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Comfort-Eating for Hungry Black Eagles Teens
The sleep-deprived student felt her groggy eyes open far earlier than she would’ve wished them to. A pained groan slipped from between her lips. Maybe...maybe skipping dinner wasn’t the best idea after all. But what could she have done? She overslept and missed one of her morning classes! And the professor presiding over punctual presence and proper performance to that class was presumably managing that cafeteria shift. She couldn’t possibly risk the chance of there being a scene and being confronted for it!
So with a regretful sigh, Bernadetta threw off her covers and then herself out of bed, fixing her nightcap and grabbed a lantern, lighting it with one of her bedroom candles by her desk and quietly opened the door. There wasn’t an official curfew, but it was generally agreed that the students should all be in bed by a specific time so they’re well rested for the day. And Bernadetta’s gear clock said it was...3:45am. Goodness. The tired Archer trudged down the hall, making sure to avoid every single squeaky floorboard. Indeed, this was not a new thing for her. She was used to sneaking out of her room for food. A short, but stressful hike down to the cafeteria later, Bernadetta put in the lock combination designed to keep people like her out before opening the door, neglecting to close it behind her. But what she found inside wasn’t just the food she was hoping for.
“Bernie!” Another female voice called out, and cue the lovely head of Dorothea peeking in behind her before walking the rest of the way in, hands sassily resting on her cute hips. “You know very well that we shouldn’t be out this early in the morning when we have school! I don’t want to have to do this, but I need to report you to Byleth and the other teachers about this. It needs to stop!”
Bernadette froze. Oh no, she couldn’t let her do that! If she told Byleth, she’d get in trouble! And if that happened, there’d be a scene, and Surely Dorothea would just let her go, right?
“D-Dorothea, please! I’m just stopping by for a snack since I missed dinner is all!” Bernadetta pleaded with a hopeful expression, thinking that the other girl’s contemplating expression meant she was to be spared of Byleth’s judgment.
“Then you shouldn’t have missed class then! Bernie, Byleth would’ve forgiven you for missing class. But this is a rule of the school! You can’t just break it like this!” Dorothea scolded, although all Bernadetta heard was her grumbling stomach. She doubted that the other student would let her eat anyways, and she was blocking the only way out (which was indeed a severe fire hazard as the class found out when Byleth overlooked a roast to show them how to use magic for survival). So Bernadetta decided to take care of her two problems at once, and charged. Dorothea predictably expected her to be going for the door, and she was surely in for a surprise when Bernie tackles HER instead, slamming her against the wall beside the door, dazing the more outgoing of the two students as Bernadetta focused solely on Dorothea, swiping aside her hat and immediately opened her mouth, cramming the dazed woman in as quickly as she could, needing to make as much progress as she could while the going was easy. That said, even with the soon to be food not putting up much of a fight back, Bernadetta still was struggling. Dorothea’s shoulders and chest did not go down easy whatsoever, but fortunately she got enough of her arms pinned that when Dorothea came to and began to struggle, all it did was knock Bernadetta to the ground, which had the added advantage of forcing her meal’s elbows down her throat. The shy student swallowed again, and after a few more gulps, Bernadetta had managed to get Dorothea halfway down into her gut. As for her stomach though, it was readily accepting it’s meal, as Dorothea’s head poked in first into her stomach.
Once Bernadetta had arrived at her food’s waist, said early morning dinner was definitely starting to make herself visible once more. Bernadetta’s uniform was clearly stressing to handle the workload that was being asked from it as Dorothea began to thrash as best as she could while her hands were still pinned in her predator’s throat. However, the uniform was destined to lose. As Bernadetta got a rather lovely taste of Dorothea’s thighs, her uniform shirt let a soon to be familiar sound echo through the room as her top quite cleanly began to rip down the middle. Bernadetta blushed vividly in embarrassment before looking at what was left of her meal. Only her lower legs and feet were left. Despite being her first time, she knew enough of physics thanks to her archery that tilting her head back would help her food go down. And that theory was proven to be scientific law once again as Dorothea officially became Bernadetta’s filling dinner. The archer gasped, breathing heavily to make up for the reduced oxygen she could take in while swallowing and sat there for a moment before helping her up to her feet.
The poor student was incredibly wobbly, but used the wall to help hoist her full belly along, exiting the cafeteria and using the hallway to lean against as she made her way back to her room. After a slightly shorter walk, which in hindsight should’ve tipped the girl off into knowing that it wasn’t the right room. She fiddled with the handle, huffed to herself when it didn’t open, and went to walk open when it finally did...and knocked poor Petra flat on her ass. Bernadetta gasped in shock, nearly falling over as she reached down to grab Petra’s legs, as the exchange student was completely out cold. However, a well timed kick from the captive Dorothea sent Bernadetta toppling over, landing with a grunt on her belly, with Petra’s feet still in her hands.
“UUUUUURP!” Bernadetta practically looked horrified at the occurrence of such a loud and unladylike sound. Her belly almost seemed to be shrink wrapped around Dorothea now, although that’d soon change. Bernie almost gagged not from the physical shape of the feet, as it can be clearly seen by the person already in her gut that such wasn’t the problem...but rather the STENCH. Bernadetta coughed again, lifting the feet to avoid her tongue before hastily swallowing them to get the smell out of her face. Gobbling up Petra’s legs was a bit easier, although it did reawaken struggles in her gut. Most likely because Petra’s legs just shoved Dorothea back under the acid. Bernadetta kept swallowing, working her way along the exchange student’s legs, her waist, and after a brief struggle at her chest, finally swallowed Petra down completely. Bernadette gasped for air as Dorothea struggled against Petra’s body forcing her beneath the acids. Eventually Bernadetta made it back to her feet, stepping backwards as she used her gut as a counterbalance to help her slowly walk out of her room at a snail’s crawl. Hopefully...hopefully she wouldn’t go into the wrong room. Or run into anyone else.
After a long trek and nearly falling over because of the now two struggling women inside of her, she finally made it back to her room. Yet, it seemed fate had different plans for her, as she heard someone clear their throat as she managed to unlock her door.
“Stomach issues, Bernadetta?” Came the dignified voice of none other than the head of the Black Eagles house, Edelgard. While the hallways and rooms were dark, it seemed that the elder woman knew full well what Bernie has gotten herself into, and sighed. “Seeing students of my house acting so frantically is infuriating! You’re both acting so childishly!” Edelgard snapped indignantly, causing Bernadetta to flinch before realizing she wasn’t being yelled at. Her stomach was. Edelgard helped Bernadetta into her room, and sat her down to the bed.
“Alright now. Bernadetta. Open up.” Upon her confusion, Edelgard explained. “I cannot have two of my fellow Housemates acting like this. While the fact that your eating habits have truly blown out of control now, what’s more important is silencing the two students inside you, lest they cause you severe enough indigestion you end up waking the rest of the house. And I don’t think you can fit anyone else in there, no?”
Bernadetta looked down solemnly and nodded. She knew Edelgard was right. The Emperor to be nodded at her fellow student and stripped, calmly removing each layer of clothing before wrapping up something in her cloak and setting it aside. Edelgard stretched and took a deep breath, before coaxing Bernadetta’s mouth open. She then proceeded to practically throw herself into Bernie’s mouth, causing the poor girl to nearly gag. Firmly planting her bare feet on the ground, Edelgard kept herself lodged in Bernadetta’s throat, hands first so she could eventually reach into Bernie’s stomach once the poor student managed to get past her (admittedly delicious) rack, and pull herself inwards. Petra and Dorothea looked up in shock as they saw light illuminating the chamber of Bernadetta’s stomach once more.
“W-Who...?! What? Edelgard?!” Dorothea exclaimed in shock as the woman’s head poked through the opening. “Are you here to save us?” She added as Edelgard fit her breasts through the opening to the stomach.
“Just sit close together.” Edelgard requested to both students’ resulting confusion, but they both did as they were asked. “Tilt it up, Bernadetta.” Edelgard ordered. Bernadetta nodded and tilted her head back, grunting as Edelgard’s hips and ass smacked into her face and nearly knocked her over as the older woman pushed off the ground at the same time. Edelgard masterfully wiggled herself past Bernie’s lips, using her arms to hold herself above the two consumed girls until only the bottom half of her legs remained outside of Bernadetta’s throat. And then without warning, Edelgard let go and let herself drop down, mouth wide open as she swallowed both Petra and Dorothea up to their shoulders, much to both girls horror. Upon sensing the renewed thrashing, Bernadetta nodded to herself and helped Edelgard along by pushing down on her feet with her hands, pushing Edelgard further down the bodies of the two girls and swallowing them both together before eventually pinning them together inside of her own gut. Once Edelgard’s face was about an inch from the acid, she pulled her hands up and bit down on the waists of the two girls as she pulled her feet the rest of the way in, flipping herself right side up before finishing swallowing the two girls.
“There. I hope you two realize that your bad behavior brought this upon you.” She stated before burping softly, to her embarrassment. Dorothea seemed to be crying softly as Petra was cursing in another tongue. But Edelgard’s toned stomach was too strong to enable them much physical struggling. Edelgard nodded and reclined in the stomach as it contracted for a moment around her and her bulging gut.
“Edelgard? Has it calmed down in there?” Bernadetta’s voice seemed to echo above her head. Edelgard reaches to her side and lightly pats on the other girl’s stomach.
“Yes, it has. Now focus on getting some good rest. Your body has a large task cut out for it. You’ll need the sleep.”
“What about you and the other two? You’ll be digested!” Bernadetta whimpered, and Edelgard looked up, hearing Bernadetta’s heartbeat racing above her head. It was quite a quick beat. Edelgard rubbed her fellow student’s stomach reassuringly once more.
“I left a staff I found in a strange location rumored to bring back the dead wrapped up in my clothes. So you can use that to bring us back. And if not...I have my suspicions the Professor will have something he can do to help.” Edelgard said with a calm smile, which she could tell eased Bernie since her heartbeat slowed. As it continues to slow no doubt as Bernie drifted off to sleep, clearly exhausted from dragging two bodies back to her room inside her stomach, Edelgard took a relieved breath that no more disturbances came to disrupt them and eventually felt her eyes say shut as well, sleeping through the night as her body processed Dorothea and Petra, while Bernadetta’s did the same to her own, both of their figures filling out from all the processed meat.
——— Eight hours later ————
Bernadetta woke to the unexpected sight of her professor staring over her. Panic immediately set in upon recalling the events of last night and fear setting in that she was understandably going to be executed for executing Edelgard with her stomach alongside two other students, and Bernadetta nearly restarted them when she reached for Byleth, only for the professor to take a few steps back. Bernadette tried to get up after him, but was weighed down by the new additions to her body thanks to her three course meal. Speaking of...!
Bernadetta glanced towards where Edelgard left her clothing, only to see the...chunkier heir sitting there on a stool before waving to Bernadetta, her thighs squishing together and spilling over the stool with her slight tummy pudge resting on her lap.
“This wasn’t ideal, but at least Edelgard was able to be recovered...” Byleth muttered dryly. “While I have absolutely no idea how you pulled this off Bernadetta, if you plan on doing it again, please at least go one at a time so I can fix it come morning. Since Edelgard struggled with Dorothea and Petra, I was unable to bring them back as well. However, thanks to her safety as a result of your assistance as she explained, I’m going to overlook this. Just...please don’t eat one of the House heads again.” Byleth said with a tired groan indicative of someone who really just needs a glass of coffee or ten. Once Byleth left the room and shut the door, Edelgard turned to Bernadetta with a rather cheerful grin.
“So. I can think of an absolutely sacrilegious snack for you to dine on next time...well, once you’re able to move with ease again.” Edelgard said with a nod. Yes, yes...
She could make this work. Maybe invite Dimitri and Claude over to brunch too while she was at it...
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Comfort Eating for Black Eagles Teens By HiddenIke -- Report

Apologies for the pun with the title. I really didn't know what else to pick for it.

Anyways, Happy Vore Day everyone! I guess there was a benefit to how long this took me to make since I got to finish it for today lmao. And about 15 minutes before it became 8/9 lmao

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