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The Halloween special is here!... a week late. I planned to have this out by Halloween, but then a business trip for work got in the way. Better late than never, so please enjoy the raunchy tale of two friends surviving on the scariest night of the year~

Logan, Gabriel, and Bart all belong to me. Thanks to my friend Orenthes for teaching me a proper term for this particular story!

The bowl of popcorn launched into the air. Gabriel screamed, leaping from his cozy cross-legged perch on the couch. The doorbell scared him every time. He slouched into the cushions and collected himself, the monkey sitting across from him laughing his ass off for the fourth time this evening. Logan paused the slasher film, his tail poking the remote on the coffee table in front of him, “I got the last one Gabe, this one is you.”

“Y-Yea, fine. Jeez these movies get me so nervous…” He dropped the bowl into Logan’s lap, pushing himself up to serve the trick-or-treaters at his door. Gabriel always liked to see how creative the children in his neighborhood were, always being sure to admire all the little details of their costumes.

The two friends were much older, unable to pass as kids and get free candy anymore. They both loved Halloween though, still dressing up with makeup and everything. Gabriel always tried a little harder. This year, he picked a wizard, but not just any wizard. This was the character he was playing in his D&D group. Custom pieces of clothing for each piece of special gear the caster adorned, from his winged boots to his ruby-gemmed staff. A tattered tome dangled from his hip, inscribed with runes and spells, all written with calligraphy by the goat’s hand. Logan was a bit lazier, as well as sluttier. Compression shorts covered his package with white paint decorating his body as a skeleton. Gabriel makes him wear a robe when he answers the door.

They made it a point to throw themselves a small event like this every year, plenty of snacks littering the table along with a large selection of movies to watch. Sometimes they have a bunch of people showing up, but this year, it was just the two of them. It was a much cozier event, so neither of them minded each other’s company. They were already on their second flick, even with all the interruptions of handing out candy.

The goat opened the door after adjusting the pointy hat on his head, smiling and greeting the boys and girls with glee, tossing candy in each of their buckets. Logan smiled, watching the goat from where he laid, listening to the onslaught of compliments, “Oh, I love your wings. Your tusks are fantastic! You look like a real demon, you gave me a scare!”

It wasn’t long before Gabriel had a smile on his face, slumping back into his corner of the couch. Logan slipped his feet into the goat’s lap who immediately started to rub them. The tail turned the movie back on, both of them enveloped once again.

They might only be friends, but the two were never afraid to touch each other. Signs of affection were as small as hugs to as large as drunken romps in a closet at a party. It started with the subtlest of touches, sometimes just a helpless smooch on the cheek. The two would stare at each other with that aroused spark and they’d both need to relieve themselves. It was the nature of their relationship. It was completely normal, even with their other friends as well.

Just as that spark started to grow inside the monkey’s shorts, they both screamed as a strange loud beep rang through the house, the movie and lights shutting off with it. Gabriel started suddenly, “What the hell? You better not be trying to scare me, you dirty ape!” He tossed those feet away, pressing his knees to his chest in fear.

“Bruh, I’ve been here the whole time!” Logan pleaded. It was hard to believe the monkey. It wouldn’t be the first time he’s scared the little goat, but the fear in Logan’s eyes seemed to sell the confession well enough.

The house was eerily silent. It felt like it was only minutes ago when the laughter of children outside kept them comfortable, but even looking outside, there was no one to be seen. The only light left was the moon glowing through the window, most of the house black as pitch. The air stood still. Gabriel started to shiver, “Oh I don’t like this at all Logan, what happened?”

The monkey shot up from the couch, pushing and squeezing the goat’s shoulders into the couch, “Hey hey, it’s okay. I’ll go down and mess with the circuit breaker in the basement. You just wait here.”

“Okay. Okay…” He breathed with each word, calming himself as the monkey fished a flashlight from a drawer and disappeared into the blackness of the house. Gabriel was left alone, holding himself as the sounds of his friend slowly pitter-pattered away to the other side of the house. He closed his eyes, counting the seconds that passed. It wouldn’t be long now. It’s not like the lights would be out forever, he told himself.

Logan’s feet slapped against the cold tile and wood as he trekked through the dark. These were the moments where he regretted wearing nothing but some tight shorts. He reached for the knob to the basement. The door creaked and creaked, a cold breath from below chilling his body. He was greeted with the musty gullet of the cellar. He gulped, reminding himself that he was doing this for his friend. He’d barely been in this part of the goat’s home, but that wasn’t going to stop him. He flicked the switch against the wall up and down multiple times. Nothing, as expected.

Down he went, step by step. His weight threatened to snap the flimsy stairs beneath him. The light quickly flashed around the cellar. He already felt vulnerable, like someone was watching him. The room had a low ceiling, boxes for storage messily stacked up in towers around the floor. There was barely a pathway to walk. When he got to the cold concrete floor, another shiver spiked up his back. He looked out over the myriad of boxes and junk. He panned around the room with his flashlight, beginning his trek into the maze.

He was never a fan of the darkness. As a kid, he’d always need a night light on, and he wouldn’t dare get up in the middle of the night in fear of the monsters under his bed frame trying to grab him. If he ever had to venture into the dark, he’d always have a light. It’s a shame the one he currently held flickered out at that very moment.
The primate panicked, slapping the tool against the wall, “Oh shit, oh shit…” It was no use. He had to sit there and wait for his eyes to adjust to the black. The room was dead silent. The only sounds filling the void were his breathing and the clutter getting knocked around by his feet as he shuffled against the wall. The ape struggled to calm himself, feeling his heart beating through his chest. It was so quiet, he could hear the organ slapping against his ribs His nails dug into the bricks against his bare back, scraping against his fur and flesh. He shimmied and shimmied, passing towers of boxes, his gaze slowly adjusting until he froze, his heart skipping a beat as a pair of beady red eyes peered at him from the other end of the room.

It was motionless. The figure had been staring ever since he got into view. He had no idea how much time he stared, petrified that the slightest move would warrant an attack. “W-What do you want?” Logan tentatively called out. There was no response. “What the hell is wrong with you? Talk.” He demanded an answer. Nothing. He focused his gaze, telling himself that if he could at least figure out what it was, that it’d help him escape. His eyes were finally beginning to adjust. It had a square head, almost pointed at the ends of it, and an incredibly thin body. No arms, and barely any legs…

It was the breaker box with its paneling swung open.

The tension broke, and he laughed at how horribly scared he got himself. He trudged through the junk and boxes over to the device, flicking the two red switches, and with an electrical whirring, he could see the lights flicker on through the open doorway on the other side of the basement. A sense of relief fueled him to wear a smile on his face, sending him back up the stairs. Logan wiped some of the dust off his chest and back with his hands. He could hear the buzzing of the TV even before he rounded the corner. “Gabe! Gabe, I found it! Dude your basement is cold and scary as-”

He looked to the couch, but no one was there. The goat’s iconic round glasses were folded gently on the cushion, as well as his spellbook. No sign of the other boy was to be seen, “Gabe?” Logan called out, looking around the room. The lights were on once again, but something was amiss. There was no way Gabriel would have walked off into the darkness on his own.

Logan approached the couch, reaching for the glasses. They were covered in something he didn’t see before...glinting and glistening as it lifted up. It was wet and sticky, but clear. His fingers dipped into the bubbly liquid and pulled away, watching it string across. It was drool.

There was a creak from upstairs, the sounds of wood bending. His mind told him to run, but his feet paced forward hesitantly, stopping him at the stairs. The house was still again as he peered into the upper floor. The light switch was at the top of the stairs, and he knew how horrible this short climb was about to feel to turn it on. He forced the first step. Then another, and another.

Logan’s head rose above the upstairs carpet. A bellowing groan erupted from an ajar door at the end of the hall. It sounded nothing like a cute little bleat. He knew he had to do something. There was someone else in the house. After all, the switch on the breaker was flipped. It can’t do that on its own, right? How did they manage to hide and get out of the basement without being heard by the two boys? The monkey couldn’t answer these questions, but as he reached the top stair, he ran.

He whizzed passed the open doors on either side of him, afraid to even consider looking in them. The monkey could see the movement in the room at the end of the hall. It was still dark, but the shadows of the intruder could be seen along the wall. He reached the door, his hand sliding into the room to flick the switch as another sound rocked the foundation of the house; a belch.

The bedroom was illuminated as Logan slipped inside to solve the mystery. His eyes went wider than they ever had as he took in the sight of the enormous stallion laying, barely balanced on the goat’s bed, a titanic throbbing gut wobbling on top. “Hey lil’ monkey…” The coddling, deep voice calmed him, strangely enough. His tensed muscles softening as the southern drawl continued, “Saw y’all through the window earlier...been waiting to jump ya.”

The beast must’ve barely fit in the hallways, almost ten feet of muscle and glossed fur testing the limits of the goat’s bed. Clothes littered every corner of the tight room, a familiar costume and handmade staff carelessly tossed to one side, a cheesy farmer’s getup littering the other. It was hard to tell if it was actually a costume, considering the equine’s accent, and the straw hat he still wore.

The intruder’s body was hulking, muscles contouring every inch of him. A black mane topped his elongated snout, parted to one side of the chiseled, equine jawline. His fur was snowy grey, but his chin down to those satisfyingly round nuts were speckled white. A black and grey spear of veiny flesh laid against the writhing stomach, dribbling with excitement. The monkey watched as the equine rubbed over his catch, listening to the wet glorps and squelches with every muffled moan from within. Deep nickering breaths filled the horse’s wide chest. Logan drooled over the sloshing package, a glazed meat ring peeking from beneath the sack with each labored breath. His friend had slipped down the gullet of a criminal, and all he could think about was getting his rocks off while exploring this perfect specimen.

“Don’tchu worry ‘bout him. Boy spunked on my tongue before he slipped down.” He emphasized the assurance with a pat to his soft gut and a lick of his lips. “C’mere...touch em.” He knew the right answer to this offer. There was no way he could be chased if he ran and called for help. He’d be safe, maybe even be able to save Gabriel before he stewed for too long inside of the horse’s stomach. He looked down, already leaking through the compression shorts, his cock driving him to take those few steps forward to the side of the bed, moving his hands to the squirming bulge of his friend.

It was hot to the touch. The earthy scent of the equine’s sweat lured him closer like a mouse to cheese. He felt a wide palm press to his back, warming him as it rubbed at his spine. Gabriel wasn’t yelling or complaining from inside, even as a familiar pair of monkey palms squished into the flesh. It was like a pillow. Plushy and comforting, inviting him to nuzzle his nose against it. He smiled in delight as he felt a teasing goat paw from within pinch his nose. He was being playful. Logan pulled back, “He...enjoyed it?”

“Seems like it. Most boys do.” The monkey looked to the gargantuan head peering over to him. The slightest gap between those black lips had him picturing Gabriel’s soft paws pressing against the sneaky appendage within. Pushing further back, the goat probably gave off that goofy giggle he does when he’s teased in just the right way. Logan pictured those wide caprine hips popping inside of the horse’s gullet. A gentle snap of the equine’s teeth broke him from the trance and sent another shiver through is body. He averted his gaze lower, looking into the horse’s pit.

The subtlest glisten of sweat dribbled from the hair sprouting between the gap. It must’ve been a lot of work to swallow down a goat. After all, the cloud of musk around him doesn’t just appear. He must have been exhausted, Logan thought to himself, shuffling himself closer and closer to that armpit. His head dipped down, mushing itself between the warm crevice. A deep chuckle sounded from above him, “Dirty lil’ fellah, ain’tcha? That’s it...huff it.”

Just as he was told, the monkey filled his body with the pungent smell, his lungs tainted and poisoned with the steaming scent of a predator’s perspiration. He exhaled, taking another, and then another. It wasn’t long before the giant biceps as big as his head gently closed and smothered the ape in the heat, smearing him with the scent his nose was sampling. It felt like minutes he was trapped inside, at the mercy of the enormous hoss. Logan’s body fell limp, dangling as he pressed his lips to the hot flesh and fur underneath. Suddenly the vice popped open, dropping him onto the ground and leaving Logan desperate for some fresh air. “Take off those shorts, boy…”

“Anything...” He was so easy to manipulate at this point, his legs weak and mind corrupted by the noxious fumes from the horse’s pits. His thumbs slipped his shorts down, the monkey’s dick slapping into his abdomen. He was painfully hard. The stallion’s spell was so strong, Logan didn’t even notice how smooth the once-writhing bulge had become. Gabriel was gone, churned down into a nutrient-filled slurry that the horse was about to process. The goat was destined to fill out all of those curves of fat and muscle. It would make the farmer even bigger, fatter, and stronger. The only hint was the squelching echoes of Gabriel’s former self as it drained from the belly.

The monkey stood up. His hands reached forward and sunk into the fatty remains. His fingers gently kneaded it, shivering in delight. He contemplated what truly happened to his friend, jostling and squishing him around with an envious smile on his face. The gluttonous horse wrapped his thick fingers around the ape’s dick, smearing the faucet of pre against the glands at the head. Logan’s knees buckled at the touch as the drawl invaded his ears again, I really like your costume, lil’ munk.” The beast groaned, struggling as he sat he up straight, suddenly feet taller than the ape as his other hand pressed against Logan’s back to rub him. The monkey felt coddled and outclassed, almost helpless as he looked up to the snowy snout peering down at him. He was picked up with barely any strain at all, laid against the soothing belly that housed Gabriel. The steaming destroyer of a dick was nestled between his cheeks below. The horse flexed it, rocking the boy gently just to show how off the control he had. Logan wiggled his hips, squeezing his cheeks on the medial ring against his backdoor. He could’ve ridden this all day if he had the opportunity. The monkey’s nose was nestled between pillowy pecs as his back was rubbed by the enormous palm. He felt lips come down and press into the back of his neck, a gentle lick brushing his fur. Another sultry whisper slipped free from the equine’s snout, “I wanna make you into a real one…”

He felt like he could’ve fired his load right there. His dick was mashed against the warm fat, huffing the scent pouring from his muscles. His hands were practically pulling the fat belly into him, listening to the insides glorp and glurch with glee. Logan didn’t hide how much he craved it. The second he slipped into the room, all fear had melted from his body and it morphed into pure unadulterated lust and desire. He couldn’t stop picturing Gabe’s cute muzzle tucked into the horse’s gullet, whining that cute whimper he always gave at the very end of their fun. He wanted to join the goat. He wished the titanic rod of a horse cock could fit deep into his own guts before it all happened, but he wanted to be alive to take the dive inside this nickering stud. Breathy consent slipped from his lips, “Then do it.”

The rubs stopped, along with the licks. The horse’s hands trickled down to cup the monkey’s butt. The room stood still for a moment. He nervously panned his head up, leaning back to look up the wide muzzle that was teasing him moments ago. The farmer had a smile on his face, “I think I will.” The lips he’d been staring at the entire night started to gently part, the steaming breath from the horse’s barrel chest misting his face. The monkey’s eyes went wide as he watched the glistening flat teeth push towards him, and over his face. The man’s thick lips clamped over him, suckling and playfully licking at the paint on his face. He could barely see the outline of the winking gullet and wobbling uvula maybe a foot away. He opened his mouth, letting the equine’s tongue stuff inside.

It only lasted a few moments before the thick tongue pushed underneath Logan’s chin, powerful hands pushing the monkey deeper. His nose mashed into the hungering gullet, and with ease, swallowed down his head with a satisfying glk. Once the sweltering heat from the hoss’s gut wafted up to him in the tight crevice of a throat, Logan fell limp, arms weakly draped at his sides. The farmer didn’t seem to mind. It only made the monkey’s shoulders even easier to claim inside of those lips.

It was all happening so fast, thick drool pouring down his chest and back. The hungering beast slobbered down the ape’s body, lifting him up and holding him like an oversized sandwich at his hips. Gulp by powerful gulp, he was mashed inside. He whimpered at every swallow, the equine’s gullet pinching and squeezing his chest tightly. It wasn’t long before his aching cock was slipped inside by the farmer’s tongue, who clearly was ready to service and savor yet another taste of prey.

A rumbling moan shook the monkey’s core as the flavorful bits of his dick and balls spread along the equine’s jaws. The thumping beat of a heart just beneath him only became more rapid, the horse spear under his ass lifting and stuffing him deeper as it flexed. His bare feet pressed against the throbbing shaft. The monkey pushed on it to eagerly stuff himself further inside. Down he went, the horse greedily gulping more of his meal down until the monkey’s bubbly cheeks lightly ground against his teeth. A gentle chewing started just to toy with him, the monkey wiggling helplessly inside the crushingly tight throat.

His top half was dangling down into the wet abyss, the throat’s inside blocking his vision as it gummed over his head and shoulders. The equine’s tongue dragged against the length of his member over and over. The muscle was so big, nearly half the size of his entire waist. He could feel each little taste bud scraping against him, urging him to give in to the wonderful sensation and empty himself. The flat teeth continued to nibble and squish his backside. The teasings reminded him that he was meat, a helpless, nutritious toy for the giant hoss. He was destined to stew into a slurry just like his friend, and just as he imagined the horribly dirty end they would both meet, ropes of fresh spunk splattered against the horse’s tongue. He whimpered out, spending some of the little oxygen he had left. His body spasmed and writhed as best as it could as a devious grin peeled across the equine’s full mouth. The horse knew it was time. Tilting his head back, coarse hands wrapped around the monkey’s ankles.It was like slurping down a thin noodle. The horse sealed his lips around the monkey’s legs and loudly sucked him down. A final gulp, and the monkey’s soles disappeared with a satisfying glk, slumping him down into the steaming smelter of a rounded horse belly.

Logan was submerged inside the inner workings of the stallion, packed cozily into the plushy guts that hugged and craved him endlessly. The liquids within smeared against his sensitive body, tingling his flesh as he huffed the acrid scent of a horse’s stomach. He was thankful monkeys were flexible, his knees rolled tightly into his chest. A wide handprint pressed and jostled him from the outside, a muffled tease from above him barely heard, “Say hi to that lil’ goat for me.” The sticky remains of his load dribbled onto his head as the hoss finished gulping it all down after him. Everything around him was so soothing. The thumping of a handsome man’s heart inches above his head. The deep breaths rumbling in and out of giant lungs beside it. The warm, inviting liquids calmly lulling him into a comfortable slumber. Logan was ready, closing his eyes and smiling in delight before his final moments trickled and churned away to the sounds of his wonderful end.

The heavy, booted footfalls of the packed horse thumped down the stairs. He was nearly dressed again, struggling to pull the overalls over his fresh layer of fat. He planned to have at least one packed away inside him by the end of the night, but two? Now he was just getting careless. Bart wondered to himself how those two cuties hadn’t noticed him sneak his way into the home, but in the end, it wasn’t worth questioning. After all, both of the boys were packed away on his body for good now.

He finished latching the blue overalls over his checkered shirt as he pushed out of the house and into the cool November morning. The sun hadn't risen yet, and there wasn’t a soul to see wandering the streets around him. The paunch hugged against his torso gave a sickening groan and a visible rumble. The two friends were calling back to him, “Aww, you two are done cookin’ already? I’m gonna miss ya…”

The yard was still littered with spooky decorations. Gravestones with battery-powered hands grabbed at the air. Bats dangled from trees that flapped their wings in the breeze. Skeletons with flashing LED eyes were set up in an elaborate display as if they were bursting from tomb buried in the ground. The only bare spot in the entire yard was close to the house, right next to a tree. It was untouched grass, but the farmer had the perfect idea for one final decoration to truly make this a haunted house.

Bart stepped off the stoop and into the lawn. He reached back and popped the buttons on a convenient flap on the overalls, exposing his cheeks to the fresh morning air. His body was always efficient, knowing that those two would be a smooth exit, just like the rest. He panned the neighborhood one more time to make sure he was in the clear before he squatted down with a grunt. “Alright you two, keep it quiet.”

A nickered sigh bellowed from his lips as the brown coil poured from between his cheeks. The thick log never broke, slapping into the ground in a never-ending assault, tainting it with the remains of an ape and goat. Speckles of white and brown fur could barely be seen clumped into the pile as it grew and grew. Bone eventually joined the mound as well, more and more decorating the filth. The stream eventually stopped, and Bart struggled for a moment. A powerful grunt echoed before a caprine skull slammed into the top of the pile, perching crookedly in the mess. Another labored grunt, and a primate skull, fangs and all joined it. The two friends were joined together once again. They may not be around anymore, but Bart surely would remember both of them. After all, he’d be using them to lure in more scrumptious meals in the future.

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Posted by Zacerine 1 year ago Report

Oh that was kind of sad for the goat


Posted by studmonkey 1 year ago Report

He enjoyed himseld plenty, don't worry :3


Posted by Zacerine 1 year ago Report

Yeah but hes gone now. Didnt really get to choose if that was how it was going to happen


Posted by studmonkey 1 year ago Report

The nature of the story~


Posted by Zacerine 1 year ago Report

Okay. I like your icon