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Glamour Glug-glug By ZeroSenin -- Report

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While working as freelance photographers for the pinup modeling business, your next session calls for a 'wet job' in order to collect a juicy bonus for your customers on the side. They'll be more than glad to pay manyfold what you'll see on the agency's paycheck if you can score some close-ups from angles that normal shoots tend to overlook; and you don't need to hear it twice from your wallet to suit up and ship away for the shoot.

Since the theme for the session is the summer-favorite 'Wet Shirts', you'll just sneak into a bottle that the model will then helpfully pour over herself and hit the record button. Voila! Here come the morebucks. All you have to do is wait for your mark to raise the tap into position for you to spill onto her. However, with the season's sun and an extensive session blowing against your sails, will your ship manage to hold its course to the cushioned harbor?

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Posted by dcvfgb1234 9 months ago Report

Holy hell that was an absolutely amazing story. Read it last night.
One of the best I've read in quite a while.
I've been thinking about it all day.

Really loved the internal descriptions. They were exceedingly well written. And I really loved how things started shaking up as Alexia did the jumping jacks. Initially when it happened I was like what happened, but then I caught on pretty fast.

Btw, why did Cass know the earthquake was coming?

The leadup to the vore was really great too. Really loved it and I kept wondering how she'd end up drunk. Had guessed that Alexia perhaps went over and drank some water before Nyssa could prevent her, but Nyssa just not being there was an even better solution.

I wonder if Nyssa ever realised what happened to Cass.

There only really was one thing "wrong" with it and that is that it ended. XD
For me then when I read the best stories I just don't want them to end and have this really weird feeling afterwards where i just want more. It's rare that I get it and your story managed to produce that feeling. That's why I can say with certainty that it's one of the best stories I've read in quite a while, since during hte past half year or so I only think there's like a dozen stories which hgave produced that reaction.

So yeah, kudos to you!

As a digestive slut then I definitely wouldn't have minded the digestion being more graphic and also including details from the intestines and perhaps the disposal later on. Could have made a funny remark about that.

Though, I'm fully aware that those things might well not be your thing. Albeit, I did notice that you're watching Supernova, so perhaps they are. Which also is part of why I'm mentioning them.
At the end of the day then that's personal preference, though, and the story was amazing as it is. But for me personally then having those things in would have made it even more amazing than it already was.

But yeah, wanted to make sure you got the feedback you deserve. It was a really enjoyable read and I hope to see more from you in the future. You definitely have talent for writing catching and enthralling internal descriptions.

Your stomach description was superb and I could vividly imagine how it must have been for Cass to sludge through all that muck.

You earned yourself the fairy's stamp of approval!

Hope you're having a good day and that you had a Merry Christmas.


Posted by ZeroSenin 9 months ago Report

Thanks a lot for your kind feedback! I'm really glad that you enjoyed it so much; had a good time writing this one and hoped that others would have liked it as well.

Figured it would end well with some bouncy goodness, heh.

The bit about feeling an earthquake incoming was supposed to be around the same time that Alexia was about to start bouncing about; hence her stomach picking up on the slosh.

Well one may not know for sure, but she'd have quite brighter red on her face upon finding out if she were to join the dots. Let's hope for her sake that there wasn't some other gear recording both mics that she may inspect for clues ;).

Anything further than the stomach is fine by me, though not particularly my favorite, and I decided to leave it where it ended in this case. Maybe some other time I'll take it further.

Thanks again and you too! Wish you some good time these holidays!


Posted by dcvfgb1234 9 months ago Report

Oh, I did get that the earthquake started when Alexia started jumping. Hadn't realised that she'd do some bouncing around before starting the jumping jacks, though.
I wonder what kind of bouncing around it was she was doing.

True. Nyssa would probably feel super bad if she realised that it was the jumping jacks which took out Cass. XD

Wish you some good time too.


Posted by Ragnow 9 months ago Report

Im not a big fan of unaware, but even I couldn't help but love this story if only because the digestion was so well written and your style in general is detailed and vivid!


Posted by ZeroSenin 9 months ago Report

Thank you! Glad that it was to your liking. Here's hoping to keep the sloppy details rich and thorough for the next one too.