. I think Rainbow Dash is one you wouldn't immediately expect, which makes her extra fun!


Posted by Redwallfan2000 1 year ago Report

Honestly I see Rainbow Dash being prey more often due to how she rushes into things. If you can do a Fluttershy as prey one I'd like it


Posted by MoonHoek 7 months ago Report

Appetizing art and fic <3