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Alley's Devious and Seductive Plan [Comm] By HybridLyon -- Report

The second of my three commissions that Eddieween finished super quick these past couple days, featuring another friend of mine's human OC dressed up in a bellydancer outfit with someone shrunken down and stuffed away inside her stomach.

After having captured, shrinking and swallowing her quarry, Alley can't help but admire just how perfect she looks now. Her belly full with a person that was in her way, now helplessly trapped inside of her. And how perfect it is that she'll be using her belly full of this one particular person, to then seduce the one closest to them, and take that person for herself. Quite a devious plan, but it's not as though she can be stopped now. All her prey can do is sit there inside her belly and listen to what unfolds on the outside, and be tossed and shaken around inside Alley's stomach... ( one of the many dirty scenarios in my head, as you can tell. )

link to Eddieween if interested ->

link to no text version here ->

I don't own this OC. Plz no use.

P.S. This person normally isn't a pred player, so if you happen to see them don't pester them with your horny demanding prey needs :p .

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Posted by kibroman 4 days ago Report

very nice
I love a bulge belly dance