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Spunky Spice By Asaneman -- Report

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What’s that? Well, of course I won!

That isn’t to say it was an easy victory; the competition was truly exceptional this year. I must admit when that Lopunny went up and gave her Mirror Coat performance I thought my tails were trussed! ...Ah, Pardon me, that’s a Ninetales expression. It means you’re in a spot of trouble.

Of course she ended up being no trouble at all, needless to say it takes more than making your fur shimmer to impress our wonderful panel of judges (who I’m grateful to for recognising my brilliance, naturally.) I'm sure an entry level contest would have accepted her adequacy, but when you're in a league like this one you need a performance with a little more, dare I say, 'spice'?

When I found out she was getting fourth place I was practically salivating. Soon those delicious curves would be all mine! ...a pity she never made it to my stomach, it was far too full to fit another Pokemon by then. But I couldn't let her feel left out up on the podium, and I'm a Ninetales who revels in new experiences; devouring someone with my foxhood live on stage has been on my bucket list for a while.

It was a lot easier than I expected once I had gotten her going. Those hips proved to be a bit of a challenge, but it was nothing a Pokemon of my calibre couldn’t handle. I can still feel those fluffy ears of her trailing down my shaft though… mmh, I think I’m going to need a moment alone in the green room after the show before I go home, if you catch my drift.

Of course that luscious Lopunny didn’t do quite as much as that rambunctious lout of a Houndoom. You should have heard him backstage, boasting about his score as he stomped about the waiting room. Of course his attitude turned into sour jealousy when he saw mine, needless to say he was not amused finding out I had doubled his pitiful score.

I offered my sympathies for him coming in third place, as one does when they're a humble winner such as myself. His response was that I could take my kind words and shove them up my buttocks… well, that certainly gave me some ideas on how to handle him. What good is a hotdog if it isn't placed between two glorious buns, after all~?

He's still wobbling quite a bit, isn't he? All that rage of his seems to be making my cheeks bounce whenever I talk about him. I imagine I'll be keeping him like this for a while yet, it's only fair given how he snapped at my tails on the way down. I'd say the pain was worth it though, those exterior bones of those felt glorious slipping through my tailhole.

And finally, my dear second place stomach-filler. Verdance Fiere; a Serperior as handsome as he is humble. Time and time again we've stolen the trophy out from each other's grasp, it's always a delight to find a Pokemon with such passion for competition.

The whole time we were backstage he was teasing me about how he’d soon be slurping down my tails and belching up my scarf. I certainly plan to get a copy of tonight’s show, if only to rewatch the part where the results were announced. The look on his face when he discovered he had come in second place, the slow realisation that he’d soon be feeding a true contest champion.

That melted into denial, insisting a Pokemon of my size couldn't possibly fit a Serperior in their gut. I'd like to thank my fans for cheering me on as I slurped down those emerald coils of his, and the stagehands for their help pushing when I got stuck. To Verdance's fans, I want to remind you that while he may have not come first in the contest, at least he was the first to be eaten~

I’m so glad to finally put an end to that silly little rivalry we had, I’m sure now that he’s had such an utterly humiliating defeat at my jaws we’ll finally be able to move past our differences and move forward... as one. Because at the end of the day, that's what this contest circuit is all about; four beautiful Pokemon joining forces to become one dazzling form. Of course, I'll be doing most of the work, these three just have to make sure they go to all the right places.

But should you be watching a recording of this little interview, Verdance, and somehow have the foolish desire to face me again on this, or any other, contest stage… I await your challenge on baited and, until I have a mint, Grass-scented breath. Just know that you won't only be competing against me; you'll be competing against all the wonderful curves you'll turn into once my fitness instructor is through with you.


Hm, finally speaking up are you? I suppose that must mean you'll be challenging me again after all. That or my stomach is awaiting your next encounter with it. In either case, until I see you again my formidable, and fattening, opponent...

Au revoir~


Picture done for  TastyTales featuring a Spice after taking out the competition! He wrote the story correlate, thanks so much!


Ninetales © Nintendo
Spice ©  TastyTales

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Posted by dustinwasham1997 3 months ago Report

nice art

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Posted by yerbabuena 3 months ago Report

Those descriptions are always delightful among the art~!

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