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Day 7 - Dinner Date By OpenLive00 -- Report

Voretober 2019
Day 7 - Exploring a Fetish
Word Count: 3252

When they finally manage to get a weekend to themselves, Vi and Caitlyn are eager to get intimate with one another, in every way they can.

Hoooo boy, I went hard on this one. Three times the minimum word limit and a day late, but I'm still pretty happy with it. Really happy I got to do something with these two again, and REALLY happy I finally managed to work one of my niche kinks in here, that being the pred leaving the prey's cock sticking out of their ass or pussy to play with and/or claim as their own.

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The K

Posted by The K 4 months ago Report

I really loved these stories! Especially the first one with VI bouncing her belly, the loud sloshing, and the way you described the roundness of her belly orb. These were great and best of all Caitlyn was in them :D


Posted by JohnnyB 4 months ago Report

>keeping dick outide to use as own
Huzzah, a fello man of culture I see.


Posted by OpenLive00 4 months ago Report

I pride myself on my refined tastes~


Posted by Lilykitty 4 months ago Report

oh love this story so much!, a pred eating an unwilling and scared prey is hot, but a couple openly willing to eat each other is simply lovely, and the fact that one of them is a futa makes it even better, I think that it could only be better if they both had cocks and balls to play, too, I bet they never have problems with repeat criminals, beyond Jinx, surely when it's time to "release" a criminal, that just means it's time to put them in another cell tighter and hotter, possibly permanently~


Posted by OpenLive00 4 months ago Report

Depends on how open they are, but it's possible that some of them might get some unusual punishments~


Posted by Dooot 4 months ago Report

I can really tell you put a lotta effort into this,this is outstanding even by your high standards!! I hope I can write stuff this good too.


Posted by OpenLive00 4 months ago Report

Thank you so much~! And I'm sure you can if you keep practicing! I know it took me a while to refine my stuff.