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A Fruitful, Fruitless First By DFsDeep -- Report

Vivi is... a rather strange case.
Biologically based on a fruit bat, she should by all means hold a sweet tooth for the sweets and sweets alone. Biologically a kind-spirited creature, but she can make some pretty costly mistakes due to her naivety and clumsiness. Biologically fairly past adulthood, and yet she doesn’t know or understand a damn thing about societal standards.
Not that it should be of concern to the people who understand her. Vivi’s a massive pushover, a teddy bat that would cling to the soonest sign of offering or affection. Regardless of her relatively high strength, she poses no threat of notable violence to the average person. An inexperienced and soft creature like her certainly has no capacity for the blood-spilling stereotypes of her genome.

Despite this, she *is* quite the curious creature. And one day, curiosity-stroking indeed were an unusual species of the forest...
A skin color and texture so mind-bogglingly fruit-like, a set of proportions so tantalizingly small yet voluptuous, a species with no prior knowledge on how to deal with a creature so humanoid and kind, yet so curious...

And all it takes is one happy, hungry *accident* for Vivi to acquire a new taste beyond the familiar sweet of mangoes and melons: the salt of sweat and skin, the savory sensation of writhing gobby meat <3

But while this unlucky goblin girl may be the first to experience the lovely, eager belly of a predator with no instincts, she certainly won’t be the last to succumb to her gluttonous, gurgling gut〜 (*´꒳`*)


D is the name, hiatuses be my game.
I strangely hold a sense of respect and care for this character of mine that wills that this accident never took place canonically, that she’s as innocent of a fruit bat as they come. And yet, feral instincts clearly disagree as you can see...
Regardless, all is fair game and nothing is sacred, and so I hope you enjoy~

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Posted by Coolwoman 1 year ago Report

She's amazing hope to see more!


Posted by Bright 1 year ago Report

A very nice description of the character.


Posted by empatheticapathy 1 year ago Report

She's really hot.


Posted by Garber09 1 year ago Report

Cute character, nice description that helps you get interested in her. Not that the pic itself didn't do that already tho XD.

Also, I don't know what to call that gobbo: poor or lucky gobbo XD


Posted by IvISenpai 1 year ago Report

Cute bat


Posted by XiaoRenzhe 1 year ago Report

I know what you mean with regard to wanting to depict certain things with characters but not being willing to make them canon. “Is willing to kill via digestion” is a heck of a boldfaced character trait to just sprinkle around like the salt meme. Lol.

This is amazing art. Yours are the kinds of lines that I tend to think I learn something from when I gawk at them long enough for the flies to move in. In this case it’s got something to do with how you achieved the flat-bellied “roundness” at the bottom right, which lines are important for effect, and how heavy-handed I ought to be.

Anyway. Love all your stuff. Look forward to whatever more you produce at whatever pace.


Posted by kibroman 1 year ago Report



Posted by Mortaven 1 year ago Report

Ooo~ I really like her X3 Very niice,

And I love a non-pred experimenting on that pred-life ;3 ...Dem lucky goblin girls n//w//n


Posted by DudeManGuy123 1 year ago Report

I want to feed her goblins and do lewd things with her while she gurgles them up~ <3