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Luscious Lopunny By Asaneman -- Report

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Clack Clack! A Pokéball, Purple in nature tumbled to the floor. Designed to capture any pokémon without failure, yet it completely missed its target, crashing into the ground where an unsuspecting Lopunny once stood. Yet, she leaped with elegance and dodged the inevitable… the ‘M’ inscribed on the ball was now filled with the earth’s goopy mire. Shio plucked the sphere from the ground, wiping away the sludge with his hand, making the distinct inscription visible again. He sighed in his failure, the incompetent throw botched his chance to add the curvy Rabbit to his team. Although he was searching for this Pokémon in particular for a substantial amount of time, he wasn’t ready to throw in the towel yet... That’s when a soft hand tapped his left shoulder…

“So, it was you who was trying to capture me, Hm?” An icy yet voluptuous whisper sank into Shio’s veins, freezing him on the spot. He couldn’t open his mouth even if he wanted to. A small giggle escaped her mouth, resonating in Shio’s ears.

“You’ll soon be another tasty trainer to my ass!” She cooed into Shio’s ear, explicitly sure that the Wolf/Magpie hybrid would stay concrete on the marsh. She retracted her species’ distinct legs and gave her rear a slight shake, the two cheeks slapped together, the fat from her previous meals rippled out for a few brief seconds before dissipating, she gracefully kicked her legs and leaped up into the sky, the resulting recoil from the exuded energy created a small crater in the earth as the Lopunny rocketed meters into the sky, positioning herself to propel the Lupine into her biding belly. Her legs hastily shifted from underneath her rear to be in a direct, horizontal line with her pelvis, chopping the air as the Rabbit came crashing down. Her hands moved to shift the pudge on her rear, digging her delicate paws into the narrow gap and pushing into the thin layer of assfat, opening a precise rear entry for the trainer.

Shio managed to thaw himself for a brief second, looking up into the brown void above, mere seconds away from swallowing him whole! He felt every iota of defiance leak from his head, the inferiority filled his body, aligning his arms, legs, and wings into one, straight line. Ready to be scooped up by the descending Lopunny!

Schluuup! The Lopunny landed rear first into Shio, effortlessly sucking her prey up through her rump! The impact was nullified thanks to the careful shifts of pudge to the curves of her ass, creating a safe landing pad for the Rabbit to snag her prey! Gravity performed most of Shio’s journey to his captor’s acidic pit, the fast descent of the wild Lopunny and the fact that he was as still as a statue were major factors as to why he shot through the Lopunny’s winding tubes and slipped comfortably into the hot pocket within her torso. The tight confines had already begun their work, binding Shio’s body with its acidic walls and enveloping as much of him as possible in the vat of stomach acid!

On the other side, momentary moans of euphoria consumed the Lopunny. Everything about taking another trainer in through the rear entrance just felt… right. Was it Shio’s soft yet sparse fur submissively entering her rear? Or those monstrously large wings fitting into a smaller compartment? Perhaps it was the submissive and obedient attitude he displayed during her descent? Whatever it was; she wanted more. After enjoying a well-earned meal of course!

“I’m honored that you tried to catch me, but this is what happens to weak trainers like you!” The Lopunny teased, rising to her feet after Shio was firmly imprisoned in her belly. It was encroaching on her breasts, squeezing the tips into the rest of the breast. She placed her left arm on her hip, and her right one used to pet her large, swollen belly. Her soft paw tapped on Shio’s head, the only remaining part of his body that wasn’t fully encompassed in sweltering acid. Gwourrrgl! Shio felt a sudden force push his head further down into the sizzling pool, yet he didn’t attempt to force himself out of his captor’s grasp, allowing her to slowly push the remainder of Shio’s head into the acid! Shio felt the full force of the Lopunny’s digestion process, melting into pudge in a matter of minutes!

The strenuous force of Shio within her melting confines unexpectedly dropped off for the Lopunny, what was a large ball filled with her prey being churned by her efficient digestive fluids transformed into a lifeless ball of pudge, swaying from her hips.

“They get.. ‘captured...’ mmh…” The words slowly moaned from her mouth, her tongue slightly unfurled out, coated in saliva generated from those euphoric moments of digestion. The Lopunny was now stuck with this weird Pokéball that her prey chucked at her a few minutes ago, it had no use to him now so the Lopunny decided to experiment with the orb; she placed it in-between her breasts, comfortably smooshing it against her brown pillows and waiting eagerly for the ensuing pudge to consume it entirely.

Her belly began to rapidly retract back to its origin now that her prey was fully digested. Then she felt it. That familiar pocket of air charging up her esophagus ready to be belched as a signal from her stomach that it was fully satisfied with the meal it was treated to. Although it felt bigger; as if it was taking something else up with it, the Lopunny puffed her cheeks with air before-


She kept her mouth wide open, allowing the belch to hang in the air for a brief period, that’s when she felt it. A metal necklace, caked in saliva and laying on her cushy right breast, the metallic emblem tickled the breast which had already grown a substantial size just a few minutes. The remaining saliva soaked into her fur while she pressed her right arm into its respective cheek, digging her hand further into the fat, her tongue extended further out from her mouth, saliva dripping into the crest of fur surrounding the master ball, which was now fully submerged in pudge. The Lopunny now turned her attention to the necklace, which was now, mostly dry from her fur and the soft breeze wafting around the area. She plucked it from her breast and stared at it for a few brief seconds in her hand, enamored by its intricacies…

“Gosh, you made me so big for a scrawny Wolf!” She appraised her expanded breasts which doubled- no, tripled their original size! She gave her ass a firm smack with her free, left hand. The fat rippled from the point of applied pressure in large waves, spreading all over her new and improved rump.

“If only I could eat you again…”


Story written up by , thanks so much!

Patreon voted idea for last month, featuring a Lopunny girl getting heavy off of  ShioMagwolf!

WIPs, with an alt:

Lopunny © Nintendo
Shio ©  ShioMagwolf

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Posted by MirceaKitsune 8 months ago Report

Simply adorable ^.^

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Posted by JustThatDude 8 months ago Report

Shiro may have been an average trainer, but he was a delicious snack!

Really love your art style and how full you make your preds!

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Posted by Sosere 8 months ago Report

Yes, yes, yes and most of all... Yes. X3

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Posted by denysvision 3 months ago Report

i will steal her heart and make her my gf,because she is so adorable,and ofc i allways love lopunny

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