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Necryel slurps up Salafeta (Belly) By Liz -- Report

The Gurgling Gut has a new member in its ranks, the ever so hungry Necryel, a lovely bunny waitress who would love nothing more than to devour defeated gamblers or have them locked up in her breasts as she taunts them while they slowly melt away into milk for her serve up fresh to other patrons, other Bunny Waitress or even give the milk for Liz's early morning Coffee.

However Necryel being the ever so dominant and sexy predator allure Salafeta who even turned into her Lamia form to be ever so filling for the hungry Necryel. Salafeta looks to be enjoying herself inside such a tight embrace of flesh as the only thing she knows is that she is now Necryel's play thing in such a lewd bit of fleshy fun.

After devouring such a willing feast, Necryel danced and showed off her large belly live on stage for the cheering audience as she lulled other patrons to take her on in gambling later and most likely end up locked away in her boobs under her lock and key outfit. She is fitting nicely into the Casino and will get up to some more mischief with other Bunny Waitress in weeks to come.

Side note - I am glad I got my drawing mood back and it helped drag me out of the latest batch of lockdown gloom.
Characters - Necryel belongs to herself,  Necryel and Salafeta belongs to her Gurgling gut... (  WalkingBySelf ) ((Thank you ladies for letting me borrow your characters for some fun <3))

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Liz: I hope you like my work, I enjoy drawing in my free time :3
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