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Voracious Edelgard By Metalforever -- Report

Hey everyone, I hope your Thanksgiving was a blast. I'm here with October's 2nd place winner Edelgard from Fire Emblem Three Houses in a 4 part vore sequence for you.

For Edelgard's I wanted her sequence to revolve around her and the player interacting as she gulped, slurped and devoured your fellow Black Eagle members (And then some!) When it comes time to pick sides, is there really any choice other than hers? I also wanted to showcase her tights and how stretchy they are, since they're almost as stretchy as her stomach! An maybe I'm in the mood for them but POV belly rubs and offering food are too spicy not to pass up drawing.

And up on Patreon right now we have 4 alternative versions. The first is a non-digestion ending with a warm invitation from the heir to the throne herself. Second is a stuffing variant for those who aren't into vore. Third is an implied pregnancy version with Edelgard rapidly growing and dealing with incoming motherhood. Plus a fourth with no dialog to better show off just Edelgard, I included her more active panel 3 belly from the no-digestion version cause it looked nicer for it. That and some lil implied headshots of her food cause I really like them.


Thank you to my patrons for their support and making this possible!

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Posted by Angeltsunakappa 1 month ago Report

I really love the pov belly rub. looks awesome, keep up the great work. uwu


Posted by Deviantfan16 1 month ago Report

Easily best girl in Three Houses. She deserves all the belly rubs and yummy people she can nom.


Posted by Wyvern14 1 month ago Report

I love tis to death....but I am team Rhea all the way XD


Posted by Santane 1 month ago Report

Its beautiful. Better than he imagined. The second image is magnificent.


Posted by theunknownspy 1 month ago Report

Is this the secret Byleth Edelgard S-Support everyone’s talking about?


Posted by Rosebird 1 month ago Report

I love it!


Posted by JeebyHeebies 1 month ago Report

She's the ultimate armor knight


Posted by TableManners 1 month ago Report

Those stats, lol


Posted by OhSevenTen 1 month ago Report

She deserves the world. I love everything about this.