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Big Lux By Asaneman -- Report

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Some say the bigger they are the the harder they fall, others however will usually protest to this. Where do those of such grand heights fall to with such weight? Why the answer was rather simple truth be told. One lone Luxray was soon to make an example of what would happen to those larger than herself, and the what she would gain in return. It would be more than a few EV points and stats for certain.

Having conquered both of the legendary birds of Johto, Ho-oh and Lugia, Tesla now stood there gazing hungrily at her beaten foes. Tender meat after a battle was always such a filling meal~ But what was dinner without a bit of a show? Of course she had to revel in her victory over the two masters, “Given both of your status, I would have assumed you’d put up more of a fight. How disappointing,” the electric type ‘mon would saunter over to the weakened Ho-oh with a sway to her hips as the meals of past battles bounced on her curves, “Though if that legend of yours is true… then perhaps there’ll be one last use for you after all.”

Tesla lifted up the Rainbow Pokemon’s beak from below as her piercing red and yellow eyes gazed into Ho-oh’s own terrified look. “They say those fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of you are granted a wish, but since I’ve caught you I’d say I’ve earned more than just one~ Let’s see… for my first wish, I wish that with every meal I eat I grow stronger,” she’d say, licking her maw as her appetite grew the more she played with her food, “And for my second wish… I wish that you two… will be…” Grrrrrr…. the gigantic Lux’s stomach let out a deafening growl as it yearned for the food right infront of it, Tesla’s face looking ravenously hungry and confident as she opened up her maw.

“D E L I C I O U S~!” The luxray’s open maw was steaming with excitement as that hot breath blew over the almost knocked out Ho-oh’s face, her tongue hanging out to lick the avian prey and get a good taste as her wishes were granted thusly. The rainbow pokemon could do nothing in its battered state except watch in fear as the fleshy cave wrapped around its head. Tesla having widened her jaw to accept such a large prey, kept pushing the fire/flying ‘mon in as she gulped for the first time for this delicious task. The tight tunnel of the luxray’s throat openly accepted the food given to it as it pulled in Ho-oh’s lathered and licked head.

Every inch of the legendary morsel that entered Tesla’s mouth was a flavourful treat~ Even if it was coated in feathers she could still savour the rare delicacy that this bird was as she pushed more of it’s body down her gullet. The head of Ho-oh leaving a fair bulge along Tesla’s throat that Lugia could helplessly watch disappear past her breasts and down into her stomach. Ho-oh desperately flapped its wings to try and dislodge itself anyway it could, but given it’s weakened state Tesla simply pressed those wings against its body to avoid any struggling from the outside.

Once those wings were being pressed by the inside of her maw and tight throat, Tesla worked on the meal at a faster rate. Her stomach swelling with the prey being deposited into the gurgling dark depths, a tired and helpless ho-oh left to splash in the hungry acids of a Luxray stomach as more of its body disappeared from the outside world.

Gulp.. gulp.. Nnmgh.. Mmmh… Amongst the growls of a filling stomach, and the gulping of prey, a few delighted moans and sounds escaped Tesla’s lips as her eyes half closed while she lost herself in pleasure. The filling blue belly expanded outwards and forwards to the helpless Lugia standing before her, pressing it’s contents of the Diving Pokemon’s once-comrade-now-food against it.

As the last of the plump Ho-oh body was swallowed down past the hungry maw of Tesla, and those legs along with it, she let out a content sigh as she began rubbing that massive expanse of belly. “Mmmm… talk about a wish come true. Makes me think how delicious you’re gonna be,” she’d tease as she pressed that stomach against the large Psychic/Flying type, pinning it against a wall as she gazed over her belly at the Lugia, “But now that I get a good look at you. I think there’s a better use for a body as slick as yours, o’ mighty diver~”

Stuck between a wall and a groaning gurgling gut, Lugia watched as the form within Tesla’s middle struggle from within, bulges appearing here and there as it kicked about to no avail. With time, the shape softened, it did not take long for the struggling to die down and stop fully as the blue mass pressing against Lugia began softening up.

“Shame… there goes your friend. Seems they were too weak to even put up a fight in there. But at least they’re part of something greater now~” Tesla’s belly began squishing further as it shrunk down in size, the mass being redistributed across her body as her tits begun swelling with fat.

Firm breasts were a thing of the past for the Lux as each bit of ho-oh soup that was absorbed simply padded out her body immensely. Her chest was easily past head engulfing size at this point and further pressed onwards, making it impossible to wrap her arms around it now as those jugs bounced outwards and wobbled with weight.

Knowing not to make itself too top heavy, Tesla’s body got to work on balancing her out as those fuzzy ass cheeks began swelling with weight. Thighs thickening and widening like tree trunks as a shelf appeared behind the Luxray due to that rump gaining size.

But it wasn’t enough… No she wanted more, and she didn’t feel quite balanced yet. Her breasts outweighed her rump heavily and that simply wouldn’t do.

Tesla purred as she felt her jugs pressing and squishing against Lugia’s body as the fat squished around the ‘mon’s form, practically hugging part of it from how much those boobs squished around it’s shape. They were like doughy pillows at this point, you could sink some weight into them and they’d shape around whatever was put in since there was that much soft material~

“Mmmm… seems someone didn’t get the memo. I wanted balanced stats,” she’d then lean in and press against Lugia further more, watching the white and blue mon weakly struggle against her plush form. “Now now, that’s not fair. I won the fight fair and square. The strong stand, the weak kneel, and those that kneel are naught but a meal for the strong. That’s nature~ But I have something more fun in store for you.”

Taking her chest back and giving Lugia a moment’s respite to breath, Tesla smiled as she dragged the ‘mon out into the open away from any walls as she sat poor Lugia up straight with it’s neck up high. “No hard feelings, I just need to balance things out and you seem perfect for the job.” Before Lugia could crane it’s head anywhere to find out where the sauntering Luxray was, it felt a weight press down from above that was downright plush as it sunk down atop of the legendary. Those plump globes were squeezing down atop of Lugia as they gradually engulfed it’s form.

“Haaahhh~ Hahhhh~” Tesla moaned as she felt her rump spread to accept Lugia’s body as that tailhole stretched out and began pushing each inch of that slick long neck into her rear. Wet Shlck~ noises accompanied the Lugia as it was slurped up helplessly into the electric type’s rear. The iconic potbelly and flappy wings of the smooth bodied legendary were made quick work of by the luxray’s seemingly hungrier ass that outpaced her gullet.

The further down she went the further that rump stretched from the pear shaped pokemon before every inch of it was engulfed for good, her belly having stretched out with its most recent deposit as she quivered in pleasure as the last it of the Lugi’s tail was slurped into that tight hole. “Aaannh~!” a loud final moan escaped Tesla’s lips as she was now left resting on her fattened rump, enjoying her recent meal and revelling in the weight and pleasure.

“Mmmmh… there we go… just let yourself go already weakling, you saw what happened to your friend. It’s ok~” she’d say with cutting words from the outside, earning not a single kick or fighting bulge in response from the engulfed Lugia. Seems the show she put on had done the trick of showing who’s boss~

Now left to focus on melting down this last meal, Tesla leaned back and let her stomach do all of the work. Already in overdrive from working down a Ho-oh, the sloshing and gurgling tum made short work of Lugia despite it’s resistances and general bulkiness. What was once a diety sized belly had shrunken down into a wobbling potbelly of the luxray’s own.

She could feel every inch of fat that swelled her rear up along the cold floor as it spread out and raised her up like she was seated on a beanbag chair from how soft it was. Even sitting down she sunk into her own softness a bit. Pressing her hands against her rear, she felt the fat spill between her fingers as the rest of her rump wobbled from the impact, massaging them in circular motions Tesla was in pure bliss feeling those cheeks bounce and press against one another again and again. Who needed a goodra for squishiness when you had a heavenly rear like this? It was like jelly watching them squish and wobble before returning back to shape, every bit that sunk or pressed into the gigantic Luxray rear was pure soft bliss for Tesla~

Such weight, such plushness, yet it held such strength as she could still flex her glutes and squish those cheeks together on command. She could practically lose someone between that rear and not even notice aside from the pleasure she’d feel~ Not only that but she’d also have some added heft to her chest now as Tesla rested her arms on those gargantuan jugs, wobbling with each sway and turn of the body. She could lift them from below and the plush pudge would just have her tits be spilling over her arms in plenty. “Looks like I’m more tit’s and ass than I am ‘ray now. Guess I could throw my weight on people… Oh well, you know what they say,”

Tesla would bend her tail to cup around one of her rear cheeks, heaving it up and squishing that weight against her tail with a delightful SMISH~!

“The bigger they are, the harder they fall onto my curves~” with a smug grin and pleasured body, Tesla began strutting her way elsewhere as she wore her new weight with pride. Those that saw the gigantic Luxray with curves that could crush a dragonite or three would both respect the ‘mon that brought down the legendary Ho-oh and Lugia, but also fear since they’d know they’d be next. And those curves would only continue to grow~


Awesome story was written up by  moongoatboy, thanks again so much for doing it!!
Picture was done for  dragonxthemerciless, featuring the big luxray Tesla!

Big thanks to  Zira for helping with this!!

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Luxray (c) Nintendo
Telsa (c)  dragonxthemerciless

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Oooh. So hot~