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Guys Night Out By Catblaster -- Report

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The gang’s all here! After a long and particularly tiring week, everyone was ready for a night of fun in order to properly stretch those muscles and ease their nerves. This time, they didn’t even need to discuss where to go. Everyone knew exactly where they’d be going, The parsimonious Opossum, whose sign displayed a cartoonish looking marsupial pouring two comically oversized bottles into its mouth. It wasn’t too old a bar to have the stodgy old timers that sucked out the fun like some sort of “If only I hadn’t slammed my Ford Tahoe into that park fountain”- fun vampires with their equally sad yet inane stories. It wasn’t too young a bar to feature a collection of college kids who demanded you shotgun with them every 40 seconds. While it had been hard to pull Bobie away from this pack, it had gotten rather tiresome for Abbie to have so many sudden games of “How many times can I accidentally drop my phone between your boobs?”

Instead, this place was perfect for folks like them, or as Duke would say through his accent (after proper translation of course). “We’re just a couple of guys being dudes!” This was more than satisfactory for a group whose population was majority women, and definitely more than a couple of people. It, much like the bar they were in, and the relative state of chaos that followed them all, was exactly what they all desired. But chaos has a way of finding those who seek it, and tonight was no exception. Every time they went out, the party faced “incidents” that occured from too much booze in their system. Sometimes it'd be just one person, or it’d be half the group. But every night they went drinking, the same old story started happening. And tonight was no different as, sure enough, both Pavan and Abbie locked eye contact with each other. So far, the thoughts of upsetting the delicate ecosystem of drinking and enjoying each others company had only crossed their minds. But as each approaches each other, outwardly displaying the looks of flirty attraction, they both ready for a shootout only matched in speed by the gunfights of the old west.

If there was a single issue that the girls, especially Abbie, had a fault in: that fault would be pride. She had just been a little too cocky that this incubus wasn’t in it to win it, and thus was rather surprised when, instead of his normal jaws open head empty approach of attack, he ducked her HUGE BEEFY (heh) HANDS COMING AT HIM LIKE A THUG OUT OF A 50’S NOIR DRAMA (She’d appreciate the comparison honestly as she adored old noirs, and would only beat most of the shit out of you for it). The incubus would feel like a king as the cow slowly processes that she missed, staring down at her HUGE BEEFY HANDS in absolute shellshock. Stronger than him or not, he had won, and gripping her by her arms, he opens wide and begins his process of devouring the meaty milktank with a soft and teasing “Nom”. Sometimes, it was about the finesse of these sorts of things.

Of course, as Pavan has begun tonight’s round of chaos, someone even more chaotic scooted off of his seat towards a certain foxgirl. Great minds think alike, and that’s exactly why Bobie knew his easiest target was going to be spinning Carrie around on her stool and staring at her with big eyes. “HEY!” He shouts. “WHAT?” She shouts back, the foxgirl not paying any attention to anything but him even as her close friend is clearly being devoured mere feet from her. “Wanna play ‘what am i putting on your face’?” The goblin boy grins ear to ear with those sharp and very pointy teeth. Well...this fox wasn’t exactly the brightest bulb around when she was on the back foot, so with an excited nod and closing her eyes, she too is rapidly shoved down his throat while yelling what she thought he was getting on her. “Uhh…Spaghetti! Uh…Ground beef!” Even as she’s yelling, her eyes are still closed as he lifts her further into the air and rapidly down his filling gullet. “HAM. A LOT. AND I MEAN A… LOT OF HAM.” More and more of her spills out into his gut until finally, he’s peeling off her shoes and slurping both fox tails down like the happy gremlin he is. “OH I GOT IT” She finally yells as she opens her eyes. “You ATE me!” And a celebratory belch from him confirms her suspicions. “YEAH!... DANGIT”

Of course, all this time there were still three uninvolved in the carnage taking place. And of the two that could turn this around working as a tagteam, the one who would be the goading force behind the operation had gotten wasted chugging drinks in order to prove to the table in question that girly drinks just don’t hit her hard. Duke slowly stands up, walking between the daydreaming elf girl and her absolutely sloshed catgirl girlfriend. It’s relatively straightforwards to just grab each one with his arm and pull them right against his belly, grinning ear to ear as there was no need for that twangy accent of his to tell them both they were lunch. Of course, Perrin’s too drunk to put up a fight so Sidona’s the first to go down. Soft Gulk, Glk, Gulp noises echo across the bar as everyone not used to the regulars quickly get the hell out of dodge. Of course, that cat pays no attention as he finally grabs her up in his arms, pressing her against that huge gut of his after devouring Sidona whole. But nothing intimidates this cat, one eye lagging behind the other slightly as she tries to blink. She only snorts in amusement as that dog banishes her to the tummy dimension just as well.

There was a tradition done to each person who lost when the chaos broke out. The losers of the night always had to pay for drinks for everyone left standing. This would be deemed unfair by most...but to this group it just meant you had to get good, fight me in minecraft scrub. Tonight, Pavan begins the celebration by lifting Abbie’s...very on brand purse up. It was designed in the shape of a milk carton with cow print decorating the bovine’s apparel all over. It lets off a moo like one of those cheap and obnoxious greeting cards your grandma buys for your birthday even though youre TWENTY FIVE GRANDMA, IF ITS NOT POWER RANGERS THEN GET LOST. Rant aside, Pavan bites his lip as he sets the girl’s credit card in front of the bartender. In any cop movie, he’s the old cop whose just too old for these rookies and is just a month until retirement. But still, being used to it more than he’d admit, he takes that card and pours another round of drinks for the guys. Bobie is next, pulling out Carrie’s purse. It’s a very fancy looking pink designer purse that’s been defaced with her having painted the words FART in red paint over one side. She had thought it was really funny when she showed the gang, only Bobie did as well. Lastly, Duke rubs over his overfilled belly before reaching for the other two unoccupied purses. While Sidona’s purse LOOKED traditional, the wallet it contained inside was anything but: sporting SUPERSTAR MONSTERTRUCK GRAVEDIGGER SMASHING A TANK, ironically the manliest purse wallet in contention tonight. That catgirl’s purse looked normal as well, but someone had lost a bet to Sidona not long ago, so her apparel was adorned in pictures of herself: each one of her sporting a certain outfit of the anime serious “Marine Mars”, where they’re all cute girls whose outfits transform with the power of the planets or some junk and we already know you get the reference lets keep moving.

So much alcohol in the boys system, so little time as their brains are practically choked by the poison, feeling the girls clamboring and struggling inside of them while their progressively drunker shenanigans result in much of the same. Tonight, common sense was dead and they were its killers.

The first one to go off the rails was that goblin. As Carrie was now especially mad at having been tricked so easily, she yells and kicks at him with a serious of deep and incredibly convoluted vows of revenge at the boy who was more than happy to avoid him while he downed his second 40 of the night (if it wasn’t for Carrie being his meal, he’d most certainly have died from the alcohol poisoning). Of any of the girls, Abbie had been the largest, so Pavan was both the smuggest and most flustered by the entire experience. Such a strong girl banished into that gut, who unfortunately was basically in shellshock after having lost something that was surprisingly rather basic. Dodging isn’t exactly a skill that’s hard to learn. But that doesn’t really bother him as he looks over at that hellhound. Duke squeezes his gut with his huge paws, massaging over the two squirming girls as he blushes at the activity inside of that belly. Two hot girls had been squirming for forever in there, who knows what they were up to? The answer was Perrin was basically spinning and squirming trying to find a suitable place for her to relax but that acrid gut was making her not have it. Sidona was too flustered to get the Perrin to stop smothering her with those cat tats. Another press of his hands from Duke and it proves too much as he belches loudly, causing all three boys to blush as they realize that’s all it took to empty out the bar besides them and the bartender.

It was Pavan who suggested the idea of handing the bartender one of their phones for a photo, his drinking was the most moderated but even he couldn’t help but stick out his tongue in taunting as he grabs his gut, incubus jostling his belly at the bovine who had so badly wanted to catch him. This finally gets her stirring as he snorts in amusement at having the world’s largest steak. Bobie, equally the most considerate and most irreverent of all the predators is giving Carrie a second chance if she answers his twenty questions game right. Problem is for her, the answer isn’t even clear to him through so much booze and has changed at least three times in only two questions. Still, unlike every other prey, SHES gonna have a good time no matter what. And after verifying that “Screaming rude words at 3 am” isn’t the answer, her bulges calm down as she ponders what possible solution is eluding her. As for Duke, he was too busy smiling like the idiot he was as he simply rubs and kneads on that belly, slowly feeling both girls get a little bit quieter as he continued to down more and more liquor for his cheeks to blush ever darker. After giving each grown man a look of mild disdain, the bartender finally takes Pavan’s camera and lifts it up before snapping a picture. Having been victorious on the evening, each boy drunkenly cheers and grins as Duke’s gigantic and squirming stomach is in the foreground, Bobie’s hand already resting atop that tummy to use for balance due to his sailor levels of drinking. Tongues and teeth are shown in order to properly mock the girls with the photo later as all three boys start to stand up in preparation for their arduous and drunken quest home.

The waddling home is an endeavor, all three boys giggle happily as they slowly trek their way home. Problem was, after twenty minutes of wandering, Pavan finally works up the courage to ask “So...whose house are we going to?” Before realizing each boy was trying to lead the way to someone else’s house and had gotten horribly lost in the process. No matter, they’re more than content with all of the booze and food inside of their systems: each gut slowly beginning to round out as they wander around. Soon enough, they reach a local park for a perfect place to stop for a moment and stare up at the stars. Besides those groaning guts of theirs, there’s not a sound in the sky as each one of them lies on their backs with one hand gently rubbing their own now soft and soupy mountains they called stomachs. It’s rather peaceful, only to be interrupted by a slowly sobering (still nowhere close to being it) Bobie, who asks a question in the most innocent of voices. “Why are ducks considered fish?” Even through copious amounts of beef and alcohol, Pavan still shoots up and begins to berate the little goblin for thinking ducks are fish. They’re clearly birds and come on man have you ever even SEEN a fish before? They aren’t ducks. Of course that’s not enough for poor Bobie, so he turns towards Duke. “Penny for your thoughts, big guy?” Shaking the hellhound out of his amused stupor with his now fully liquified belly, which he was using one massive paw to bat back and forth in amusement, his belly lets off a heavy SLORSH SLOOSH with each successive slap as he dimples into his squishy flesh. If his gut never shrank he’d just do that for days until someone finally tried to make him stop. After being shaken out of his fun, he ponders the question for a moment before opening his mouth. You see, if you didn’t know Duke, you’d be rather surprised the first time this hellhound began speaking to you in a thick southern accent, usually too thick for anyone unfamiliar with the dialect to understand. Combine that with a ridiculous amount of alcohol and Duke proceeds to unleash the verbal equivalent of the Cha-Cha Slide on both of the boys. Not a word of it is understood before he smiles sagely as if he had departed some grand wisdom and lies back down, belly wobbling happily as his sole applause.

Eventually, realizing that his head hurt equally from the question and the sheer amount of liquor, Pavan rouses the other two close enough to start leading them on back to his place. As the sole act of sanity, he leads them into his house, where he loudly declares “Sleep wherever you want” before tumbling backwards over his couch and instantly falling asleep legs up in front of his two glutted friends. The other two, deciding this couch looked comfy enough, happily pile on as well. Bobie arrives first, flumping his head right against the armrest, butt sticking out towards the middle as he uses his stomach as a makeshift bed. Well, Duke sees exactly one thing left for sleeping against in the house, and not caring for the endless amount of butt jokes to be made, he uses those two cheeks as a pillow against his own. None of them looked comfortable but they’d certainly tell you that with all that booze and the hundreds of pounds worth of food stuffed into those sloshing and softened tummies that it was the best they all slept in years.

Bobie was unfortunate to have shifted in the middle of the night, not able to wake up in that compromising position with the dog and tease him endlessly about “truly being a buttsniffer” due to his dog features. Still...if he had...he couldn’t deny as he looked in the mirror that he looked awfully soft now. Slowly cracking his eyes open as he feels at his belly, he realizes none of that softness he feels is soup left. Like a kid at Christmas, he hops off the couch as he stares into the nearest huge mirror he can find. That goblin boy can only grin as instinctively he has to rest a hand against that swollen and fattened belly of his, sporting a serious level of tum he’d never beaten before this. But that wasn’t his most prized possession. That butt of his had swelled in size, looking awfully slappable as he fondles and kneads it with his hands, his underwear barely hanging on for dear life as those cheeks wobble their siren call. They’d be a perfect tool to bully the formerly ass dominant kitsune with, what better way to tease her than showing the gains she had gladly helped with?

Pavan stirs moments later, letting off a heavy yawn as he smacks his lips. The incubus has completely forgotten about what happened last night, so as he walks by his mirror and sees a certain fat goblin posing in front of it, he stops in his tracks and gawks at what’s happened to him. He had drunkenly tossed his shirt before passing out last night, so he now had a front stage view of his orb of a gut. That boy can only whine a little bit in embarrassment, clearly having not expected to get THIS fat off of that 6 foot 6 hunk of muscle and tits known as...oooooh it was coming back to him now. He couldn’t help but pout as he knew it wasn’t even over for him yet. Of course, unlike Bobie, his meal hadn’t finished digesting. He could still gently squeeze his stomach and hear it roll and wobble with the last bit of meat inside, knowing for sure he still was going to get just a little bit fatter.

Of course, a little bit wasn’t what they were all gunning for. Duke slowly begins to stride back in with the boys, having been woken up in the commotion. That tall and (formerly) buff hellhound can only smirk as he stands in front of the mirror, dropping his pants and just standing in his boxers as he admires his softness. That dog had blown up in size! Those thighs of his had plumped up, straining his clothing to its absolute limit as even a single bite may be enough to tear any form of fabric to shreds. It served as the foundation for a large, wobbly ass that jiggled with even the slightest bit of movement, giving him the ultimate cushion going forwards. Of course, absolutely nothing on him as serious as that belly. His shirt had not survived the onslaught of the girls and all of that fat, but it had left him sporting a nice and large tummy for him to squeeze. Soft as a cloud, he happily uses his hands to hook on to it and lift it a little before letting it drop in an impressive display of tummy wobble. The incubus is far too concerned with his own sloshing gut and lamenting his figure to watch that tantalizing tummy roll, but one pair of eyes sees. “Nice!” Shouts that goblin as he rolls his hand in a “do it again, doggie” sort of way. This naturally is answered with yet another tummy drop as the goblin grins ear to ear again and gives two thumbs up. Happy to show off his gains to the ‘mirin dog in return, that goblin slaps his ass in response for his own form of jiggling, happy to be in that moment. And for two of them at least they were having the time of their lives, only to be interrupted by Duke saying in at least somewhat clear English “So, who's hungreh?” And that first response is that incubus’s still digesting gut with a loud and hungry groan for even more. Pavan hangs his head in embarrassment as the other two boys cheer and drag him off on a quest to eat yet more food once again.

Once again, me and  perrincatte have commissioned the ever wonderful Octo over at . They're an absolute treat.

The cow Abbie, the dog Duke and the fox Carrie belong to me. The catgirl Perrin, the goblin Bobie and the incubus Pavan belong to  perrincatte. Lastly, the elf Sidona belongs to  SiennaAthens

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Posted by SiennaAthens 1 month ago Report

Many much cute boy bellies and buns. Duke doing good work by coupling Perrin and Sidona up in there, as is tradition!

Also a fun story!