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[CM] Negotiations Have Broken Down By StygianRook -- Report

Commission for Wulf! This one's based on the final scenes of Ch.6 of the main Higurashi When They Cry sound novels, so beware of spoilers in the next paragraph of this description!

Here's Rena Ryugu from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni having eaten her entire class as result of the Hinamizawa Syndrome advancing further, but this time completely altering her sense of hunger. The police assumed she'd be keeping everyone hostage since she was armed and locked everyone in her classroom, but little do they know they know that her weapon of choice this time was no other than her own gigantic waifu belly. There were no hostages to begin with; she was just having a nice, hearty late afternoon lunch. Negotiations have broken down before they even started. Poor Rika having to meet her end in this fragment like this, getting digested along with all her classmates.

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Posted by theunknownspy 1 year ago Report

Can’t let go of the hostages if there is no hostages


Posted by FrivolousFoxGirl 1 year ago Report

yea what hostages??


Posted by ViciDragon 1 year ago Report

Cant let go of the hostages if you are the hostage(you're a good voicd acter and played the role of a hostage)


Posted by Garber09 1 year ago Report

Oooh! Rena noms! It's so nice seeing Higurashi vore, there's sadly not much content of it :P

Great pic!


Posted by SerenaBlaze 1 year ago Report

Wow! Another great piece Rook! :)


Posted by HangryDemon 1 year ago Report

You don't gotta worry about hostages if there ain't no hostages


Posted by kibroman 1 year ago Report



Posted by AlterEgo23 1 year ago Report

Higurashi... Yes!


Posted by quillanlockard 1 year ago Report

Request: Kokoro Katsura gets Anal Vored by Sekai Saionji


Posted by HiddenIke 4 months ago Report

Can’t get in trouble for having hostages if there’s no hostages. Just nothing but heft~…