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Welcome to the Foxhole By Gorbin -- Report

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Cosmo the cosmic deer looks forward towards you, he begs for you to do something. The buck's mighty antlers stall his descent into the purple abyss. Slowly cracks start to form amidst their bases. The names of previous prey decorate the massive fox's ass, Cosmo's now added to its surface, a surface he will soon fill out. His antlers snap, falling harmlessly to the ground as he starts to rapidly descend. "HELP PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEA-" his mouth is abruptly closed by the fox's tight tailhole sinching it down. The deers descent is stopped, just his snout left outside the fox. His nose rapidly exhaling hot, steamy air as he panics. The fox speaks "Go ahead and give him one last kiss~"

What do you do?~

Vis and Cosmo are owned by me

Amazing art done by the amazing  Rifykoh

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 1 month ago Report

Death by doughy ass, what a wonderful way to go


Posted by Gorbin 1 month ago Report

I would tend to agree, but if everybody felt that way, they'd never struggle half as much as poor Cosmo here~


Posted by SaharaTheWolfe 1 month ago Report

Kiss him then push myself in with him


Posted by Gorbin 1 month ago Report

Ya wouldn't want that boring buck to hog ALL the fun


Posted by Sammy69 1 month ago Report

Push them nice and deep


Posted by Gorbin 1 month ago Report

Careful not to push too deep! You might accidentally join em~


Posted by eceecc8 1 month ago Report

put forefinger on his gaping nose and push him all the way inside


Posted by Gorbin 1 month ago Report

Wonderful choice!~ Now you get to watch as his leash is slowly pulled away...feel free to yank it a few times to tease the poor deer~


Posted by Readasaur 1 month ago Report

I don't suppose pulling the leash will help?
Regardless, it is impressive how legibly Vis wrote on his own butt.


Posted by Gorbin 1 month ago Report

As far as helping the doomed deer; feel free to try, but don't get yourself trapped trying XD

As far as the writing goes...Vis keeps plenty of "pets" around to do stuff like that. Cosmo used to be one of em, before he started backtalkin