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even distribution By vyrsm -- Report

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Follow-up to

Character is non-binary, any pronouns. She's not human and doesn't consider herself a man or woman but is fine w/ being referred to as both

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 8 months ago Report

Got dem extra seductive eyes

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Posted by TheDarkStar 8 months ago Report

Dang, she's got that potbelly. I love it.

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Posted by SilentAnon 8 months ago Report

she s o f t

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Posted by GregTheGrimm 8 months ago Report

Man, she's a looker :3

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Posted by Bright 8 months ago Report

Really confident pose.

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Posted by BigJohnHagerty 8 months ago Report

This works great for me cause I refer to everyone as comrade or mate

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Posted by ReposaVermelha 8 months ago Report

Is this Xero? I like this look on them if so. Curious what their partner thinks of it.

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Posted by vyrsm 8 months ago Report

Yeah it’s Xero!! :D Dimitri’s really into it. (Then again he’s into them no matter how they look, all the time…)

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Posted by AColdDayInHell 8 months ago Report

what a cutie

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Posted by braxe 8 months ago Report

good lord she's beautiful...

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