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[Patreon] Formidable Appetite By StygianRook -- Report

As promised, here's October's pred poll winner pic of Formidable, who's casually enjoying her tea time as her large gut churns away her three-girl meal. Belfast's a bit surprised that she ended up in her belly, but it seems Takao and Atago have already accepted their fates as prey by now. :P

Oh and apparently we just hit 700 watchers. Huzzah! And it's not even been half a year yet. Thank y'all for the support! :D

As for this month's poll, Observer (Azur Lane) is leading with 7 votes. In second place is a new OC (by me) with 6 votes. Third place is Rei Ayanami (Evangelion).

As always, you can find the poll below (higher tiers can vote with the second link in addition to the first):

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Posted by SomeGuyHere 3 years ago Report

Ha, nice one! Atago and Takao are taking it in rather well compared to Belfast, well she will learn to as well soon enough, given how many girls eats her. Belfast is for eating.


Posted by algog8 3 years ago Report

But can she fit the whole fleet in there?


Posted by StygianRook 3 years ago Report

She definitely has room for more. :9


Posted by [Dinobonoid] 3 years ago Report

Lol at my girl Atago just used to getting eaten at this point. Bound to happen when you're as delicious as she is.


Posted by StygianRook 3 years ago Report

Atago and Takao combo meal new meta. lul


Posted by Makazawa 3 years ago Report

Poor Belfast end as prey again


Posted by SomeGuyHere 3 years ago Report

It's what she's best at.


Posted by MugenNoSaga 3 years ago Report

Those two are like "so this is the stomach in which are gonna end up today", even if its a repeated visit. Since the way they are speaking makes me think a lot of Kiyoa's Ranma that is already used to being eating by whoever and having a recurrent prey (or preys in this case) being self aware gives a good touch to it.


Posted by GassyBlossom31 3 years ago Report

"Ah shit, here we go again." XD


Posted by Faraw 1 year ago Report

"ah shit, here we go again..."
"you get used to it, Belfast"
So basically, this is a setting where prey reformed again, since Takao and Atago aren't just unbothered, but flat-out "used to it", huh