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Emmie's Sweet Mischief By jyoster -- Report

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"Mmmm~ What a delicious cake~ BWOOOUURRRP!!! I wonder who made it." Emmie would say as she eats the last slice and licks her lips from the chocolate cake crumbs left on her face.

"EMMIE!!!" An angry Clara can be heard nearby.

"Oh? Did you want some too Clara? You should've said so earlier." Emmie said, not really bothered by the glare she was getting.


"Ooooh. Sorry, first comes first serve I suppose." Emmie shrugs as she rubs her belly.

"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!" Clara would proceed to scream to the heavens in despair, having been looking forward to eating the deluxe chocolate cake.


Howdy Everyone, back again with another drawing! And this one is a special one for me, as it ties into my love and admiration for the game Some Bullshit.

No, you're not hearing wrong, that's the actual name of the game. It's a RpgMaker game created by the talented Nerds over at the Weight Gaming community.

The premise is a simple one on paper. A guard captain is tasked with taking the noble's daughter to the capital of the nearby kingdom in response to their home getting attacked by an unknown group. But that's where the simplicity ends as there's more going on that meets the eye. Especially since Emmie suddenly starts to become more hungry and gains magic during the journey, the reason behind that I'll leave it up to you to find out.

I love this game to bits, from the gameplay, the story, and the characters are all marvelous! I can sing its praises for a long time, but I'll save you on the rambling. if you want to learn more about it, head on over the forum with the link below.

But anyways, hope you all have a wonderful day.

EDIT: I have been struggling to upload this drawing, so if you see that it has changed, then I've uploaded the original drawing.

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Posted by Ilv18 13 days ago Report

I'm surprised that Clara have the time to write a note instead of just eating the cake.
And Emmie like always can't resist seeing food in front of her, i blame *** for that.


Posted by jyoster 13 days ago Report

It was probably a last minute decision on Clara's part as she needed to be elsewhere.

And yeah, Emmie do be like that~


Posted by Turbotowns 13 days ago Report

Hell yeah!


Posted by jyoster 13 days ago Report

I see someone approves of this~


Posted by Turbotowns 11 days ago Report

Emmie is SB Bae!