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Best Girl's Birthday Bash (3/3) By funnyman -- Report

After a long day of sleeping off all that cake, frosting, and unlucky sisters, Miku awakes to find herself a great deal... rounder than she was previously. She seems to have expanded quite a ways outward in virtually every direction but up. What's more, she's now being hounded by the new tattoos of her sisters all across her belly -- except Yotsuba, who seems to have become the *butt* of the joke this time.

Even though she knows she has to reform her sisters right away, the process is still quite a lengthy one, even for just a single person (let alone four.) In the meantime, Miku seems to be considering more aspects of her newfound size and girth. Perhaps she could wait a while before trying to set things back to normal...? Who knows. Gluttony can corrupt even the purest of souls.

This was really fun to draw, and I'm happy to have finished it in time for my favorite girl's birthday.

Hope to draw more like this in the future!

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Posted by StygianSkies 6 months ago Report

I do like girls having big meals, but I *love* seeing them turn into fat bellies a lot more. Glad to see best quint with a meaty layer of adipose accentuating her figure


Posted by funnyman 6 months ago Report

Glad you like it so much! This piece was honestly my favorite out of the 3, mostly because of the lil’ tattoos and experimenting with thicker lines.

And honestly, look at her! She’s practically starving away over there! Someone needs to get her a pizza or something quick.


Posted by BStone 6 months ago Report

Woah, it's always a pleasure to see the best girl so big and squishy. And tatooification is a great detail... Good job!


Posted by colemercer 6 months ago Report

happy birthday our queen and godness~


Posted by colemercer 5 months ago Report

Miku is the best girl, miku deserve more pred pics