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Don't party with strangers (Trade) By AwokenedWispKP -- Report

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Floria had come down with a strange sickness, and it was up to the group to find the cure. For some reason they'd decided to split up to cover more ground and the party's resident bestdeer somehow ended up by herself.

She wasn't really that confident and decided to ask someone for a recommendation on who could temp with her, and found out that there was a girl who kinda looked like Floria that the female in question had apparently been hanging out with in her spare time.. and after asking Floria herself, highly recommended this girl.. for some odd reason.

As much as she wanted to question it, Elykae however didn't really have the time to go searching for a different complete stranger considering everyone else in her group had already left. And so she went to locate this presumed doppleganger, eventually finding her patting a rather large lizard like creature around the size of a Kimodo dragon. The deer's presence ended up scaring it off, causing the girl to turn, and then introduce herself as Lyra. She seemed innocent enough, So the deer asked if she'd like to help find the plant used to make the antidote for the sickness that Floria had fallen ill with.. and she quite happily agreed.

Unfortunately for Elykae, Lyra hadn't eaten anything in awhile... in fact she apparently intended to swallow that creature she was petting whole. So, as they were walking, the deer was jumped by a hungry short girl and swallowed whole with apparently difficulty. She said it was only until she found something else to eat, in between heavy panting.. as she was clearly enjoying the movement inside her stomach, but the deer was already regretting her decision to trust a recommendation from Floria of all people.

- - -

This is my end of a Trade I was doing with  Rayen, I was originally going to draw it with more proper internals but I was having too much difficulty and it was sucking up a lot of my time.. so I ultimately substituted it for a sort of short story. Hope you like it I guess.

Elykae the bestdeerwife belongs to  Rayen.
Lyra belongs to me.

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Posted by Kartomic 2 years ago Report

Ooh, this is fantastic! :D


Posted by AwokenedWispKP 2 years ago Report

It's.. one way to say that I'm not completely dead.. >//<


Posted by Kartomic 2 years ago Report

Go at your own pace. :)