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A Concubine's Vengeance By Artist-san -- Report

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New year, old art. This one is a complicated case. It's an incomplete work that I ended up scraping due to losing the original file. I can't seem to find the original sketch either. It's a real shame, since I think I had something really good going on there. But it would be a waste to just leave it in the void for no one to see, so I decided to let you all see it. Maybe one day I'll revisit this and fix it to look right. My awkward attempt at coloring Tomoe Gozen. She made a snack out of Ushiwakamaru after learning her identity. The revenge was as sweet as the roasted tengu meat she claimed as her prize.

Oh and veender prepared a story for this pic. Provided that the link works, you can read it here.

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Artist-san: Feel free to say whatever you like. Try not to roleplay here though. It'll make you look creepy as hell. Feel free to not care though. Its not like I'm going to reply to that stuff. If it's criticism, hopefully it'll be fair, helpful, unbiased opinions. Otherwise don't expect to be taken seriously. Don't worry too much about me though, I won't bite. Just relax and be down to earth.


Posted by Artist-san 1 year ago Report

Btw, I was pissed that she wasn't in Oniland. Not at all.

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Posted by That1Person 1 year ago Report

Tomoe does need more representation! Hope to see her in your style again sometime

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Posted by [Dinobonoid] 1 year ago Report

The coloring on this is legit impressive. Clean and subtle, compliments the strength of your linework.

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Posted by TheOverMind 1 year ago Report

That's quite a few good old vore arts you've uploaded, very nice.

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Posted by FireRed2 1 year ago Report

Tomoe gozen is my favorite of fate series. Seeing her dome by ya work is amazing. ^^

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Posted by spectro 1 year ago Report

It's nice to finally see some of Tomoe being the predator

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Posted by Czar310 1 year ago Report

Great work,and good story, I really likes it, any chances that you'll draw the part where she gets an even bigger belly for eating snacks and chugging soda for hours? That part was amazing

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Posted by Artist-san 1 year ago Report

Probably not. I would love to invest in her some more but I'm too busy drawing other girls.

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Posted by HangryDemon 1 year ago Report

This is so good

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