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Link & Zelda: Lizalfos Lunch! By tightenheart -- Report

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This is a 3-page full color comic featuring:

Vore, Barefooted Prey, Nudity, Partial Digestion, Ass-First Vore, Head-First Vore

Princess Zelda and her champion Link are relaxing by the lakeside on one of their expeditions. In these brief moments that their guards are down, a pair of hungry Lizalfos ambush them from behind!

Link is abruptly seized by the lengthy tongue of one of the Lizalfos! The powerful force pulls him from his boot, leaving him barefooted. Princess Zelda looks on in horror as she is held in place to be devoured by the other monstrous creature! Zelda can only watch helplessly as she witnesses her champion be consumed ass-first.

The cracking of Link's bones as his body contorts to be swallowed in this painful position causes Zelda to act! She breaks free of her ambusher's grasp and pulls Link from the maw of the beast devouring him, but the damage had already been done... Link can now barely move after his legs had snapped so far forward in painful and humiliating fashion.

The Lizalfos that had held Zelda in place before was tired of waiting - he shoots his tongue forward towards the Princess, keen on devouring her ass-first after she had denied his companion of consuming Link in the same position. Being too weak to assist the Princess, Link is then abruptly scooped back up by the Lizalfos that had been attempting to consume him. This time, he would take no chances. The Hylian boy is shoved into the creature's mouth head-first this time.

Link's legs flail wildly as the Lizalfos lifts it's head to the sky, allowing gravity to easily swallow the boy. There would be no interruptions this time. Princess Zelda's frail body compresses beneath the powerful jaws of the Lizalfos. Helpless to struggle, she can only watch as her protector's bare feet twitch before disappearing into the creature's maw! She knows that she is soon to follow...

Once entirely consumed, both the Princess and her champion begin to dissolve in agonizing fashion. They both let out a final desperate cry as their clothing is shredded, revealing their nude forms...

No help will be coming for the beloved Princess and her brave champion...

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Posted by Spunkomatic66 2 years ago Report

Possibly your sexiest scenario and art yet


Posted by tightenheart 2 years ago Report

Thank you friend! I'm glad you enjoyed <3


Posted by Spunkomatic66 2 years ago Report

Yeah, definitely, no problem. I'm so glad your Gumroad is doing well because everything you put out is worth buying.


Posted by WarewolfBarMitzvah 8 months ago Report


What an awesome post!