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Scent Removal Services By TristanHawthorne -- Report

A direct followup to Eon Rider's last vignette. Eon told me that I could write whatever I wanted and he'd like it. I was a good boy and included him in it in a similar role to last time: Getting trolled by pollen and one of my more obscure characters. This time it's Seemer, a shapeshifter who likes to flirt and play tricks.

Contains: References to Semen, Flirty Feral Dragon Time, Playing Disinterested, Swollen Reptilian Groin Slits, Seismic Toss, Rampant Wildflower Destruction, Transformation, Sneezing, Shrinking, Canvas-Tops and Implied Vore.

Eon the dragon is Eon Rider
Seemer is my bat boi

Heck, I forgot to include his hat. And his sunglasses I suppose but that was a deliberate choice to omit. He'd be a suspicious dragon in big chunky 80s shades.

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Posted by Zavvnao 2 months ago Report

who is eon rider on fa or eka's? I like big dragons in vore :3


Posted by TristanHawthorne 2 months ago Report

He only gave me his SoFurry: eonarider


Posted by Zavvnao 2 months ago Report

thank you ^^

I do like your writing. :3