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Serious Kyubi Balls By Asaneman -- Report

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Kyubi awoke from his nap with a cute yawn. His entire body felt aglow with a pleasant warmth… but especially his huge, soft ball sac, which spilled across the ground between his legs like a bean bag, devoid of any lumps or bulges.

“Mmmh… all done in there, Ammy?” The kitsune grinned as his balls let out a faint gwrrbll as the only response. Of course, he already knew his mistress was gone. He could feel her godlike power coursing through him, could feel the heat of her indignity and shame radiating from his nuts. Her soul had been absorbed into his balls, unable to move or speak, only able to feel the sensations of his fat sac swinging between his thighs, sense the arousal building in his depths. There she would remain for the rest of her days; a godly nut sac for a powerful kitsune, merely a piece of his anatomy; the most base and animalistic part of himself, churning up his victims into loads of divine fox cum. A humiliating fate for a goddess; and no one would even know what happened to her, unless Kyubi told them.

The yellow fox stood up, his heavy sac sagging all the way to the ground, hugged by his curvy legs, and stretched his arms above his head. He glanced down at his massive, squishy balls with a contented smirk. “Finally in your rightful place…”

The kitsune bent over and placed both palms on his fat sac, digging his fingers into the soft, furry flesh. “And this time, there’s no getting out. No more revivals, no more resurrections. You’re mine forever, Ammy.”

Kyubi moaned under his breath as he felt the glowing heat in his balls getting stronger, his dick quivering in his sheath as arousal coursed through him. “Mmm… I bet you’d love for me to give you a little release…” the kitsune teased, swaying his hips to slosh his balls to and fro. “...Unfortunately for you, I’m the boss. And I like the feeling of all that weight swinging around down there, so I think I’ll keep it for a while.” The kitsune chuckled with a devious grin as he felt the heat of goddess’s frustration radiating from his nuts. “Aahh… maybe I’ll find some demons to shove down there and give you some company… Give you some work to do, melting them into cream… that is your purpose, isn’t it? Purifying evil spirits?” Kyubi grinned mischievously. “Not to worry, goddess. You may be stuck as a part of me forevermore, but I’ll make sure it doesn’t get dull for you.”

Kyubi swung a leg over his huge sac, followed by the other, and dragged it behind him as he began to walk. The sensation made his cheeks turn pink and his lips curl up into a grin. Even with how plump and heavy his balls were, the energy Amaterasu infused him with allowed him to tote it with ease. “...Now, my goddess, who would you like to keep you company first?”


Picture done for  amaterasuama2, and follow-up to the previous picture!

Story written up by the always great  Smuxray, check out his stuff!

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WIPs, with a no dialogue version:

Amaterasu © Capcom
Kyuubi © Level-5

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Posted by rethus 1 month ago Report

Absolutely adore how you do cock vore the the plushness of your characters X3
Super awesome X3

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Posted by ButterBelly 1 month ago Report

Kyubi is such a cool character! Glad he's getting some attention!

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Posted by Mrmufflebunss 2 weeks ago Report

Is it posible for a revenge scene?

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