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Ever since the "Big Belly Boom" movement started by Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez, all the women of Hollywood and average women both began to gain massive amounts of weight; women who were once slim and fit tummies now sported large bulging guts in their places. It had been a year since the movement began and most women were living large and happier than ever, there was one woman, however, who wasn't happy: Katy Perry.
Katy wasn't upset because of the movement, quite the opposite actually as she had been advocating for it since day one; the problem was her and how her belly wasn't anywhere near as large as she had wanted it to be. She had only gained about 40lbs and it was fairly evenly spread out; her breasts and butt got noticably plumper and rounded but her belly only barely stuck out, a small layer of pudge being all she had to show for all her hard work.
She stood in front of her mirror naked, looking at her body and sighing longingly at the idea of what she wanted to look like in her head. She gorged herself constantly, she had to go grocery shopping every 3 or 4 days because she would very quickly empty her kitchen out. She barely left her home, choosing to do as little as possible in hopes of speeding her weight gain journey up but to very little success in her eyes.
All hope was not lost for her though, since the movement began there has been a new trend of catering companies taking requests to come to people's homes and feed them as much as they want. Katy caught wind of the trend and decided to call one up, eagerly awaited their arrival; she quickly threw on a yellow and red bikini and waited at the door. About 10 minutes passed when she noticed a large catering van pulled up, the words "Four Sisters Feedery" displayed on the side; she bounced up and down at the sight, clapping her hands with glee.
A tall, big bellied white woman, dressed in a green t-shirt with the company logo plastered on it and shorts, made her way out of the van and towards the door, Katy opening it as she approached and greeting her with a large smile. "Hi! You must be the catering company I called up!" she gleefully exclaimed, gesturing for the woman to enter. "Yes ma'am we are," the woman responded, "I'm Jessica, can we park our van in your garage?" Katy agreed and Jessica motioned with her hand to her friends to drive it in as she walked into Katy's house.
"So what's Ms. Katy Perry herself doing calling lil ol' us?"
"I've been having trouble gaining the weight I want", she responded, grabbing her small layer of pudge, "I want to be enormous!"
"So does every other woman around these parts." Jessica chuckled before three other women entering Katy's home. The three women were every bit as plump as Jessica, all wearing similar clothes to her as well. "And who are you beauties?" Katy asked, her voice low and sensual as she eyed those lovely ladies up and down.
A tall, mocha skinned lady stepped forward; "I'm Janae and you're just my type...", she said with a teasing wink. Katy giggled and blew a kiss at her, the other two stepped forward once she did; a slightly smaller pale woman and a slightly taller tanned woman introducing themselves as Erica and Tina respectively. After they all introduced themselves; Jessica, Erica and Tina went to the van to get everything they needed while Janae told Katy what exactly they do.
"So what we do is we cook up the fattiest foods we know with only the highest quaility ingredients around!"
"Really? That's it? How is that any different than anything I can do myself?" Katy said, unimpressed.
"Oh trust me, it's very different." Janae continued, "With how you typically eat alone, you most likely stop eating and rest your meal off, am I right?"
"Yeah...? I mean most people do."
"Well that's clearly not working but with what we do, we know how to keep you eating even after you're stuffed to the max."
"Oh really?", Katy laughed, "And how do you manage that?"
Janae smirked, "Oh you'll see...", she said before making her way to the van as the other three women were bringing in large amounts of food. After all the food from the van were brought in and into the kitchen, Katy went to them to help cook before being directed to sit at the table. As she sat, Janae tied her hands to the chair, "Hey! What the hell are you doing?!" Katy shouted.
"This is part of how we do this," Janae explained, "we force you to eat past your limit and we also help you digest the food quickly to make even more room to keep the cycle going."
Katy sighed, she knew she couldn't manage this herself so what was the harm in letting them help her? "Alright I guess..." she concided, much to Janae's delight; "Good! Now just sit there and we'll be back!" Half an hour passed before the four women returned to Katy, their hands holding large heavy platters filled to the brim with various foods stacked high, their delicious aroma filling Katy's house.
Her mouth watered as she gazed upon the feast that awaited her; fried chicken, roasted pig, mountains of mashed potatoes, gallons of southern style sweet tea, steamed vegetables, there was so much food she couldn't see everything behind the mountains that sat before her. "So where do you wanna start?", the girls all asked at once, "I don't care, just get all this in my belly!" Katy responded back, her mouth still watering and her eyes completely excited like a kid in a candy store.
The women nodded and began grabbing food and shoving it into Katy's mouth; Janae started it off with two huge scoops of mashed potatoes followed by Erica with two large turkey drumsticks with Jessica and Tina both grabbing two burgers each and stuffing them down her throat. Katy loved every moment of this, she was disappointed she hadn't done this sooner, her mind lost in the enjoyment of this experience.
Half an hour passed and Katy's gut was stuffed tight, its size touching her knees and leaving the songstress groaning in pain even as Janae rubbed her belly to soothe it. "BWuuuuaAAAaarrrRRRRRPPPpppPp... ooooooo... is this it?" Katy asked between heavy breaths, "Just gonna gorge and nap, gorge and nap? Where's the 'quick digestion' you were talking about?" Janae smiled, "Glad you asked", she quickly moved her hand to her biniki bottom and pulled it off.
"WHOA! WHAT THE FUuuuu...ooooohhhh...." Katy's words of protest being stopped in their tracks by Janae proceeding to eat her out. "This is what we meant by 'quick digestion', Ms. Perry", Jessica explained, "we stuff you to your limit and hasten your digestion via sexual pleasure." Katy didn't hear her though, she was completely in her own mind, lost in the euphoria of Janae's pleasuring. Noticing this, the other three women proceeded to continue feeding her.
Soon, all the food on the table and from their van was completely gone; all sitting inside of Katy's titanic tummy, which now stretched out about ten feet long. "There anything left?" Erica asked, recieving a head shake from Tina before being startled by a shrill shriek. They both looked behind the massive mound of flesh to see Jessica's arm, halfway inside of Katy's mouth. They ran to her aid and attempted to pull her out, Katy, and surprisingly Janae, entirely unaware of this dire situation thanks to being stuck in their own little world.
Using all their might, Tina and Erica had managed to slowly pull Jessica's arm out for a moment before Katy sucked her back in, this time swallowing Jessica up to her waist. Moving their hands away just in time, the two grabbed her by her legs and began pulling even harder than before. "How did this even happen?!", they shouted at the same time, getting only more muffled screaming from Jessica. Katy's mind must've registered the three of them as a very long and thick noodle as she sucked them all down with gusto, landing the three of them in a cramped, smelly pool of mostly digested mush and stomach acids.
"How the fuck did you get your arm caught in her mouth?!" Tina screamed, using what little space she had to punch Jessica in the kidney.
"I was giving her the last few crabcakes and she just kinda... jolted forward and caught my arm, now get off my ass!" Jessica responded, decking Tina in the face.
"Can you both STOP THIS SHIT?!" Erica screamed, making the other two go silent, "How are we gonna get out of here?"
Just then, they heard soft snoring from outside; some snoring from under and beside them. "OH NO!" they shouted, punching and kicking to the best of their abilities, hoping they'd wake either of them up. Suddenly, the pool of assorted mush and acids began to rumble and they heard a groan come from outside. Their faces turned to relief as they felt Katy's stomach getting ready to force them out.
A gargantuan belch found its way past Katy's lips, its sound echoing loudly around the three women. As it rumbled on, they all began to suffocate, the burp robbing them of precious air to breath until they lost consciousness. As her burp ended, Katy smiled in her sleep, rubbing her giant gut and dreaming of how large she was gonna be once she woke up.
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